Welcome to my page! I am a Youtuber who plays indie games along with some big known titles take a look at what I have to offer at my channel by searching XxHECKLERxX on Youtube and hit the subscribe button if you like what you see send game suggestion to my channel if you want to see yours up there or one you know deserves to be!

0 comments by Hecklerr on May 21st, 2014

Same everything and still doing what I'm all about but I moved all my videos to this channel check it out and if you don't mind subscribing again if you were already I appreciate it!
The Channel - Youtube.com
The Facebook - Facebook.com
The Twitter - Twitter.com

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0 comments by Hecklerr on Apr 7th, 2014

Hey everyone it has been a while since I have been on this site but I am starting back up and just wanted everyone to know I say thank you for hitting the 50subs milestone! I have tons of videos out right now and ways to interact with the channel links will be below!

The Links:

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0 comments by Hecklerr on Jul 24th, 2013

Since my last blog I have been up to so much I have a huge selection of games now and also finished the Delver series go check out what I have to offer at my channel ( Youtube.com ) and hit the subscribe button if you like what I have to offer to the indie gaming/ gaming community have a good one!

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0 comments by Hecklerr on May 20th, 2013

I have a couple of new videos I would like to mention first of Delver the Dungeon Diver of Minecraft and Where am I the original Slender developers new little game both are amazing and should be check out thank again for stopping by! ( Delver - Youtube.com )( Where am I - Youtu.be )

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0 comments by Hecklerr on May 11th, 2013

Hey everyone just starting a series on this game played the original one and it was scary this one is 10 times that I can't wait to dive more into it here is the Nightmare House 1 video here ( Bit.ly ) and the Nightmare house 2 video here( Bit.ly ) care to join my play through on this?

Report abuse Nightmare House and other games!

0 comments by Hecklerr on May 7th, 2013

Hey everyone Heckler here and just wanted to go ahead and show off my individual games section of my channel here -> ( Bit.ly ) This playlist has a whole lot of individual games that I have found and you guys should go ahead and give each of the games a try thanks again for supporting the channel!

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0 comments by Hecklerr on May 1st, 2013

Hey just started doing a Don't Starve series and its going pretty great it is an amazing game and I think everyone should give it a try. Also if you don't checking out my series that will always help me too :D ( Bit.ly ). Before I got if anyone has any games they would like me to try out I would be more than willing just drop me a message thanks everyone!

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0 comments by Hecklerr on Apr 24th, 2013

So I started doing let;s plays about 2 months ago and I am not 1,300 views I never been so excited in my life for something like this I added this to my YouTube channel because I also support Rooster Teeth inspiring me to do these sort of things check out my stuff if you want at www.youtube.com/user/XxHECKLERxX I will post regular updates when I upload stuff on here also!

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