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Mods mods mods... How I love thee so... And every once in a while there will be a gem that rises above the rest to kick me straight in the balls. I'm talking about Median XL, a Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction mod that changes the skills, difficulty and items in the game. Now I myself have finnished vanilla D2 about 6 billion times so the game (content wise) is getting old to me. And playing as my beloved paladin is just not cutting it anymore. So when Median XL showed me her awesome, pretty, and colourful doodads I had to have another go. So I conned Ryan to jump in with me only to find out she is not the young girl I once knew and loved, she is now an evil sadistic Mistress, which only makes her that much more sexy. Needless to say if you cannot read between the lines we died. A lot. So much in fact we had to change the way we play Diablo 2. No more running in spamming your spells it was a carefully orchestrated attack on the underworld. Once we worked out how the game plays now we didn't really die as much as we did in the beginning, we began to feel powerful (well I did) and we can even solo groups now. Until the Diablo 2 Mistress reminded us who was in charge.

Speaking of mods that are hard to begin with let me tell you about my experiences with NeoTokyo, yes the same mod we did the Developer Banter on. The dev team invited me to play with them and their bata taters on the current release of the mod, and I can honestly say I found it hard to begin with. I'm sure my lack of knowledge and their not so much lack of knowledge, and the fact that the UI is still missing a few knick-knacks and other assorted doodads that help newbies like myself out. I had a good 2 hour run and by the end of it I was the one T-Bagging the devs with there own player models. Hehehe, how does my virtual balls taste now Tats? Rounding up NeoTokyo is finaly getting the spotlight it deserves, it's good to know they have an addicting, solid game on there hands. So it's safe to say you modders SHOULD be anticipating this one. Also watch out for part 2 of the Developer Banter with the NeoTokyo art leads!

Now onto something awesome. Mods are great in many many ways. One example is the above mentions NeoTokyo who's focus is bringing a brand new, exciting game play experience with an amazing set of visuals and sounds, this a called a TC or Total Conversions. And the other side is the smaller, game play tweeks that we see pooping up every once in a while for popular games, be them difficulty changes or just something to relax with. In there own right there just simple changes, but once joined together with music and awesomeness the results are fantastic! Enter Fallout3 Wasteland Dancing!

Now what is more awesome then that? Nothing you say? Oh yeah that's about right... Also...


So I dinged, Level 30 the third on the site to get there. Awesome. I levelled up, it feels good. I've got a few extra stat points but I thought I would put all my extra points into my staff skill tree. And so I managed to get the Desura title. Which might I add is great! It basicly means the gold that drops is increased so I can purchase higher tiers of armour and I can finaly save up for my mount! Hell yeah!

Site news new audio show coming up being recorded in a few hours, should be awesome! It's called Developer Banter and the title is a rip from our forums, which has a sub forum with the same name. It's a laid back discussion about mod/indie development from the people who make the awesome games and mods you guys play. Not only that a new Modcast is being edited right now should be up either today or tomorrow, it's running a bit late but it's been a bit crazy here for the staff at ModDB. To tide you over here is a blooper from the Modcast I just recorded S02 E02.

I'm currently working on a few other awesome new features as well that will shortly make its way onto the ModDB website for all to enjoy. So stay tuned!

So a mate of mine recently had a birthday which happened to be the same day that Left 4 Dead being released. Naturally myself, Ryan and Rhea (Rhea being the one who's birthday it was) were anticipating its release with more then 20 hours spent playing the 4 minute long single player demo.

Mr. Anderson and I cooked up a idea to make a cake that looks like the hand from the cover of Left 4 Dead. We didn't do much cooking so we just paid someone else to do it for us. Best cake I never not made. I know what your thinking "Pics or it didn't happen, pfft a Left 4 Dead cake that's absurd". Well looks like I get the last laugh HA HA AHHAHHAHAHA cos I do have pics. HA HA.

