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Headhunter128 Feb 28 2015, 1:02pm replied:

*Azraels attempt is foiled as he finds his ability to sense his surroundings with the force blocked.

+1 vote   media: Chasing Visions
Headhunter128 May 24 2014, 5:07pm says:

*Accompanied by the dog like animal, Malan walked out of the castle and continued down to his Starfighter. Lucky had it prepped and ready. The creature stopped some distance away from the starfighter and Malan climbed in, entered new co-ordinates into the Nav-computer and returned to Federation space.*

+1 vote   media: Frenemies
Headhunter128 May 20 2014, 4:36pm says:

*As they have come far enough away from the scene the Thane shuttles split in different directions and out of the traffic, no longer needing the cover of traffic and still cloaked disappear into the city.*

OOC: I doubt Buzz droids knows civilian vehicles apart from enemy vehicles. No IFF. Poor civilians xD

+1 vote   media: Tal Skira
Headhunter128 Oct 24 2013, 1:06pm says:

*As the orcs fled, the men of Gondor rallied. They quickly started to cover the breach in the walls with everything that they could find, rocks, wood and pieces of the collapsed tower.

On the walls, the men kept a close eye on the enemy movements*

+1 vote   media: Siege of Cair Andros
Headhunter128 Oct 16 2013, 3:24pm says:

The bulk of the Northern army began to set up position on the other side. Same formation as they had had on the northern side of the crossing. The archers started to cover the infantry still on the other side while they began an orderly retreat across the river.

Many of the archers aimed for the Olog-Hai's, as they were the ones that would be most devastating to the retreating troops. Over a 100 Gondorian soldiers had fallen to the haradrim arrows, many of which now flowed down the river of Poros and out into the Anduin. It would later be rumored that some of the bodies were found in the harbour of Pelagir.

Faramir looked into the dark forest behind the army and gave out orders to the rangers. 400 of them now spread out into the woods to scout it out and kill any remaining cavalry riders on this side of the River. The remaining 100 started to cut down trees and set up stakes behind the army along with some barricades to protect from arrow fire.

+1 vote   media: Battle of Ithillien
Headhunter128 Aug 7 2013, 10:34am replied:

What does that have to do with anything? There never even was a fight. -_-

I was gonna do something IC, but then I found out that you made an OOC deal with Praxis. I was gonna do something myself, but why bother when I don't even have the backing of my own faction?

The GM's are still the ones you need to do these negotiations with. Granted, how that turned out can't really be put on you...

This isn't about you roleplaying, it is that you have been ABLE (not how, why and what) to do this the way you did and the GM's ALLOWING it.

+1 vote   media: Mandalore's Campaign
Headhunter128 May 12 2013, 12:33pm says:

*Zoras had not expected the Imperials to be so careless and order an orbital strike inside the city, but it had achieved its purpose, most of the Artillery had been wiped out, at the cost of much of the surrounding infrastructure.

"How many are left Corporal?" Zoras asked the man beside him.

"Only four sir and we have still to find any of the Battle droids protecting them, shall we have to continue to bombardment of the enemy artillery?"

"No, they should have done enough damage, have them fall back behind the secondary line. Tell the men entrenched in the outskirts of the city to continue to keep their heads down, they are not to fire or reveal their positions until I give the order. The enemy will seek to weaken our defense in preparation for assault, taking out our artillery was merely the first strike."

After that Zoras had all the vehicles entrenched with the men re-position themselves and had any man that could be spared camouflage them as good as possible. The 500 droids that had helped with creating blockades were sent to guard the command center and the remaining artillery batteries.

Zoras ordered the AA to shift positions and remain alert*

+1 vote   media: Kinyen Crisis
Headhunter128 Apr 27 2013, 8:50am replied:

It's funny to me because, in MMO's, I HATE PvP. Lol

+1 vote   media: Faction Survey:
Headhunter128 Sep 24 2012, 3:25pm says:

He haven't responded to me either, but I'm sure he's fine. It's not the first time he disappears for a while.

+1 vote   media: "Simply in and out."
Headhunter128 Aug 21 2012, 7:08pm says:

.......................... >.<

And NameGen just fails World War lesson 1.0...

World War 3 is gonna be really short. lol

+1 vote   media: Operations: Tip of The Spear and First Strike
Headhunter128 Aug 13 2012, 11:03am replied:

I didn't specifically reverse the bombardment, but the entire invasion. In order for the bombardment to happen, so needs the invasion.

And your funding comes from the faction you serve... Even if you got funding from somewhere else, it needs to be from a valid source. And given your Char spamming, it is doubtful you have such connections.

