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Yes, Sierra pulled the plug on the old master server. It is high time for, the home of the new master server! To continue playing AvP2 just as you played it before this day, you'll only need to download and install this particular modification:

This will allow you to play AvP2 over the internet just like you used to. Heck, Rommie already prepared a server for us:

That screenshot was taken minutes ago. Our project was a success. Although there are still things to be improved, we have acheived our goal, to allow players to continue playing the game as they used to. AvP2 gets to live past this day.

This is how it starts:

Not that this was not expected. Heck, it is something Oracle feared when we started the AvP2 Fortress project. So, Sierra decided to pull the plug on the master server for 21 games, including Aliens Vs. predator 2.

A master server is a specialized server, where all Internet game servers register themselves in order to be visible by the client. What happens is, when you create an Internet multiplayer game, the game server contacts the master server and says something like "look at me, I am running this type of game mode!". The master server then stores the broadcasted information, like the IP, port and game mode for that server. When a user selects "Find Internet Games", the game client first contacts the master server and retrieves the list of game servers from the master server's database.

So, if a master server is taken down, the clients can't "see" any available Internet game servers for that particular game.

This leaves pretty much only one option for AvP2 players out there: build and maintain a community master server. And this is what Project "Savior" is aiming for: a master server for AvP2. Bare in mind that if you change both the game client and the game server, the protocol of registering a server or retrieving the list of available servers doesn't have to be the same protocol as the original master server used. Heck, this way you can use a plain web server!

So, it starts by an announcement of pulling the plug on the AvP2 master server. We hope it will finnish by the project releasing the components needed to use a community driven master server.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Whoa, plenty of things to share here ... The pre-alpha stage. That one started in november 2007. I was still working in Ballistic 2; one feature from that mod (the Javelin weapon, first fetured in UHM) had a lot of potential to fill in the role for the feature of dropping sentries, ammo and so on. In the spring of 2008, after 'recovering' from Ballistic 2, the javelin like feature was evolved in the CPandora projectile class, the backbone for the special features of Fortress. It was mostly a fun period, because it was all about experimentation. The alpha stage The days before going alpha got pretty tough. Only then I realised that the scale of this mod is big. Too big to be handled by one person. I mean at that point I wanted to make a playable map, something better than the cube I was using to test various features. 'A similar fate' was the experimental map used. It featured two 'A lesser fate' maps connected together by three paths. It was a crude map, and the fact that it remained virtually unchanged during the alpha stage, now points out even more that Fortress is bigger than one person. But in this period, Windebieste announced that he considered AvP2 Fortress as his next project. Having the mapping effort of my shoulders meant a lot to me, and also 'instructed' by the podcasts at, I started to work on this site. Another good thing that appeared during the alpha stage was the automated build system. It consisted in a collection of .bat files and the end result was the installer the mod currently has. The installer itself was then perfected durring the beta testing phase. Although public relations also took time, the alpha period provided a lot of good times. It's when the features of the mod got posted on for the very first time. The mod got more and more publicity. I also started to play AvP2 online ( :0 ), to see how the game itself behaves. The beta testing period By far, the toughest period. Besides coding and PR, arranging for the tests themselves took its share of time. Getting people in the beta program was a stressing task too; I registered to severl active AvP2 communities: - I started by writting down the names of the clans I saw when playing online - next step was to google the clans to see if they had their own forums. - yep, next step was to join the most active forums found at step 2, and launch the spam: AvP2 Fortress is looking for beta testers! The first person to join the beta program however did not come as a result of the posts on those forums. Vemarkis noticed the mod on, and he was the first (and for the first tests also the only) tester to join the team. More testers joined afterwards, but these first tests, when only me, Windebieste and Vemarkis did online testing did point out that something I did was wrong. The recruiting strategy was not that good. Perhaps I should have started first with the communities I was already active on, and individually contact people from, or I honestly don't know, and your input will definately help. Also during the beta period, I made the mistake that is almost my trademark: I got overconfident. The result? Beta 5 speaks for itself: plenty of crashes, people getting stuck in spawn after pressing F1. It was horrible. I was able to fix the crashes the next day (heck, I knew what I have altered, and reviewing the code pointed out a mistake I did), so beta 5 had a lifespan of one day. But it was enough to make me be more careful. Overall, the mod ended up getting me more and more tired. As a result, for about 4 weeks, no news were published, and the beta versions had only minor fixes. Unfortunately, PR got neglected. Still, one thing that went good (besides the mod slowly getting polished) was the fact that we prepared an SDK. At Windebieste's suggestion, we prepared a collection of files that would make mapping for AvP2 Fortress easier. Prepairing the release That's now. So, what's left to do: - update the SDK: it will contain also the .ed file for Gunnison_County_Forest, courtesy of Windebieste - make a trailer. That will be a bit tough, but I have an idea as what to present. - update this site (see the news section) - make a small .pdf manual Since this phase is not yet over, I will come back to this and edit it. As a conclusion, what I feel we did good: - use the automatic build system: it made packaging the mod so much easier. - intensive PR during the alpha stage - used a versioning control system (it saved my ass more than once) - we split the tasks. That means Windebieste doing all te maps (a pretty big task if you ask me, so, thank you), and accepting resources from the community. The flag is a great example as to how several people can work on one item and make it just perfect. - we mailed each other. It means a lot to always know how the mod is doing, and communication plays an important part in this. We could have done better: - recruiting beta testers. Perhaps a more open approach would get better results. - PR during beta. It's a simple rule: if there are no more news about the mod, it gets forgotten. - announce beta tests in time. A known schedule is good, but sending mails one day before is even better. People may forget the schedule, and in such cases a mail notification is the better solution.


