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Operation Smash

Game review

I've only just started playing this game, but I can already tell that I'm going to love it. :D It has a neat yet quirky story, the controls while floaty feel nice, and the aesthetic is wonderful. Can't wait to beat it and update this review!


Penumbra Collection

Game review

Broken Dimensions

Game review

This game was pretty interesting. It seems to be heavily inspired by Portal as the antagonist is a female that constantly insults you after a certain point. One thing though, it was very short, probably took me 10 minutes to beat it to be honest. :P Other than that, very nicely done.


Stunt Rally

Game review - 1 agree

I'm going to start this review saying 2 things. 1: This game has a lot of potential to be a very fun game. 2: I only played one round in practice because I didn't want to fiddle with it anymore. Now that that's out of the way, I want to say that this game is rather enjoyable after getting the controls for a controller set up. We'll get to that in a second, for that's the main reason why the rank I'm giving it isn't an 8 or a 9. I digress, I had a lot of fun playing with it for a few minutes, getting a hang of the controls, I had quite a bit of fun. The car I used handled quite well, the game felt arcadey, but I personally enjoy arcade racers more than simulator racers, though those have their better points as well. The maps seemed relatively well designed, the engine was very nice to look at with their levels they made. Onto the cons. The controller setup with an Xbox 360 controller (I tried 2 kinds, an official wireless Microsoft and a wired Madcatz) is COMPLETELY mental. It's not just the controls though. I have a dual-monitor setup, and every time I tried either full-screening the game or even setting to a higher res window, it would either crash the game upon the renderer restarting or upon a new game starting. Outside of these setup flaws, the game was very enjoyable. If the devs fix these issues, I'll give it a higher rating, but until then, 7/10.



Mod review

This is probably one of my favorite graphical improvement mods I've ever seen. From the DoF to the motion blur to the HDR, this is top knotch stuff man. DENOUTADEN



Game review

This game is raunchy in all the right ways, it offends all the right people, and it's awesome if you have a **** day at work/life. You can choose to actually do the stupid list of errands your cow of a wife gives you, or you can just go postal on everyone's *****. While that's always fun, the actual missions are fun in and of their own right, mainly due to their anti-politically-correct brand of humor. One-liners like, "That's what they all say...," and, "Hey Chico, I need an alternator for an '87 Da-**** youuuu," make this game a classic for those with a sadistic sense of humor. Overall, it's funny, it's great to blow off steam, and it's fun to play. It gets my demon-branded stamp of approval. :)


Black Mesa

Mod review - 1 agree

I'm a recent fan of the original Half-Life, though I've played every other valve game there is. I haven't beaten any of the Half-Life games yet, but I'm working on it. What I love about the original Half-Life was the immersion process, making real-time cinematics pretty much a standard for FPS games, and the complex puzzles. What I didn't like were some of the bugs that broke certain parts of the game. Honestly, I can't tell you how many times in the VERY BEGINNING at the part where the roof caves in and 2 head crabs come out, I COULD NOT GET ON THE DAMN LADDER. I walked forward, I pressed action, I jumped to it, it always threw me backward. It was normally by some miracle that I actually grabbed hold of the rungs and climbed. Aside from that mild gripe, it was, and still IS an incredible game. I may have passed it by on IMDB at a time because I thought it was a dead project, but I found out about its still remaining life about 9 days before its release. Now, I'm aware that it's been in development for 8 years and that it's mainly due to the developers getting contracted by companies and getting REAL jobs from their marvelous work, so don't flame me for being a nub for not getting around to it earlier, I haven't been a PC gamer for that long, but I now prefer it SIGNIFICANTLY to console gaming. I digress, the remake/reimagining of Half-Life, known as Black Mesa, is INCREDIBLE. It fixes a few things (the formerly labeled glitch), GREATLY improves the graphics, and most of all, reimagines certain scenes of the game to be a bit more practical.


Not to mention, the scene where you're trapped in a trash compactor, I don't know about you, but watching the boxes get crushed was awesome in the source engine. Overall, this game never ceases to blow my mind. Good work guys. :)

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