Speaking about Left 4 Dead I'm addicted to Vs Mode, which is a blast to play. Personal fav is the Smoker as its the most skilful class of infected followed closely by the Boomer, which is one of the very hardest ones to play. If you ever play with me and you get the honour of being the Tank please learn how to play it so you don't kill your team mates. I don't know how many times I've been killed because I pounced someone and the Tank wants the kill. Worth the $60 I payed for it. So grab is asap.

Also if you guys have not seen my latest video here is a link, apparently it's my best vid yet so have a look if you have not done so already. It's hard to believe Half-Life is 10 years old as it being one of the very first FPS (possibly the first) that I ever played doing this video really brought back some awesome memories. Don't forget to Digg the article!

Yes its sexy I pull all the ladies into my agro bubble with my awesome Aussie accent but as far as doing voice overs I suffer greatly. As proof that my accent hinders me in some cases here is a short clip I recorded for another video that is currently in production.

Now you might be thinking it's not that bad, if you think you can do better and you have the right gear you can always shoot me a PM or an EMAIL and strut your stuff. Who knows you could be doing voice work for me in the future!

In other news, the Modcast will be making a return on Monday with a pre-recorded show. This should get you all back into the swing of things. It wont be live (yet) but it will be weekly and it will focus on mods rather then the developers. There will still be interviews and mod previews on the site but it wont be connected to Modcast any more. Some new Modcast segments will include what I'm calling the re-call which will cover all mod releases for the past week, this includes featured and un-featured releases. Don't say we never notice the little guys because we do. We will have a few more regulars then just Ryan and myself but I wont give that info away you can just wait cant you?

If you guys have not noticed the new media portals on the site SHAME ON YOU... for shame, it's really a very kickarse feature, hell I use it more then I should. Basicly it gives Audio, Video and Images there own spotlight and featured bar that is updated manualy by our staff. To get your media to show up its really easy, just add it to your mod profile! Gosh this should give you all more incentive to add your videos to ModDB not only for the awesome quality but because we have a media libary members and lerkers can view at any time!

The Left 4 Dead comp is coming to a close in a few hours, I hope you all got your submissions in, by the looks of it me and the boys are going to have a tough time selecting the winners but hey I wouldn't have it any other way!

Well anyways I look foward to you guys listening to the Modcast, I've been itching to get on with the second season hopefuly you guys will enjoy it! PEACE!

We run up the now broken escalators of the desolated underground tunnel, Louis suggested we take the subway to avoid the swarms of zombies outside on the main street. Mersey Hospital better be worth it because it looks like there are going to be zombies regardless of where we choose to go.

Judging by the ammo and supplies around we are not the first group to come past here, so we must be on the right track. Every now and then we find a few zombies running around, nothing too exceptional. And that alone is enough to be worried about. After leaving the safe room we had an encounter with a few new types of zombies that seem to be stronger, and lets just say we have looked better.

"Holy shit Zoey you don't look too good girl..." Says Louis

"Ah yeah thanks Lou, glad you noticed" I really did look and feel like shit, could barely walk let alone fire a gun any more, but I didn't want to slow down the group, but I spoke too soon because thats when the shit really hit the fans...

"Ah shit guys what is that sound..." Asked Francis

"Reminds me of a Tan..." Poor Bill didn't even get to finish his sentence before he was hit by a slab of cement the same size as him, he didn't get up.

"SHIT RUN" Scream Louis, and boy he didn't have to tell me twice first Bill, then Francis and then Louis whole team decimated, killed, crushed by this massive Hulk of a zombie, a Tank if you will. I managed to limb my way back to the safe room and close the door behind me. He is still out there smashing away at the door, it's only a matter of time before he gets to me.

Okay enough of this, I mainly did that for Ryan, because we all know he loves to Role Play. So as you have guessed, I've be playing Left 4 Dead, its brutal and fun, and sometimes challenging and sometimes not mostly thanks to the AI director.

