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I happened to visit Game Trailers today and I was greeted by a new Developer Walkthrough on Wanted: Weapons of Fate (which everyone can view here). I though great another game I'm hanging out for as the movie was great and this game looks like it will kick arse! The problem is 30 seconds in the developer is showing his skills at shooting "exploding barrels".... Awesome exploding barrels. Like that has not been done before.

What is it about generic shooters that needs exploding barrels? Does every game that involves shooting need some sort of environmental interaction where the only mean of interaction is from a virtual bullet piercing a tank filled with flammable liquids? God.... Give me something different, give me like Deus Ex environment iteration or Bioshock's. Give me a puzzle that dose not end with barrels exploding. Give me a way to kill my foes without shooting the amazingly well placed hazardous containers. Also while your at it make support for window mode jackasses!

In conclusion exploding barrels are assholes!

Okay over the last few months I've played some very amazing mods, and they are not just amazing because they are fun, they are amazing because they are a treat to just about every sense we hold dear as gamers. The one thing I want to talk about more then the others is the soundtracks that these mods have. These are unbelievable scores that in my personal opinion rank up quite high with professional scores from big budget movies and games, and the problem is I only notice them once the music is out of the game. And that sucks, why? Because the music compliments the gameplay and the art directions so much that together as a whole package it only improves the game itself.

Am I just not paying attention to the music? I notice it but it never seems to stand out, I realised this after playing The Nameless Mod for Deus Ex which involves quite a bit of walking around, needless to say the down time is when the music really stands out because I'm currently not preoccupied with other things. Another example is when I play Project Reality for Battlefield 2 the music only plays during the times when your accessing the menu and loading a map. During the time when I'm in the menu I don't notice the music but during the loading screen its a different story.

I like to think of myself as an average gamer who is in a position to let people know about my thoughts on things (ie the Podcast work I do), and I hope I'm not the only one who feels that the music in mods are being almost waisted, sure a good score helps the overall package but its not needed, you can make a mod without music yet it will remain the same. There must be a better way to show off the music within a mod, make the music apart of the game not just a side dish.


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Yep it was recently the 30th of January, which is a date. Amazing. But some shit happened on that day which I am currently writing this blog about. Awesome. So on with the blog. First up my new pc arrived, it came in 2 boxes, 1 had the pc, all shiny, black and awesome. The other box contained all the other boxes that the parts originally came in.

I shall never order a PC to be built from Umart ever again... Why you ask? Because they suck, they screwed up my order so much. You would think using there systems on there website that they would be able to read it and say "Okay lets email this guy all the info he needs in order to make a direct payment and get this pc out as quickly as possible because its clear here in the note section that he needs this for work". But no. Life dose not work that way when you order a pc.

So I phone these guys up about a week before hand and ask them about payment, the guy I was talking too sounded like he didn't care about anything I said so it was like talking to a brick wall, a dense one at that. So I rang up the next day after I followed his crappy instructions, talked to someone else, they told me what I needed to hear and said the other guy was a douche (his words not mine). So 3 days after I ordered the PC I was finally able to pay for it, the ETA at this point was 1 week.

3 Days before the PC was supposed to arrive I call them to see how its coming, and I'm greeted with this "Oh we don't have your case that you wanted, so we are waiting for it to arrive before we build and test it". Great why didn't these guys just say this when I ordered this PC (more importantly why didn't the web sites order form tell me)? So I tell them to use a more expensive case instead and I'll just pay the difference (I picked the Antec P182 for an extra $94 AUD), he said sure and we were back in business. So I pay by direct deposit and it should take 2 days with an email the day before to confirm the extra payment. The next day came but no email (great). After some ringing around it turns out that it was some banking website fuckup, so I ring Umart again and the phone was answered by some lady who can barely speak English, I explain my problem and ask if I can pay by credit card so the PC can be sent out the same day, she says yes and says that they will deliver it today. It turns out that what she said really means "We will deliver it to the deliverers who will delivered it the next day". If I ever own a computer shop, everyone will speak English, so this shit never happens. Screw you Umart.

Now the pc itself is fantastic, so fast. I'm to hungover from last night's party with my old Uni mates to type any more today. I'll end this with some photos from the pub. Enjoy.

