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Anime is cool, I enjoy the style, I enjoy the stories (most of them) that come out from it like Death Note and Wolf's Rain. And some just are attached to my childhood, like the Dragon Ball series (mostly Dragon Ball Z). This is because the show aired right before I left for school when I was in primary, and all the cool kids watched it. Sure it was hard to follow if you missed a few episodes but hey I did what I could at the time. Recently my room mate managed to get all the episodes from the Dragon Ball series (Z and GT as well) and I jumped at the chance to watch them all from beginning to end.

About 13 hours into the Dragon Ball version of the show (the one where Goku is a small child) this awesome little clip came up. I just had to show you all just how awesome this really is. Keep in mind the original Dragon Ball was all about the PG rating.

Other then that we have the newest episode of the Modcast avaliable for download and to be listened too on this site. We have a quick look at the G.E.C.K editor (Fallout 3's SDK), the Far Cry 2 Mapping contest and have a very funny discussion about our forum questions.

Lastly I'll be on holidays soon, which is going to be awesome but dont fear I'll still be around just in a different location so sorry guys and girls but no Left 4 Dead as I'll be away from my normal rig (forced to slum it out on my laptop hurhur). So enjoy your Christmas break and if you have a Christmas gaming story why not tell us all about it on our forum post for next weeks forum question?


Well, for what is worth it, she was right. They will play an important role in his life :D

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Henley Author

hehe, your sick...

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lol that pig looks like he's wearing a commie hat

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