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Herr_Alien Sep 24 2009, 1:20pm says:

Nah, I managed to unwatch this by clicking the link, but by accident, not because I hate you. But I clicked it again, so I am re-watching/getting all the updates.

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Herr_Alien Sep 18 2009, 4:35am says:

Agree with Ninjadave. Since the modcast didn't produce any new episodes, there's a void that you guys can fill it. Podcast 17 is waaaay to focused on Valve (no offence to the guys making it) and I'd like to hear of other games and mods besides HL/HL2/any-valve-game.
Just one advice: relax :) . You're doing good.

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Herr_Alien Sep 10 2009, 9:50am replied:

Of course not. Both red and blue team can use marines, preds, aliens and even synthetics.

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Herr_Alien Sep 2 2009, 5:52am replied:

Lol, thanks man! Yeah, I did screw up the link. Again, thanks!

+1 vote     mod: AvP2 Team Fortress
Herr_Alien Sep 2 2009, 5:49am says:

"Capturing towns and whorehouses for money is simple, fun, and different"

... whorehouses? Really? Was the US Army so badly funded they had to resort to that? lol.
I'll give the mod a play though.

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Herr_Alien Aug 28 2009, 3:28am replied:

I understand why the confusion :)
The nickname is a mix triggered/influenced by the two games that I was playing: AvP2 (as the alien drone) and MOHAA (as a german officer, in MP).

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Herr_Alien Aug 26 2009, 11:08am replied:

Erm, no, I'm Romanian. So, AvP3 didn't give you a good impression? TO be honest, it didn't impress me that much either. But I am biased (I like AvP2 a lot), so until I see their single player in action I don't want to lash out against it.

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Herr_Alien Aug 24 2009, 5:50am replied:

Ha :) I'll pass the idea to Guus.

Regarding turbolifts, those are a no-no. All doors in AvP2 are no-no, since their position is actualised by the server. That also means colision detections for players that, unlike SP, have a latency different of 0.

How did that attempt end up?

+1 vote     article: Test conclusions
Herr_Alien Aug 24 2009, 4:05am replied:

Not quite so, if you ask me. It's more of a drumm & base approach for the ambient one. The drums are a bit too strong if you ask me, true, but the piece definitely hasy rythm and theme.

+1 vote     article: Second Breath Media, Music Update # 2
Herr_Alien Aug 23 2009, 11:16pm replied:

Well, belive it or not, the map was made by an Alien fan. As for the series being family-compatible, that's ok. We're just interested in the level, and from what we played on it, it provides a very nice experience for teams of 2 - 3 payers.

I say try it :)

+2 votes     article: Test conclusions
Herr_Alien Aug 12 2009, 1:27am replied:

True. Still, I love the idea of using google maps the way you guys do it. Every mod that's aware of what's good will start doing the same :)
You guys did a nice job there.

+2 votes     article: Dystopia: August 09 Update - August Cooldown
Herr_Alien Aug 10 2009, 9:56am replied:

If you've really added poop in it, then thanks but no thanks, lol.

+7 votes     media: Blueberry Muffin
Herr_Alien Jul 28 2009, 12:23pm replied:

Hmm, can you please detail this a bit more?

+2 votes     mod: AvP2 Team Fortress
Herr_Alien Jul 27 2009, 3:20am says:

For all it's worth, I admire your persistence. You experienced a lot of approaches, and didn't givr up. It will pay off at one point. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!

+3 votes     article: Dev Blog #3 - A History of Game-Play
Herr_Alien Jul 27 2009, 2:44am replied:

Hi there!

Well, unfortunately it will not work on AJLs. Both Savior and AJL have a common file that get's changed, so the mods are not compatible. Good news is that AJL is working on having his mod use the new master server. For more details you should contact him on their forums.

+1 vote     mod: AvP2 - Project "Savior"
Herr_Alien Jul 15 2009, 5:08am replied:

I think it's also a demand issue: their work is needed only after the first concepts are done, then only later on, for further aditions/corrections.
But no matter the cause, the graph does look right.

+5 votes     article: Archasis II - Modding to Win
Herr_Alien Jul 12 2009, 1:47am replied:

Well, we're still in the process of improving the netcode. Thanks for the vote of confidence :)

+1 vote     article: We recorded our 6th audio file
Herr_Alien Jul 10 2009, 3:07am replied:

Holly crap!
Guys, put it on as many distribution platforms as possible. Seriously.

+1 vote     article: Machinarium pre-orders launched!
Herr_Alien Jul 2 2009, 6:55am replied:

Eh? That's the picture, that's what caused it. Now, having this feedback, you know what can be improved. Heck, everybody has to start from somewhere.
Good luck with the mod!

+1 vote     article: Reborned
Herr_Alien Jun 29 2009, 4:51am replied:

I think he means the UV unwrap for "A brand new shipyard for the Ancient:". There is one face visible that has looong stripes on it, that look like being caused by having the face shrunk when unwrapping.

+2 votes     article: Reborned
Herr_Alien Jun 26 2009, 10:39am replied:

Hmm, I did experience slower downloads. And from what Greg says, it makes sense now: I'm romanian, so I do use EU mirrors.

+1 vote     article: Update on slow download speeds
Herr_Alien Jun 22 2009, 11:06pm replied:

I choose forums, mainly because it's the first communication means we used. But at this point, we're using at least 3: e-mails, forums and Skype.

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Herr_Alien Jun 17 2009, 11:16pm replied:

Thanks for the vote of confidence :) We're also working on improving the netcode of the game, so that it will feel better than vanilla AvP2.

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Herr_Alien Jun 8 2009, 11:11am replied:

Well, the setup is straight forward, really. What's the issue?

+1 vote     mod: AvP2 Team Fortress
Herr_Alien Jun 5 2009, 4:38pm says:

He he he :)
That kinda reminded me of the first "The Ring" movie,

**** spoiler alert ! ******

when they find and free the girl. You get that serene scene, with the lead character and her son just chilling out. She tells him something like "It's ok now, we found her and we set her free". The kid gets scared by that and tells his mom: "You set her free?! You were not supposed to do that!"

So ... Dave ... were you supposed to set those cows free? :)

+1 vote     media: Saving the Cows
Herr_Alien May 30 2009, 2:35pm says:

Wow!!! :))
That's creative right there!!! Good job!

+1 vote     media: Prometheus Gameplay Video
Herr_Alien May 28 2009, 11:27am says:

Play Shaddow of Chernobyl. It's the first game in the STALKER series. It's less frustrating. Ok, the pistol sniping is still there, but at least you can take cover using trees.

+1 vote     article: Alex's stalker clear sky adventures:
Herr_Alien May 28 2009, 11:05am replied:

Well, we planned to have it mode like the Father computer on Auriga; because of this, text to speech programs work OK for it.

The alternative would be to actually get somebody record the announcements :O :)

+1 vote     article: ... I could be your cheeky girl!
Herr_Alien May 27 2009, 11:29pm replied:

Well, it became a pain for the Domination game mode, because triggers are used a lot in it. In the other modes (CTF, 1FCTF), the players interract with triggers only when taking the flag or making the capture. That's not that often, so the issue didn't became known until we added Domination.

+1 vote     article: ... I could be your cheeky girl!
Herr_Alien May 21 2009, 11:11pm says:

Your voices are sooo similar ...

+1 vote     media: Shepherding on the Farm
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