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Savage: The Battle for Newerth

Game review

There are lots of people thinking Savage is dead because there's a Savage 2 that has been advertised to be the same game, just newer and better. Well, that's completely wrong.

First of all, these are two entirely different games. The most relevant difference is probably that Savage XR is alive while Savage 2 is pretty much dead. ;-)

Savage XR - Savage 2
Originality: asymmetric gameplay - virtually idential races
Combat: unique, exciting movement based melee combat - uninspired "hit, hit, block" spam
RTS Mode: 4 different tech trees, full manual research - automated research, no options
Economy: redstone & gold gathered w/ AI-workers - only gold, automated gathering
Customization: huge weapon/item selection loadout - fixed classes
Base construction: advanced building placement - less buildings and limited placement
Servers: 128 player servers - 30 player servers (more players cause lags)
Performance: fast loading, 400+ fps anytime - long loading times, fps lags in large battles
Maps: 2000 maps - 20 maps (even less installed on the servers)
Content: 100% freeware, same content for everyone - runes that give unfair advantage
Communication: in game chat/clan panel/stats/messaging - chat only
eSport: active leagues/tournaments - no competition since years
Sustainability: active community development - in the hands of S2Games which doesn't care

Although Savage 2 is unique for being an RTS/FPS hybrid game, it sucks compared to what Savage XR offers in terms of content, fun and depth of gameplay.


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