I enjoy playing CTF games and will attend LAN parties for this purpose. Oh, and I will happily play AvP2 over a LAN as well. So how cool would it be if AvP2 supported such a game mode? It's actually been a long standing gaming dream for me with a great deal of appeal. Then late in 2007, the Planet AvP forums became a springboard where such a notion was proposed; and being interested in creating content for it, I pledged my support for the Project by promising to build a map for it. Later, the Alpha tests started appearing and the feasiblity of the whole thing became apparent as critical features were demonstrated and worked. That was when my li'l ears really pricked up. This 'AvP2: Fortress' thing was actually going to work and it was then that I became very excited about it. I had worked earlier with Herr Alien - he had a major input into 'Under the Hunter's Moon' - among other things, the critical feature of AI characters following the Player were his innovation. So my confidence in his ability to pull this thing together was already elevated. Now the proof of concept was evident and the decision to throw myself into 'AvP2: Fortress' became my next big modding commitment for a period of 5 months. Starting in late May 2008, a revised version of 'A Lesser Fate' was to be the flagship map for the Project. It was the first of 4 proposed CTF themed maps. Easy enough to make, these maps were also to be accompanied by 2 Assault maps. I knew that Herr Alien wanted to get the mod completed by late August 2008, so six fully featured maps in just 4 months was a tall order. Luckily, (for me) a delay in the proposed release of the mod not only allowed for additional tweaking and polish of those maps, but also provided an opportunity for a seventh map to be constructed that would support both CTF and Assault modes. I am very happy with the work I have contributed to this mod. The maps are the best they can be for the timeframe in which they were built in; and above all, working with Herr Alien once again has been a joy. With its imminent release in just a couple of days time, I am looking at the future of the mod. I am hoping that it will be a hit amongst AVP2 Players as 'AvP2: Fortress' does offer a unique gameplay experience - Mixed species team based Objectives in a popular and established 'fortress' style environment. An SDK is being distributed with the mod so anyone who wants to create their own content for it can do so. As for myself, I can securely say that I will be endeavoring to create additional content for the mod in its post release period. Please enjoy 'AvP2: Fortress' - it was a great and satisfying mod Project to work on. A special expression of gratitude towards Herr Alien for his time and dedication to get this mod off of the ground and completed within such a short time frame. Congratulations! We did it.


Should I make a long speech? Nah. Gonna go with this: Mod is stable, looks good, balanced quite well (except I still don't like the big pounce , but I might be the only one). I could have contributed with Attributes, since I do know quite a lot about that stuff. I could have done much better job than I did now. More testers should have been every weekend, but we did quite ok with the amount we had. Could still have been more though. Thanks to Herr Alien for paying attention to my opinions and fixing the unbalanced stuff. Thanks for Windebieste for creating lovely maps (Gunnisson is still my favourite, but it still is missing the swamp ). Also thanks to everyone who contributed to the mod. More people sure made the mod-building easier and bug searching also. Looking forward to see if the mod will have regular servers up with players on the upcoming year. I'm afraid though that Aliens: Colonial Marines will take some regular AvP2 players away, but I still doubt AvP2 will die.


