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One day a few days ago, our young hero know to the world as Henley Mc Awesome. Travelled down to his mailbox in search of gold and other related booty of epic kind. Where laid a beautiful, yet slim parcel with his name sprawled across in crappy blue handwriting.

Eager to see what was inside this beautiful yet slim parcel Henley Mc Awesome ripped open the package the way every other person would do. Inside he found a letter and a DVD. Not just any DVD but a free 360 game called Ninja Gaiden 2, and a letter which I will summarise here:

Awesome wrote:Dear Henley Mc Awesome, please find encased within this beautiful yet slim parcel a free game on behalf of Microsoft and the Xbox360 Street Team. Hopefully you will enjoy your recently purchased 360.

Yours Forever and ever

With a hop, skip and a awesome backflip, Henley Mc Awesome popped in the free game into his 360 and started to play and within a few minutes he was greeted with this


Epic Boobage? Hellz Yeah!

Enough of the third person chit chat, lets talk game. So straight up we get a nice pair of sweater puppies, but surely there is more to this game then that. But don't worry there is, sword play and blood. Lots and lots of blood. As you would expect by slicing off limbs and ermm heads. Its best that you just witness the squishyness. Props to GT for the vid!

So lets recap, boobage, bloodage, swordage, ninjas and all this being a freebee? Its a good day to own a 360! Apart from the fact the game suffers from some cruddy camera setup and quite unforgiving enemies, NG2 is fun in small sessions as i can see tiring from the game with long periods of gameplay. Thanks to M$ for the free game!

So I'm sitting here with my beer about to re-install Farcry for some Delta Sector goodness, and I think to myself "Where are all the boss fights in mods now days?" The reason I'm asking this is because as some of you may or may not know I'm an Arcade kinda dude, I would rather spend $20 on one freaking awesome arcade game with bugger all graphics in exchange for a dose of arcade goodness, and the one thing that older games and arcade games had was these epic boss fights! I mean c'mon guys Half Life 1 even had some of that awesome boss fights.

It's not something that looks like it would be hard to implement into games nowadays so why is it lacking into mods today? Is our search for a more realistic game driving away what made games so freaking awesome in the yesteryears? Is everyone caught up in balancing there mp5's rather than making the rocket launchers make a bigger explosion? I say there needs to be more traditional games out there, there the games most of us grew up with, so why are they not as common?

Who knows, In more Henley news the new live modcasts is a freaking blast, if you have not experienced the live modcast for yourself I would highly recommend it to everyone! This time round we have a group of guests who know all about making you wet your pants, in games that scare even me! Afraid of Monsters Andreas and James are on and we get some exclusive new content from them about their brand new mod Cry of Fear. We have Mikhail from Paranoia coming on to chat about his mod and his ways of getting into your mind and scaring the crap outta ya! And last but not least we have Brian from Zombie Panic: Source jumping on to give us the skinny on multiplayer scare tactics and what it takes to get it right!


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So a few things are happening, most of you will know I'm one of the co-hosts on the modcast, and due to a few things happening we have decided to make the modcasts live now. So you can all call myself and Ryan up while we are on air and pimp your mod or just bring up some discussion to the group. Personlay i think this will help people interact with the mods some more and hopfuly get people to play more of these great games.

I also made an apperience at the World Cybergames Qualifiers for Queensland Australia. Met some really awesome people and even got to witness some contreversal stuff, like one of the more professional Counterstrike 1.6 teams being DQ due to cheating :P, it was well worth spending time there!

Also i have adopted some bunnies from MadKill, I think im ready for the comitment of being a vertual parent but who knows.

Here are my bunny's

Hello everyone on the internet!

I'm currently making a game to further promote my skills! But this is proving to but more difficult then first anticipated...

Well let me tell you a little about the game and then you can work out for yourself how things are working... Ok the game is called Project Gauntlet (Gauntlet for short, this name is going to be changed on the next Beta release =D), its basically a a game that is trying to replicate the old Arcade games that I had as a kid growing up! So far I have had a few problems with working out the bugs like controls and camera angles... but I swear that these are all corrected now =D. When Beta 1.0 was released it used a mod called SMOD 40 as a base, and I can honestly say I have now completely moved away from this and started fresh and new! Here is a game play demo from Beta 1.0 with commentary from me! NOTE: This is from Beta 1.5 and this means this video is using SMOD 40!

So this is kinda what Beta 2.0 feels like, only better =D. It will be out in a few days but already the mod has gotten a fair few comments and external news posted about it!

The love of COD

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So i got Call of Duty 4 the other day, and i must say im very impressed, not only with the single player but multiplayer as well. So i said to myself, Dave you need to get yourself a dedicated server. So i asked my mate who has access to some Linux based severs and asked him straight up, gimmy that cod4 sever and he did. How cool is that i run a cod4 sever now... (as well as my css, cs 1.6, halo, halo ce servers) but cod4 is the new awesome love child of me and a Linux based pc... And yeah i treat her well, giving her flowers and chockies (i mean gosh what pc in the whole world wouldn't love chockies...?). Everything was going great in my new relationship (not to mention she plays with my client oh so well ;P), except for the fact she started to complain about needing to see more then one person at a time... And i started to think to myself... that dirty cheating son of a...... something i forget now. So off she goes in search of more players to please her sever side... I was heart broken but my new love was hard to pass up on... So one day in bed after countless romantic movies and tubs of ice-cream i said to myself, screw this if i cant have her to myself then i dont mind joining in! To my amazement the loving server that i once knew has new served herself out to 16 players at once! I was shocked... but she beckoned to me to come over and join in the orgy of clients and server.

It took some time, but i was finally able to adjust to having a lot of people shooting there loads.... of ammunition in my direction, i was even able to adjust to people putting things in me with there hands... i think its called knifing in the game... feels kinda dirty tho.

It just goes to show how far im willing to go for my new love...

Here are some videos from me, when i edit them to be the right size for this site ill upload them properly.. Just enjoy eh?

Showreel 2007

This video is my 2007 showreel, it shows all my best work from my diploma of screen course.


This video took me 2 months to finnish. All the models and art style i made myself so no plug-ins here :D. This project was loosely based on my childhood growing up on a farm, that's why it felt so right to dedicated it to my Grandpa who died during production.

Looking back now on my animation i really regret not having more time to complete it to my standards, but hey work with what you have right?

Please leave comments about my videos guys it would be a big help.

~ Dave


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