Uni meetup Uni meetup
Uni meetup

Just like in the end of terminator where the robot slowly sinks into the liquid metal, my current rig is slowly dying. Yes its true the very same pc that has survived through Uni, a bad break up, a death in the family and countless new apartments and lan games is dying away. Its a sad sad day for myself and all those effected by its overall leetness (I cant really think of anyone). But in it's place will be a better, more awesome pc and right now I will go through and explain why I'm picking the parts that will make up Ripper number 2 (yeah yeah I called it Ripper so what). Note that these are the parts I feel comfortable talking about without sounding like I know nothing. I'm not a hardware junkie, to me if something works for what I need it to be then I'm all for it.

MSI ATI Radeon R4850

Alrighty first just have a look at that thing right there, just look... Does it not look like it will freakin fly away if its not bolted down once it recieves power? Yeah I know crazy right? Anyways this beast is not the best in the pack but there is only 3 cards right now that can topple this thing. And the proof is in the benchmark. The reason I choose this card say over the GeForce GTX 260 was because of the price, I could pay an extra $150 for 6 extra FPS, and it could be noiser. So I think that alone justifies my purchase.

Intel CORE 2 Q6600

With my focus mostly on gaming and rendering both video and images I would be crazy not to get a Quad Core. That means 4 little beasts doing my bidding for everything my pc does. Which means faster everything. Granted that most PC games don't take advantage of the amazing stuff this thing can do (keeping to 2 processors only instead of 4) but with only a slight drop in FPS for gaming means a massive increase for production of renders. And I'm all for that!

Coolermaster RC-690-KWN1

This case may not look awesome, but the functionality outweighs the looks and to me that is all that matters. One problem I'm faced with all the time is hard drives. Either I'm running out of virtual space or I don't have any room to install any more, so I'm forced down the external road. But with this case swapping HDD's is easy and tooless. Which is great!

And now the full spec's for all those who care:

  • Intel CORE 2 Q6600/2.4Ghz/2x4MB/1066FSB/LGA775
  • Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L P45+ICH10 DDR2 1200 1600MHz PCI-E 2.0 SATAII GLAN 8Ch Audio ATX Ultra Durable
  • G.Skill DDR2 4G(2x2G)PC6400 800Mhz(F2-6400CL4D-4GBHK)
  • Western Digital 750G SATAII 7200 rpm HDD Green Power(WD7500AACS)
  • MSI ATI Radeon R4850 OC 512M DDR3 HDMI D-DVI-I HDTV
  • LG GGC-H20L Blue Ray Combo OEM
  • Coolermaster RC-690-KWN1 690 Case Black with Side Window(NO PSU)
  • Corsair HX-620 ATX Power Supply 120mm fan Dual PCI-E Graphics Card Connector 8 SATA Connectors

All in all the whole thing will cost just under $1500 AUD which is not bad. After I receive the pc, I'll be running some benchmarks to see how great (or not so great) my latest venture will run.

So the Modcast (my sweet awesome first child) has graduated from being a bunch of dudes talking about news on the interwebs to a bunch of dudes talking about news from the interwebs on a DVD cover disc. Holy tits! Thanks to Five Damned Dollarz for the image! And thanks to PC Power Play for hosting the Modcast on the mag, its good to hear people like to listen to what we have to say about news and stuff.

All I have to say is hellz yeaz!

Hey guys, girls and some other banned members!

Just making a quick entry to let you all know I have not forgotten about this blog, just been swamped with shit that needs to be done first before any of this stuff. Welcome to 2009 hope you all will enjoy the media myself and the other staff put out this year, its going to rock your internet related worlds!

So stay tuned for more blog posts soon, I promise!

~ Dave :D

Anime is cool, I enjoy the style, I enjoy the stories (most of them) that come out from it like Death Note and Wolf's Rain. And some just are attached to my childhood, like the Dragon Ball series (mostly Dragon Ball Z). This is because the show aired right before I left for school when I was in primary, and all the cool kids watched it. Sure it was hard to follow if you missed a few episodes but hey I did what I could at the time. Recently my room mate managed to get all the episodes from the Dragon Ball series (Z and GT as well) and I jumped at the chance to watch them all from beginning to end.

About 13 hours into the Dragon Ball version of the show (the one where Goku is a small child) this awesome little clip came up. I just had to show you all just how awesome this really is. Keep in mind the original Dragon Ball was all about the PG rating.

Other then that we have the newest episode of the Modcast avaliable for download and to be listened too on this site. We have a quick look at the G.E.C.K editor (Fallout 3's SDK), the Far Cry 2 Mapping contest and have a very funny discussion about our forum questions.