I found myself in an interesting situation the other day. While working for the AvP2 Team Fortress mod, I noticed that I was lacking a sound effect for one of the new abilities. The type of sound I was looking after was going to be used for the ability of dropping magazines on the floor. These magazines would act as distractions, much like the already famous COD4 moment, where a kid get's distracted by a poster.

Anyway, here I am, having the model done, having the skins cropped from the great resource the Internet can be, getting stuck with no sound effect. I tried Google, and then the various results I got from it, but no good: I found sound FX-es for tearing paper, for folding it, but none for dropping a damned magazine on the floor.

Fortunately, after a while, it hit me. I took my mike, placed it on the floor, started Audacity, took a magazine and started dropping it on the floor. I did something like 8 drops, and the second or third (can't remember) turned out good enough to make an impact sound from it. All in all, after 10 minutes or so, I got myself an original soundFX.

That got me thinking. I am aware that it's not feasable to build everything from scratch; heck, the engine you're using in your mod is a very good example of re-using components. When making maps you are using mostly textures that came with the game. And if you do need "special" resources (like fire arms sounds) Google is indeed your friend. However, shouldn't we invest a bit more time and create those resourses ourselves? Wouldn't that teach us something a bit more valuable than simply grabbing it from the first Google search result?

And by asking that question I don't mean "let's all buy AK47's and M16's 'cause we're making a Vietnam War mod". I mean instead of downloading models from, let's either build them (and learn something while at it) or serach for the right person and hire it for your team (and learn some team management). And as added bonuses, you can avoid situations like these:

  • a game I like to call 'LOL'
  • Mr. White: VP-70....Pulse Rifle... M16's nade...lots of UV Mapping work. any UV mapper i know is Raptor Red, and from what i heard she doesnt really like doing it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mr. Orange: Whats stopping one of you from learning? A "modeller" SHOULD know how to unwrap his or her model and texture it accordingly. I'd do it if I had the time. But I don't. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mr. Black: Hey, hey! Don't look at me. Although your words does have a point. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mr. White: i'm an animator, don't look at me either. thats why i said only modeler i know who can is raptor red. plexi has milkshape and... milkshape sucks with UV maps. ... AND milkshape doesnt unwrap a model.... you just have to draw directly onto the polygons.
or worse. In defense of Mr. White, he did try to hire developers to unwrap the models mentioned. He didn't get any response however. Question is, in such situation (he does the animations for the models), shouldn't you at least take a shot at UV mapping?

Are you supposed to give up just because the resource you're looking for is not available on the Internet?

I think that the BitTorrent protocol is a perfect example where the gun is blamed for the crimes commited, instead of the actual criminal. An escape goat, if you will. In this case, the crime is making and distributing illegal copies of games, movies, music and pretty much anything that can be turned in digital format. Obviously, such practices ended up investigated even by the FBI. But that's not the entire story. The BitTorrent protocol is used for a lot of legal downloads:

  • download legal media (music, like Nine Inch Nails' "The Slip")
  • download Open Source software (including Linux distributions like Fedora)
  • and even free games (America's Army being the first example that came to my mind).

Further more, because of the bandwidth reduction it provides for the person distributing the file, you'd say that all organizations would switch to use this protocol. Except the fact that it's hard to charge money for each download. Because once the torrent file is out, anybody can download the game/film/music album, and the copyright holder has no controll over the distribution. And if you're trying to make some money from the game/film/music album you've released, then this is a problem. The problem is actually so big that a lot of people use the protocol to (guess what!) download copyrighted game/film/music album otherwise they'd have to pay for.

But in case of mods, you're not supposed to sell them anyway. So, how comes that you don't see that many torrent files related to mods?

"To torrent, or not to torrent", that is the Question!

So, we did some beta testing last night, since I wanted to test (online) some of the bug fixes I bragged about in the latest news entry. The following lines contain the relevant parts of the conversation I had with Moose_Head:

<< Server >>  i'm back
New client, id 2, for a total of 2.
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  groovy
Removing client, id 2, leaving 1.
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  eh?

I was running the game in windowed mode. When doing this, sometimes the game window looses focus, and because of this the HUD manager can't be initialised. At least that's what the error message says. That made me abort the game, and try to join again.

New client, id 2, for a total of 2.
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  hello again
<< Herr_Alien >>  kill me

This has nothing to do with the alien incubated victims, saying "Kill me".

<< Herr_Alien >>  so, friendly fire off works ok
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  seems so

At this point I was happy this bug was fixed, since it was pointed out by Vemarkis quite early, in the second beta.

