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Headhunter128 Sep 12 2014, 9:44am says:

Last Man Standing!

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Headhunter128 Sep 12 2014, 5:14am says:

Nothing will stand against the onslaught of Egypt!

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Headhunter128 Sep 11 2014, 11:11am says:

OCO: Not good at "filler", but I guess a little personality wouldn't hurt I guess :P

IC:*As Bitz slithers into the control center he finds Ladsk holding a Twi'lek slave by the throat and up in the air.

"That crops needs to be harvested and stored by the end of the day, or I'll have to reconsider the status of your...employment. I haven't had a proper meal in days." He tells the Twi'lek, his tongue smelling the air. The stench of fear in the air seem to excite him, or so it appears to Bitz, he has never found it easy to read the face of a Trandoshan.

The best he can, the Twi'lek mutters a "yes master!" and is then dropped by Ladsk and left struggling to breathe on the floor as Bitz entering the room gets his attention.

"Bored again Ladsk?" Bitz teased him, knowing well that Ladsk had no sense of humor in any way. Ladsk let out a slight hiss of disapproval, or was it more contemptuous? They didn't like each other, but Ladsk was good at what he does, keeping the slaves in line, not to mention the Gamorrean thugs in their employment.

"I'll go inspect the harvest.." He says, and then leaves the control center. Bitz laughs and signals one of the servants nearby to fetch him something to eat.*

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Headhunter128 Sep 10 2014, 4:33pm says:

On the surface, Bitz, the Hutt in charge of the facility, was standing in front of a cylindrical tube inside a large lab. Inside the cylinder was a plant, apparently a very addictive one according to his superiors. However this was merely a specimen, outside the facility in several domes functioning as greenhouses, were most of the crop that have yet to be harvested. The ones already harvested and being prepared for processing was in locked in a vault in the lower levels below.

He had already inspected those levels and were on his way back up to the outpost command center where his second in command, a Trandosian slave master named Ladsk was waiting.*

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Headhunter128 Sep 8 2014, 10:06am says:

Seems like the "bomb" is gonna blow on a week day...

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Headhunter128 Sep 7 2014, 1:01pm says:

Malan smiles slightly and leans closer. "Depends on how you see it, as a military man this only makes for an easier and much less complicated use of PMs. Law enforcement is gonna have a field day though. But I am merely here as an observer, there a quite a few people in the Federation whom would have a lot to gain.

So this should certainly make for an interesting treaty, for however long it lasts."

He gives Fenrir a wink and then leans back again.*

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Headhunter128 Sep 7 2014, 11:02am says:

*In the midst of the talks, Malan Drayson enters the room and sits down next to Fenrir, whom he gives a slight nod and bow before sitting down.

"Apologies for the late entry, please continue."


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Headhunter128 Sep 6 2014, 4:59pm says:

Easy to do this the other way around.

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Headhunter128 Jul 24 2014, 8:36am replied:

I'm still Federation.

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Headhunter128 Jul 20 2014, 7:32am replied:

For blackmail purposes, I can't say xD

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Headhunter128 Jul 18 2014, 4:23am says:

Someone owes me money.

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Headhunter128 Jul 16 2014, 7:35am replied:

Oh I'll survive alright, problem is that before I can mount a proper defense, I'll have lost a 3rd of my Empire. Even more from an economic perspective xD

But at least this rebellion isn't as disappointing at they usually are.

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Headhunter128 Jul 15 2014, 4:34pm says:

Those 1000 men in Athens will have to hold the line against about 24000 men. Good odds for any Spartan. No?

Except these are also Spartans though...

If anyone wanna place their bets on who wins the battle of Athens. Now is the time xD

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Headhunter128 Jul 11 2014, 11:14am says:

T'Rani, looked towards Lok and said; "Alyssious' Kalligs tomb can be found on Dromund Kaas. Go there, and find your answers."

OOC: You can finish up by yourself it seems Ori. No matter what, I seem to have lost the ability to do.. Well anything.

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Headhunter128 Jul 10 2014, 8:37am says:


AK/ Nox was a member of the Dark council, in a time where the competition among the Sith was at its highest. One doesn't get there by being nothing but a master swordsman, or at least close to it, in addition to force abilities.

Ori/ Fine, I'll play along as a courtesy. But since we are playing by these new parameters, I'll add some new ones to.


*Finally, Darth Nox had gotten bored by the Mandalorians persistence. T'Rani made a twist of the hand and Ori'verda was thrust fast backwards and smashed into the pillar behind him, crushing his Jetpack (dunno if you brought one).