The above story is all true, aside from the fact that I'm not a female nor ever have been. The most epic part about the story is that before they fixed the bug about the tank not being able to break down the safe room door I managed to kill the tank through the door, rescue my friends from a tiny room and win the whole demo with 1 HP on Expert, that was no easy feat!

Tho like most demo's, playing and re-playing the same thing over and over is starting to take its toll as I know the easiest way to survive the demo. Myself and Rhea even managed to run through the entire game in under 4 minutes on expert (mind you no tank spawned). So overall I'm waiting on the release so I can really crush some undead skulls!

Most of you possibly don't know I've been sucked into this Twitter thing, and if your a member of Twitter let me know and we shall follow each others events like opening a can of coke, or even writing a blog (yea I Twittered about it so what). So yeah like always keep a look out on the site cos some very nice changes are about to happen!

So fuck, sometimes what I do can be very very rewarding and in most cases it is. And this is why I keep doing what I do (make videos that is). But once in a bluemoon there is a mod that just frustrates the living fuck out of me mainly because it just dont work when it should work. This mod wont be named, so lets call it "Mod X".

As most of you know I take it upon myself to play just about all mods that I can in order to create the monthly spotlight (sometimes I cannot due to not owning the game or it just not working), so when I downloaded Mod X in order to give it a go and get some nice footage you would expect it to work. The original game is up to date, the mod files correctly downloaded and yet it still crashes on loading. WTF MOD X?!?!?!?

This wasnt the most easiest mod to install either, so I take it slow. Read the correct files do exactly as I'm told and it works but the game is now missing a heap of textures... SO off to the mods official website to have a look around and see if someone else is having the same problem. Lucky for me someone was so I follow the directions and change a few files around inside Mod X, this should work now!

But now the game just freaking crashes.... Okay okay, lets think this through. The game wont work, it never worked to begin with. But the spotlight would be better this month with it in the video. I could always use some of the older footage they have on Mod X's profile, but its not exactly the same as the newest release. Oh crap im in a pickle.

So people what have we learned? If people cannot install your mod without fucking around you have just gotten more people to play. I can honestly say not many people would even care to play any more mods from this release if they have a bad experience installing or even running the thing. So please if your a developer and your reading this, make sure your mod is easy to install and chances are you wont have to deal with press not wanting to support your mod.

So you can now pre-order Left 4 Dead on steam, so what is it your waiting for exactly? Oh okay fine for those who dont know what Left 4 Dead is I'll go into the details. L4D is a zombie game you can experience with your best mates, with each time you play the game it will play differently thanks to the AI Director. This nifty piece of software measures your success (or failure) and tailors the gameplay to suit. So if your getting Zerged too much and you cannot handle the pressure "AID" will tone down the swarms of undead heading towards you, or if your kicking arse and taking names (where is my gum?) the director will open the flood gates sending the boomers out left, right and center. No excuses here this game will be brutal so put on your trackies, grab that uzi you have been saving for a rainy day and kick down your front door. It's time to kill zombies... Are you in?

So $500 AUD later I'm sitting here looking at my sexy new toy other wise known as Rockband, yes I'm one of the few Aussies that own this awesome thing of awesomeness and all of the awesome that comes with it.

"But Dave," you say "What makes this so awesome?" Well I'll tell you Bobby, Rockband (RB for short cos we are hip now) is a mix between guitar hero and something cooler, mainly cos of the drumbs I couldn't give a flying noodle for the guitar I really couldn't. For me the drums are the highlight as they almost (97%) simulate the hits you would make on a real kit playing that same song (on expert). So this means I can play all I want and not sound terrible and get my rhythm up in the process. Win win. Its freakin fun to play as well, the only bits I myself have trouble with are the kick pedal beats (or the long orange bars for all you playing at home) here is an example of how the game should be played. Please note this guy in the video is currently one of the very top RB drum players in the world.

