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tis the season

Hendrix Blog 1 comment

Something as christmassy as mince pies, presents and the Queens speech... well in my house anyway...

Hendrix's Christmas moan...

Another Christmas upon us my good friends. And with it the faked friendships, strained happiness and general 'spending copious amounts of money' that engulfs us every year in its red and white trimmed cloak.

God i used to love Christmas, i used to adore it... Honestly, it was marvelous, then Christmas leave canceled and being stuck in Germany one year really ruined it... actually I think that growing up generally ruins it for you. I mean, you spend so much money, on presents, on food, and beer, and you dont complain because 'tis the teason'... well bollocks to that, im going to start f***ing complaining. Why should i send presents to people in my family who dont bother talking to me at any other time of the year....

...anyway, enough Scrooginess...

The one good thing of the season is the time away from work, which for me, means time modding!!! yes i know its sad, and I should be using my time doing something else, but f*** it, I love modding, and i dont particulary care... I'll spend a good few hours over the yule tide mapping for 1985, ohh the endless violence... the trenches, the barbed wire, the boody traps... what the hell!!! 'tis the season afterall.

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