<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  no score?
<< Herr_Alien >>  you're blue.
<< Herr_Alien >>  you need to touvh the blue base
<< Herr_Alien >>  the blue flag
<< Herr_Alien >>  in the red base
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  Good idea

Note to self: make the game rules available in more places: the web site, the readme, perhaps also a game manual. But make them available in as many places as possible, to avoid these kind of situations, where you got the yellof flag and, instead of touching your own flag (in the enemy base), you hop arround in your own base, near the enemy flag.

<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  aww man, lol I had no sniper ammo

I swapped teams to red, and waited for him to try to score in the red base. While respawning I was curious if his flag status got reset:

<< Herr_Alien >>  do you still have the flag icon on?
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  yup
<< Herr_Alien >>  good
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  you fixed it?
<< Herr_Alien >>  I hope so.
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  heh, what was wrong?
<< Herr_Alien >>  I needed online testing to actually verify this
<< Herr_Alien >>  a message was sent to all clients, signaling the respawn
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  ahh
<< Herr_Alien >>  and I always interpreted it as my character being respawned
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  :O
<< Herr_Alien >>  now I also check the client ID
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  cool
<< Herr_Alien >>  it's a long story ...

A similar flag status issue happened when the netgun would target and net the flag carrier. And yes, I wanted to test that too:

<< Herr_Alien >>  i need you to get netted in the sentries
<< Herr_Alien >>  to see if the flag status remains
<< Herr_Alien >>  .... where are you going?

He was basically chasing me arround, somewhere in the no-mans-land. The sentries were already set up in the red base, so I was quite intrigued, what was he doing?

<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  Where are YOU going :)
<< Herr_Alien >>  i'm just following you
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  I though you were going to deploy net sentries
<< Herr_Alien >>  i did that
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  i didnt know

So, we headed full speed to the red base. I had 2 sentries deployed there, so Moose_Head ended up on his side pretty soon:

<< Herr_Alien >>  how's the flag status?
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  gone
<< Herr_Alien >>  damn ,,,
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  just kidding!
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  :D
<< Herr_Alien >>  ...?
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  I was joking
New client, id 3, for a total of 3.
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  Its there
Removing client, id 3, leaving 2.
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  :D
<< Herr_Alien >>  i was going to kill you so that I could take the flag and try it

I was also going to kill him only for joking about the flag status ... He's a funny guy. Funny like "Ha ha ha :)", not funny - weird ...

<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  haha
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  going to menu .. brb
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  back

By the time he got back, I swapped for a blue predator engineer and placed a couple of netgun sentries in his base. I was really curious about the flag status, so I changed back to a red runner, grabbed the flag and entered his base:

<< Herr_Alien >>  yes! the flag is there!
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  I know :)
<< Herr_Alien >>  now I can die happy :))
<< Sonic-Boobs! >>  hehehe

Moose is a good friend of mine, so he was more than happy to shove a copper slug at speeds exceeding 10km/s in the skull of my alien runner. I guess that's why he felt ok to laugh ...

Object class: Trigger, dims (10240.00, 16.00, 10240.00)
Loaded world: worlds\multi\1flagctf\facing_fortresses
Running world
<< Herr_Alien >>  you got hurt while falligh through them
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  Peek-a-Boobs!
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  no slugs! :(
<< Herr_Alien >>  "I have many bullets to spare!"
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  I dont

The Pyro (the character Moose decided to play) doesn't have slugs for his shotgun. He can pick some up, if a human engineer decides to drop ammo, but no one was around. Meanwhile, I (as a heavy) was carrying a 600 bullets minigun.

<< Herr_Alien >>  funny ... the > Respwan< button doesn't work

He killed me, and managed to find a bug in the process.

<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  Ras mentioned something about that
<< Herr_Alien >>  but I'm shown as dead
<< Herr_Alien >>  weird
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  when I played him
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  youre dead!
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  ZOMBIE!!!!!
<< Herr_Alien >>  yeajh
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  Team 0
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  :P
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  kill me
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  oh shit

It's really not a major issue, since besides displaying on the F1 and TAB, everything else seemed to work ok:

<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  when I aim you show as being on the red team
<< Herr_Alien >>  i am red team
<< Herr_Alien >>  hmmm
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  press tab and you are grey
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  can you hurt me
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  yup
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  :)
<< Herr_Alien >>  so we are different teams
<< Herr_Alien >>  what do you know ...
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  eh
<< Herr_Alien >>  i scored
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  I saw
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  yeee ha!
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  I was too nice
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  :P
<< Herr_Alien >>  still zombie ...
<< Herr_Alien >>  sentries don't shoot me ...
<< Herr_Alien >>  hmm ...