Notice the amount of awesome oozing from this video that is what I and all the other scientists of this gaming world call the awesome factor, finishing a song on expert makes you feel good on the inside while making you a better drummer... on the inside. I myself with my limited knowledge of beating up taught flesh on a round cylinder can only play medium (with some difficulty I might add), but that is all about to change *cues up rocky music*. From this day forward I shall rock my socks off in order to rock like the rockers that rock the world and their socks. Ahem, you shall all soon be sockless, and I shall be streaming my sockbusting flesh beating performances when ever I get the chance on my Justin.tv account.

So rock on my children, rock on until you bleed from too much rocking, or by not wearing enough socks!

Oh yeah i went out last night with all the uni boys and girls, and it was freakin fun!!!!!

So lets get this straight as much as i love to eat steak i hate the always disappointing promise of epic steak that is so awesome. So i had a reef and beef and they had to butterfly the steak to cook it faster but the funny thing that gosh darn stream was still smaller then my fist. Dirty buggers, the shrimp on the other hand was squired head, tail and all. Brilliant like im going to eat a fucking shrimp head. Yay.

Aside from that, if anyone is in Brisbane and you want to go drinking i wouldn't get beer from the tap because the normally tasty beer and scotch that i treat myself more then i should was watered down beyond all belief. So we did shots instead 4 shots of sambooka later we went for a bar crawl and ended up in a pancake house with a bar. Yes a freaking pancake house! With beer! What is even cooler i knew the bar keep from Cairns and he is doing the uni (college) course i did last year! Needless to say when i requested David Bowie you knew the night was gonna rock. Also within this awesome pub where some girls dressed as umm fansy dress, like snow-white and junk. Anywayz they where having a birthday party and had too much cake so we nicked a few pieces! Oh yeah and i also nicked a punnet of strawberries from the barkeep!

Not to mention The Living End's new album is out oh yeah good time :D, and i know i need to shave, its cold, sue me!

Now these guys are awesome, last year i was able to have a few beers with the guys, btw there darts suck.

So I've be slicing and dicing my way through Ninja Gaiden 2, with some parts being like epic hardness and others being a cakewalk. Is there a difference between hard and just fucking stupid? How do designers make the footman of some evil as all shit boss harder then the boss himself? One scene i wish to talk about the most was possibly one of the most drawn out boss fights ever. This boss looks and acts bad assed and he has some massive fuck-off scythe that you get to keep after beating his arse and the sucker takes all but 30 seconds to moe down.

We we see a packed stadium of warewolves, which btw are sometimes so farking hard to beat its like putting your hand in a blender! Now the thing with this level the boss is all like

"Yo Ryu so i see you have some bad assed leather suit and some wicked assed sword and your all like up in my grill and wanna take me down! Thats cool sucker because i have some massive stadium filled with my underlings (lol) and they will avenge me if it only takes like 30 seconds to whoop my arse!"

And then your all like


And once you do beat him (no surprise) his underlings (lol) jump into the stadium and are all like

"Yo Ryu, you beat our upperling (lol?) and now we gang rape you"

And then i was all like

*Picks up massive fark-off scythe*

So there you are just cuttin some faces off when big boobs flys up and is all like

"Yo Ryu im gonna nuke these bitches"

And your all like

"Thats cool babah im gonna stab your plane!"

And thats how i beat the boss, there was one boss tho that was farking stupid hard. And i almost frisbeed my free game out the window because of it. Check this one out.

Now i know what your thinking and i was thinking the same thing

"Oh what the flying shit is that!"

Yeah this is possibly the hardest fucking boss in the whole game (so far) and this was at level 2. Now i managed to barely beat him i mean cm'on the guy shoots fucking sliver seamen at you, shoots bolts of lightning, shoots a fucking face at you, rams you into the wall and then shocks you when you go to stab the bitch. It took me like 4 try's to work out that you shoot the douche in the face with your bow when he isnt sending his seamen after you.

How can a game designer make such idiotic decisions as to how easy awesome bosses are and how fucking stupidly hard stupid douchey bosses are, not to mention how early on in the game this gigadeath boss is in.

Argh. Stupid stupid stupid!