With the other hand force crush was applied to Ori'verdas helmet, cracking the visor and disabling many of the electronic components.*

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Headhunter128 Jul 10 2014, 6:39am says:

Number two fits me. I think.. xD

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Headhunter128 Jul 9 2014, 3:18pm says:

*T'Rani now started a complex and nimble series of lightsaber attack forms, almost before Ori'verda had gotten on his feet. Attempting to push him towards the end of the hall, near the great statue.*

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Headhunter128 Jul 9 2014, 2:14pm says:

*The desperate and foolish attempt of an attack was met with a similar tactic as before, one lightsaber forces away the blade being thrust towards her and allowing T'Rani to temporarily lock down both ends of Ori'verdas blade as the other end as a result would be moved forward, while an unfavorable stance for a prolonged lock as he would be able to apply move pressure and force her down, which she let him deliberately. Once far enough down she let herself fall backwards and then proceeds to kick him with both feet in the stomach into the pillar previously behind her.*

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Headhunter128 Jul 9 2014, 1:39pm says:

OOC: I'm just playing the cards I am given and doing what makes sense. So don't look at me xD


*As soon as Ori'verda landed, T'Rani had decoupled the lightsaber into, using one to deflect the incoming blow with a strike from above, to halt it in one position and the other to strike the hilt (Not decoupling point) and the other end of Ori'verdas blade from below at the exact same time.*

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Headhunter128 Jul 9 2014, 1:02pm says:

*T'Rani, walked closer until she stood only 10 meters away, there she entered a stance that wasn't familiar to Ori'verda, certainly not mandalorian. She moved the lightsaber in between them and started walking sideways, forcing Ori'verda to do the same in order to maintain tactical balance.

She decided to strike first, seemingly in an instant she managed to cross the distance and struck against Chaos, with a fury and skill not her own.*

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Headhunter128 Jul 9 2014, 9:17am says:

*"The Truth!?" The voice said and laughed.

"Truth is in the eye of the beholder. I was once known as Kallig, yes, but I am in fact Darth Nox, Dark lord of the Sith, Member of the Dark Council and Head of the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge. And you are Lok?" Laughter filled the room again.

"You search for answers, but I sense that I am not the one you are looking for. Let me guess, you search for Aloysious? He does not rest here on Korriban. I could help you with that of course. But first, we must deal with your companion, lets see if he is truly worthy of being a Mandalorian, let alone existing.

I believe you came here to fight Ori'verda, but tell me shall we fight with honor?" T'Rani, possessed by Darth Nox, now stepped out of the shadow of one of the pillars, and ignited a red lightsaber.

"Or shall we end it swiftly and be as impatient and rash as you have demonstrated to be on your little quest?" The missing Rangers, 18 of them, also stepped out from shadows all over the hall, all with their weapons pointed at Ori'verda.*

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Headhunter128 Jul 9 2014, 5:27am says:

*As the shot hit T'Rani, she vanished. A presence started to fill the room and soon their advanced equipment started to fail again, leaving scanners with an almost constant and unpredictable flickering. Sometimes it seemed to indicate the presence of things which was not there.

For a moment they could have sworn they heard laughter all around them, but were soon distracted by a voice, a female one, coming from somewhere i the great hall.

"Tsk tsk. How uncivilized. First you break into my tomb and now this? Well, I guess it is what to be expected from a Mandalorian, they have always been a shortsighted people."

Now it seemed like shadows popped up here and there only to disappear again all around them. The voice continued;

"Tell me Sith, why do you accept this kind of.. disrespectful behavior? Mandalorian are always best kept on a short leash. Perhaps the Sith have grown weak in the last thousand years... Not even being able to control some of our most willing slaves. Yeess, I can sense it. Outside of this Valley, in the force.. in You."

The voice paused for a moment.

"I am most disappointed in the company I must say. Once I sensed a Sith, I had hoped it was one of my kin, seeking guidance. Why have you come here travelers?"*

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Headhunter128 Jul 8 2014, 2:50pm replied:

There is no challenge in that, all that can be achieved by any player. :P

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Headhunter128 Jul 8 2014, 2:37pm says:

As usual your logic fails you, as I can neither continue your savegame as another faction. Adding to that Macedon has been wiped out :P

What exactly is the challenge? xD

If it is the best you in Empire creation, I need proof of date, difficulty and so on.

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Headhunter128 Jul 8 2014, 11:09am says:

*As the key entered the lock, the door disappeared out in thin air and the shimmering and flickering was gone as well. The ground was still shaking and the path behind them now collapsed entirely, with signs showing that the room they were standing in was soon to follow.

The next corridor was short and soon they found themselves in a great hall leading up to a large statue at the end. Leading up to was two rows of a thick pillars decorated with ancient texts. A few of the pillars had collapsed and was scattered all over the hall.

After taking in what some might consider a fascinating and breathtaking sight, they also now noticed that the room had a certain aura of hostility, like something were offended by their presence. They now noticed a figure at the bottom of the large statue, a figure clad in mandalorian armor, it was T'Rani Stargazer.*

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Headhunter128 Jul 8 2014, 9:32am says:

*Due to his unnatural state, Loks estimation of what the ranger could handle fell short, and he suffered massive organ failure. As he was drawing his last few breaths, he remained unconcerned with all but the door.

With Loks mention of Kallig, the ranger looked at him for the last time and attempts to say something but exhales and dies. Once the ranger is dropped on the ground a key falls out of his pocket.

Soon after the place begins to shake and the ceiling starts to collapse.

