professional game developer since 2006. Worked on several games for Nintendo DS and Windows before former employer went bankrupt. Founded my own company Heptamind UG after that. Reduced to being only a one-man company, but surviving. Now working on games again.

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Yes, that's the status of BAT+BALL on iOS. On Android we are available in Google Play, on Amazon AppStore and at AndroidPit.
"What? Not free?" you say?
Well, the work for including ads aren't done, it's not easy to slam ads into a game that wasn't designed for it and make it fell comfortable to the player. Still working on that. So, if you really want to play it for free, head over here, you can play it in your browser (using Unity plugin). I hear it doesn't work on Linux, sorry about that. Will be fixed someday. :(

Release for Desktop is planned for the weekend, so await a new update then.

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Heptamind UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Heptamind UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

1 member Developer & Publisher

Small company in Germany. Developer for iOS, Android, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Desktop (Windows / Mac) and Browser.

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