Lastly I'll be on holidays soon, which is going to be awesome but dont fear I'll still be around just in a different location so sorry guys and girls but no Left 4 Dead as I'll be away from my normal rig (forced to slum it out on my laptop hurhur). So enjoy your Christmas break and if you have a Christmas gaming story why not tell us all about it on our forum post for next weeks forum question?

So normally when I'm gardening I'm not always looking over my shoulder wondering if I'm going to be attacked. Gardens sure are a dangerous place, thorns, bee's and the occasional wasp to put a dampen on your day and now I can safely add shrubs to that list. Shrubs you say gasping in a comical fashion, yes shrubs. Did you know that 99.9% of gardeners who look like pilots will die from shrub related injury's? Weird huh? So next time your dog takes a twinkle on a bush keep in mind that same bush might take you out in your sleep.

The team behind Suicide Survival sure knew about this terrible terrible statistic creating a mod to raise awareness of this problem. Putting gardeners who look like pilots into a garden full of the devils. Just watch how insane the shrubs go for fresh pilot like blood and you will know how much of a problem this really is. It sure opened my eyes, but in the midst of all this anarchy we can only take enjoyment out of this. Sure shrubs blowing up in our faces is nothing to laugh at, but it sure is hard not too.

Keeping that in mind this would have to be one of the most enjoyable mod experiences that you can have in under 40 minutes. It might not have legs to go much further then an eye opener for the dangers of shrub attacks for now, but we can only hope to see much much more spawn from this hilarious little title. There is nothing bad that I can think of about this mod, so just play it, its only 30mb. Seriously.

News flash, time zones suck! Yes sir they do. The only problem I have with the work I do is changing my schedule to match up with others who have less time to do things. Not only that balancing my sleep schedule to match that and there time zones is one fantastic awesome thing. And as of late I have really been off my game with meeting these expectations (sorry guys my fault). So I decided to do something about it. I mean god we have this technology why can't there be something to help me with this problem. And there is, I just did not look hard enough. Enter ZoneTick.

Yay, hurray for people having the same problems as me and actually doing something about it. This nifty little thing (my setup pictured above) adds more clocks to my computer matching GMT zones/city's around the world with daylight savings time calculated for good measure. THANK FUCKING GOD for it. Plus its a months demo before you fork out any cash WIN!

Now I can get sleep without needing to worry about if I'm meant to be doing something else.

I go through game phases, depending on the location of the planets and the tides seem to effect what I like to play. Right now RPG's are all my rage. All thanks to Median XL, yeah it had that much of an affect on me. So Diablo 2, WOW WOTLK, Fable 2, Chrono Trigger, Titans Quest (lame so sue me but im playing it regardless) and I'm drooling over Sacred 2. Damn you planets stop aligning and junk it sucks.

And because of this I've been wanting to crack open my super awesome secret game that I have been building on and off for this whole year (by on and off I mean I'm trying to code and it's a slow process). But it's something I enjoy doing, building that is. Maybe you guys will see it soon, but I'm doing a NeoTokyo and not releasing anything until the thing is stable and so awesome you guys will WANT to play it rather then saying it's kinda cool. I want to make the game my own, I want to make it so people who play the good RPG's can pick up my game and just know what to do, granted it wont be a clone it just needs to feel right.

So back onto ModDB news, a new developer banter coming up soon as well as a the weekly Modcast is being recorded later today as well. Speaking about recording my street that my home/office is on is nice, its a nice place to live, but its fucking noisy. Really noisy. Funa, Dogs, Cars, Ice-cream trucks all that and more, and it only tends to happen during a time when I need to record my voice for a heap of different things.

Awesome. Now for Mod talk. So Mods are great, I love them. Some are so very very good not many toy with sounds and visuals, sure there have been stuff like the Blind Monks Society which takes one sense to the extreme. We need more of these. Now take a look at Auditorium! Awesome this is sweet, sure its a demo but hey, its still awesome. The idea is you have to run sound through these loops to approach the equalisers which produce sound, the trick is you have to use these tools to drive the sound in directions like up, down, left, right, twirly and some rabbit thing. So you are driven to make the sound work, its rewarding in a visual and a soundy kinda way. It's awesome I cant explain it well cos im retarded with the written word, but just believe me its awesome.

So look out for more audio shows from us soon, we love doing it :D

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