Translation: the sentries for my team don't shoot me, so basically their targetting mechanism works ok, even with me being a zombie.

<< Herr_Alien >>  better?
<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  cheers

He was charging the two sentries, and he got hit. Meanwhile, I changed to blue medic, to see if the red sentries would target me. They did, but before having them shoot me, I managed to drop a health pack for Moose, hee needed it.

<< Peek-a-Boobs! >>  now you are blue
<< Herr_Alien >>  so, everything works but the F1/TAB
<< Herr_Alien >>  flag respawned, 2 minutes are over

It's fun, testing with your friends. And speaking of the beta campaign, it seems that all our beta tester positions are filled. And it feels good :)

Yes, this blog entry also revolves arround the AvP2 Team Fortress mod. Thing is that the mod takes up most of my free time, so until it get's released, it'll be the focus point for all my blog entries.
Anyways, beta 5 will bring several major changes, some of them being already fully implemented, others being a work in progress.

One of them is the smartgunner.
If you hear the name of the weapon for the first time, the smartgun is actually an iconic weapon in the Aliens universe; you can see them being used by Drake and Vasquez in "Aliens" ( ). Since it actually appeared in one of the Alien movies, the weapon looks like a very good choice for a second heavy weapons class.

But there's a catch: you see, the smartgun is usefull also because it can track targets automatically. And this would enable a heavy using it to detect even cloaked predators: the enemy spies become visible and much more vulnerable. To tone this disadvantage down a bit, I decided to make the detection radius smaller, from 50 meters to 20. This is (by coincidence) the detection radius for the motion tracker, and since the smartgun detects only moving targets, it all makes sense.

While toying with the tracking system for the smartgun, it suddenly hit me: tracking should take into account the team the player is in. What started as a small adjustment for the smartgun turned into something much bigger:

  • Have the predator red vision (electro) make visible red team members only, and similar, the blue vision (heat) disclose blue team members.
  • Have all the tracking weapons weapons (smartgun, SADAR, shoulder cannon, disc, you name it) track only enemy team members
Now the first part is not that hard, actually. It's a matter of having the right skins in the right folders, and to make some tiny changes to the code. I'm already working on it, and it looks promising.
For the second one however, I didn't start searching yet. I hope it will not be too difficult, and the feature will make it into beta 5.

The TODO list for the mod is much bigger than this. However, the features I mentioned here seem to be of a greater magnitude, so I just had to talk about them.

Although it was uploaded a bit later than announced (20:15 GMT as to the scheduled 20:00), beta 3 made it's way to the download page. The server went up immediately after that, configured for a run through the CTF game mode and maps. Since we didn't have the full team of testers joining, we went on and started to check out gameplay features, one by one.

First, we wanted to see how the animated flag looks like, ingame. But of course, instead of looking at the flag each of us already had in it's base, we decided to take a much closer look at the enemy flag. I got a taste of the blue flag, while Windebieste had the red one. With this ocasion I was able to see that the flag icon (we replaced it with a new one) doesn't distract your atention from playing the game, but it will still make you aware that you carry the enemy flag.
Regarding CTF, besides the usual take-the-flag-and-return-to-your-base, the following rules stand:
  • If a flag carrier decides to switch classes (via F1), it will automatically drop the flag.
  • Touching you own flag, when dropped by your enemy, will return it to your base.
  • If nobody touches a dropped flag in 2 minutes, it will automatically return to it's base.
  • While carrying the flag, the aliens have their pounce ability seriously limited (thanks Vemarkis, for suggesting this).
From what we saw, CTF is one of the game modes that is better polished, in terms of rules and overall gameplay.

Having all CTF rules tested, we decided to have a shot at the Assault game mode. I spawned initially as a red predator engineer, and I started to place sentries.
From the first attempts at reaching the objective, we started to get the feeling that indeed, Assault is a team oriented game mode:

<< Herr_Alien >> a sentry can imobilize across the bridge
<< Herr_Alien >> range too big?
<< windebieste >> can't get engineers in without a team
<< Herr_Alien >> yep
<< windebieste >> needs a sharpshooter to take out the sentry
<< Herr_Alien >> the issue would be to detect it ...
So I switched class, and I respawned as a sharpshooter. Meanwhile, Windebieste decided to cross the bridge, while the netgun sentry was still live. A mistake that ended up with him taking a plunge in the river. So, we both respawned in the blue base.

