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Well I knew at one point I would be tempted to actually add some text onto my empty blog box so I guess here we are, I'll introduce myself as Aaron Dordi, Project Lead of Siege of Inaolia and Prop Modeler, at the current time of writing this blog I have just sent both Alpha 2 and our 15th News post of Siege of Inaolia.
If you don't know what Siege of Inaolia is type it within IndieDB/ModDB's search bar and you're sure to find it, I'd highly recommend a look if you're a Survival fan who's looking for a thrilling and exciting take on the genre.
I've just finished working on a new prop for one of the new survival arena maps and I think it looks fairly decent, I cant wait to have our texture guy Tomas work his magic on it and have our Lead Level Designer Ian(The man is a god when it comes to his work) place it in level, Jason our Lead Programmer(Equally another god in his own right) should be able to use his knowledge of codemagic and have it movable along rail tracks(and also make is to players can start flinging props at orcs), speaking of rail tracks I've got to get started on them.

Till next time.

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