As Ori'verda destroys the two statues it sets off an earthquake and the room starts to become unstable and the door begins to shimmer, like protected by a force field or, at least something very similar.*

OOC: Tsk tsk. You and your impatience Ori. Tick tock xD

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Headhunter128 Jul 8 2014, 3:43am says:

Loks move seemingly neither scared him or affected him in any other way than holding him still. Upon touching the mans mind, it was best described as "clouded" and there wasn't much to learn. Still in his own world, he continued his rambling.

"Door? What door?" He said, as if he for the moment truly had forgotten... "Matters not anymore. I am merely the guardian, I can allow none to enter. Or they too shall fall on their sword. If they are strong enough. For months, strenght of mind kept it at bay, for she was right, true Mandalorians are Strong! But not strong enough. A dam can hold water back, but either the amount of it, or time, will always breach it in the end...

First some disappeared in the tunnels, then some fell pray to the illusions. Soon it was just me and her... She soon spent all her time at his feet, she stopped eating, drinking even talking. But she didn't die, how could she? "

He paused... and looked at his symbols on the wall.
"The door!" He said out loud, as he suddenly remembered something important. "Without the key, none comes through."

In an almost reptile like twist of the neck he once again looked at Lok.

"Illusion! Pawn! Liar! Go away and disturb me no more, let me die with honor! Me, the last Mandalorian in all of the galaxy! Guarding my post... Death and dishonor awaits everyone else, now that Mandalore have fallen...Just as she said, no he. She?"

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Headhunter128 Jul 8 2014, 3:43am says:

OOC: Happy Birthday Pain! :)

A suddenly overwhelming pressure against Ori'verdas mind affected his sight again and he could now see and hear more clearly than before. One of the ghosts in front of him he recognized as T'Rani and the others as Mandalorian Rangers. One of them made a seemingly almost desperate jump in front of T'Rani and she was about to proceed through the door, which in this vision was open, and said;

"T'Rani please, we can all feel it, something is not right about this place. We should leave, there are others places to set up a base!"

"For the last time, hold your tongue Danzik! Your cowardice is dishonorable. This is the perfect hiding place, between the wildlife here and the presence of forces weaker minds like yours might succumb to will keep both the curious and our enemies at bay. No one comes here. Not even the Sith cares for this place as much as they once did."

"Or maybe it is because that even the Sith recognize that some things should stay in the past and best be left alone. Who knows what is beyond that door!?"

"Silence! Any true and strong of mind Mandalorian will be safe. Only those weak of mind and body will succumb to any... presence.. we might come across. Now..No mater what, remember to.."

Ori'verda snapped out of it again and found himself alone in the room.

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Headhunter128 Jul 7 2014, 5:01pm says:

OOC: Funny you should mention a key Milos xD


*As Lord Lok proceeded he started to sense a presence up ahead him in the darkness. It was one of the Mandalorians seemingly. The path that Lord Lok had chosen led him to a circular chamber and in it was a Ranger, but even as he entered the chamber the ranger didn't pay attention to him. The room was a dead end, all over the walls where red markings, painted by hand in markings similar to those in the previous chamber.

Upon closer inspection, Lok noticed that the Rangers hands were bloody, he had seemingly cut his own hand and painted the walls with his own blood. The markings was inconsistent and scattered, but some meaning could be interpreted from them. They stated; "The doors keep all within, and all without".

The Ranger now turned around and looked straight at Lok, he wasn't wearing a helmet and appeared old and frail. His eyes had grown dull and gray.

"No noo.. nooo... You are not here. You are not here. No one is here. Only past the door there is life. Or no life. Or something else. Something... in between, something Beyond life."

He turned away and ignored Lord Lok once again, returning to his drawing of of the markings on the wall.

Ori'verda soon found his path blocked with a large door, with two statues "guarding" it. In the middle was a key hole.

For a moment it seemed like he heard a whisper in the room.

Inspecting his surroundings, he discovers that the room looks like it is on the verge of collapsing, with large cracks on the walls and roof, making the use of forced entry seem like a risky endeavor . All except the door, which seemed like it could have been made yesterday. It seemed almost unnatural.

Once again he heard the whispers, this time his view dimmed a little and for a moment he it seemed like ghosts appeared and that he could hear them talking, about what he couldn't hear, but they they were definitely talking Mandoa.*

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Headhunter128 Jul 7 2014, 12:43pm says:

*The dialect Ori'verda was studying was very old, at least a millennia, and thus not easily translated. However from what he'd be able to make out, it was describing a family history, mentioning different titles and positions in the various Empires the family had served, or ruled.

It didn't take Lord Lok long to determine that the blood wasn't native to anything on Korriban. An analysis would reveal it to be from a humanoid, in this case most likely Mandalorian. From where the dagger was and further into the tomb was a trail of blood, going through one of three paths. Another of the of the tunnels was collapsed, leaving two options for proceeding.

What is ahead remains unknown, as scanners for some mysterious reason wasn't able to reveal anything and for some reason the maps that Lord Lok brought with him didn't fit the layout of the tomb.*

OOC: Btw, didn't realize that there was a third person with you guys. Lol

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