But that raised another question:

<< Herr_Alien >> ok, let's go
<< windebieste >> why am I standing on this rock?
<< Herr_Alien >> because i thought it would make a nice spawning point
The rock he mentioned is the one near the sewers entry. I put a game starting point there, since the rock itself isn't too high to hurt human players, and I thought it also had a nice view. However, the game engine seems to got fond of that game starting point:
<< windebieste >> Huh... backon this rock again.
<< Herr_Alien >> where are you?
<< Herr_Alien >> yes!
<< Herr_Alien >> you don't like the rock?
<< windebieste >> I think this rock likes me
<< Herr_Alien >> ha ha ha :))
I should have taken screenshots, seeing windebieste on that rock somehow connected (in my head) to the image of a bird keeping it's eggs warm, so that they would hatch.
But we had a job to do, to get that pred ship to self destruct. So we tried another approach: I'd be an engineer, and he would be a marine soldier. We figured out that the splash damage from rockets would take out that pesky sentry gun:
<< windebieste >> ammo, flares and goodie!
(I dropped some ammo in front of him, I though he could use some extra roockets, but it seems he liked the flares better)
<< Herr_Alien >> hide behind trees
<< windebieste >> back on my rock again
The netgun sentries caused him to fire his rockets close. Too close, actually.
<< Herr_Alien >> they can't shoot through the tree trunks
<< windebieste >> where is it?
<< Herr_Alien >> it's under a tree
<< Herr_Alien >> i just can't see it through the steam
<< Herr_Alien >> i'll be bait
<< Herr_Alien >> you take it out
<< Herr_Alien >> but get closer using trees
This time we were lucky, and we managed to take the sentry out. In the red base I placed the remaining two sentries to net anyone around the selfdestruct mechanism. Needless to say that both Windebieste and I got netted, and it took us about 20 - 30 seconds to free ourselves and get away from the guarded zone. In normal situations, we wouldn't have 30 seconds, the defending team would have "sent us towards the light". But this was not the case, so after taking out the sentries we were once more the witnesses of the ship being blown to pieces. I went back as a red predator engineer, to place the (by now hated) netgun sentries, to see how good the defense mechanism can be. I switched then classes and became a blue runner:
<< Herr_Alien >> it worked 
 << windebieste >> cinematic played OK... this time.
<< windebieste >> back on my rock again. sweet
<< Herr_Alien >> ha ha ha :))
<< Herr_Alien >> belive it or not, there are 4 spawn 
  points for each team, on this map.
<< Herr_Alien >> the steam helps the defending team
<< Herr_Alien >> trees. Definately hide behind tree trunks.
<< windebieste >> meanwhile, back on my rock
<< Herr_Alien >> ha ha ha :)))
But that wouldn't last long. I tried to take a jump over the river, to get behind the sentry gun and take it out. I wasn't that lucky. Actually, according to the game, I "made a mistake":
<< Herr_Alien >> the runner can make mistakes ... obviously
<< Herr_Alien >> hey, I took over the rock!
<< windebieste >> you're welcome
<< windebieste >> hey ma, I found a pretty blue bug in the 
  forest, can I keep him?
<< Herr_Alien >> yeah ...
<< Herr_Alien >> meanwhile I'm helping a rock baby to hatch .... 
  got spawned on it again.
<< Herr_Alien >> so, that bug you mentioned
<< windebieste >> back on my rock
<< Herr_Alien >> yeah, you keep it warm for a while ...
Suffice to say that somehow, the game seems to favor that particular game start point, since the next two respawns placed us again on top of that rock.
At this point, I really hope Windebieste will not remove that game start point: I had plenty of laughs at the idea of spawning in that spot, and the view is quite nice actually, if you're to belive Windebieste:
<< windebieste >> Hmmm.... nive view from this rock
<< Herr_Alien >> ha ha ha :))

I have to admit, although Beta #3 has only one Assault map, (the "Gunnison County Forest"), the gameplay promises even more fun than CTF, and an even stronger team coordination. Basically, the attacking team has to protect one or several engineers all the way from their own base to the enemy base. Although it might look like the defenders have an advantage, suffice to say that besides the human engineer, the attackers can also use a predator engineer. Further more, the attackers can place sentries of their own, on the other side of the river, to keep the defending engineers from placing sentries of their own.
All in all, with the bugs Vemarkis pointed out in the first beta fixed, Assault became my favourite game mode: full of fun, challenges and with a great demand for team coordination.