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1 comment by Hedgepig23 on Jul 29th, 2011

Hey peeps!

Well my last blog failed didn't it? I start my work again and the the Lagwagon© (the name of my PC, you can't nick it, I've copyrighted it ;) ) decides to go suck a fat one and force me to factory restore... again, 4th time now I think? but heck, I want to map, so shittyass PC or not I will carry on creating maps whenever my computer decides to let my use the Source SDK again.
Seeing as my flat is now gone, I have started a new vision, but I might revive my project next time I have nothing else to do.
If you're out there thinking "Give up man, my fatass mother can fun faster than your computer" Sure, you may be right, but as a wise friend of mine once said ' Live life to the fullest, follow your dreams and make damn sure you have them. ' Although I wouldn't class spending my day sat at a computer living life to the fullest, neither would I class 'Fullest' a word (Should probably look it up before I post this, but heck) I love developing, so in a way, this is my dream - and I will never give up.

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0 comments by Hedgepig23 on May 10th, 2011

It's been about a year since my last blog, and during that time, I forgot to keep on updating my blog, and now, I will redeem myself.

A couple of months ago, I deleted all my games from my PC to clean my :C drive which obviously resulted in my mapping to come to a halt, and during that time, I watched many tutorials on mapping and I am still trying to get my hands on programming tutorials too... I have found many written ones but I find that video tutorials help me better.

But anyway, I've re-downloaded HL2,EP1,EP2 and the SDK seeing as I think I have good enough skills to start mapping again with even more features than I already had, but I will re-download any of my other source games (Portal, Team Fortress 2, Counterstrike: Source, Day Of Defeat: Source and HL2: Deathmatch) if they are needed.

I will post my work on my page to show you my skills and write down rough estimates of the time it took to produce that to let you know my production rate.

I am currently trying to make my way into 2 development teams , but they are only minor work and if you would like my help, then just send me a message through this, but also, I will post my Steam name too once my images are uploaded to this site.

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0 comments by Hedgepig23 on Nov 20th, 2010

I have a lot of spare time on my hands in life, so I resorted to gaming... sooner or later I became a critic and decided I wanted to make my own games, After 2 years and a lot of determination, I gained the strength to Google it, and well, I found source :).
I became addicted to it, spent many-a-hours making maps and shiz, hoping that eventually, I could piece them together and make my own mod, but seeing as my stone-age computer cannot hold a large amount of coding, maps and other gaming shiz at one time, I have thought about helping fellow modders.
Regardless of my setbacks due to my computer, I assure you I am capable of helping, I have had a lot of experience on mapping, I make things in more detail (to scale, making things seem more realistic, etc.), and I am currently learning, slowly, how to code, If you want help, mail me through this (ModDB) and I will see if I can help, but bear in mind, I will not always be working on it due to other family members wanting to go on the pc, school, and obviously... sleep, but I hardly ever sleep, and if I do, it is mainly during school, so I will be working as much as I can.
Unfortunately, I can only mod Half-life 1 anthology, Orange box and Day of defeat games on the source engine... I cannot use the Unreal engine at the moment for some reason because during installation, some gay-ass error code pops up and fucks it up the ass so until I have repaired it, Source it is.
I am slowly upgrading my pc to eventually hold Crysis 2 for when it is released, so any game in-between those graphics (NOTHING :D) I should be able to mod.
So uh yeah, I think that's everything...

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