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So you can now pre-order Left 4 Dead on steam, so what is it your waiting for exactly? Oh okay fine for those who dont know what Left 4 Dead is I'll go into the details. L4D is a zombie game you can experience with your best mates, with each time you play the game it will play differently thanks to the AI Director. This nifty piece of software measures your success (or failure) and tailors the gameplay to suit. So if your getting Zerged too much and you cannot handle the pressure "AID" will tone down the swarms of undead heading towards you, or if your kicking arse and taking names (where is my gum?) the director will open the flood gates sending the boomers out left, right and center. No excuses here this game will be brutal so put on your trackies, grab that uzi you have been saving for a rainy day and kick down your front door. It's time to kill zombies... Are you in?

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