And I'm sure you're not only one that "colors" the facts, but you are the only one that we know for certainty does it.

+1 vote   media: Ignatious Captured
Headhunter128 Aug 13 2012, 9:20am says:

Thank you NameGen, my goal was to prove to the GM's that they can't expect you to be honest about your requests. Your two above comments show this quite nicely.

As for the Chiss, I reversed the Silentium invasion of the Chiss Republic so the Chiss would have no reason to commit suicide as they did. This decision have since been changed, ergo so was the mass Destructing on ALL Chiss planets.

And yes, you DO need approval from faction leaders. Since they are the ones paying for the fleet. If this wasn't true you would not have asked me long ago for the construction of this fleet. Which I DENIED!

+1 vote   media: Ignatious Captured
Headhunter128 Aug 1 2012, 6:09pm says:

OOC: Okay I have been waiting around 3 days for an answer from Jester, so I will just ignore Jesters fleet as I presume it is no longer there.


*The infected fleet continues the attack from above while the Imperial fleet hurries into position. Before the enemy fleet manages to form a proper perimeter, ships make their way into dozens of ships in the Imperial fleet and start infecting the crew.

The infected fleet descends upon the Imperial fleet with deadly purpose and with efficient maneuvers thanks to their collective mind. Targeting corvettes and other of the smaller vessels.*

+1 vote   media: Attack on Imperial 4th Fleet
Headhunter128 Jul 30 2012, 7:01pm says:

*Cronus uses the force to speed him up and evades the force push while having the lightsaber ready to deflect the lightening burst. He deflects the lightening back now speed up to reach Kairn and unleashes a series of lightsaber attacks against him*

*The remaining Main AA guns manages to take out a few of the engines, forcing it down near it's deployment zones. Minor AA's continues their fire on the smaller crafts, but shift priority from drop pods to gunships.

Despite being under heavy fire, the main defense holds. Turrets and other defenses keep the enemy forces at bay thanks to the plain fields that leaves little cover to the advancing forces, killing them in droves before they reach the main perimeter.

A breach is made by Malax on one of the sides, but as soon as the report comes through that a position have been lost, the location is littered with artillery fire of heavy explosive rounds.

AT guns target the Approaching heavy Vehicle's, greatly underestimating the opposing force combined the frontal assault makes them easily pickings for the entrenched defenses.*

+1 vote   media: Personal message to Lord Kairn
Headhunter128 Jun 24 2012, 1:02pm replied:

Lol. I was going to kill my char off at some point, but its no fun now because almost everyone knows.

So I am going to get a bigger and more comfortably throne I'm going to be sitting there for a while. (Or well, that depends on Sith nature of course xD )

+1 vote   media: Niteris as GM?
Headhunter128 Jun 24 2012, 12:51pm replied:

Yeah. even though its OOC he shouldn't speak of IC things to other people. Even though they technically can't use the information or won't. One can't help but change one's re-actions when one Does find out IC.

+1 vote   media: Niteris as GM?
Headhunter128 Jun 24 2012, 12:34pm replied:

No you wouldn't. Lol

+1 vote   media: Niteris as GM?
Headhunter128 Jun 20 2012, 1:26pm replied:

Ori@ Even if you wouldn't have betrayed the GA, which I do believe. The RP would have entered a stalemate with only peace and simple diplomacy. Peace often makes for a boring RP, its fine from time to time but since neither of us would have been willing to go to war with the other, it would have been a VERY long peace. Sooner or later someone (And not necessary you Ten) would have sought to destroy the peace between the Mandoes and GA and succeeded.

+1 vote   media: Jedi Watchman
Headhunter128 May 9 2012, 4:58pm replied:

Nope. We Danish got dibs on Cheese! >:(

I hate cheese...

+1 vote   media: Battle of Kuat
Headhunter128 May 9 2012, 4:51pm replied:

Hmm.. I didn't even need GT for that one :P

Well, since Ten is French, he got dibs on male interpretation of love, so I guess we'll just have to face it Ori'verda... We are in love!

+1 vote   media: Battle of Kuat
Headhunter128 May 9 2012, 4:38pm replied:

You guys have no humor.. Lol

+1 vote   media: Battle of Kuat
Headhunter128 May 9 2012, 4:28pm replied:

I heard rage sex is the best...

Lol xD

+1 vote   media: Battle of Kuat
Headhunter128 May 2 2012, 12:12pm says:

MC is still connected to 2 other sectors. I don't see how that is preventing MC from being supplied or work like normal.

This is silly imo.

IF you want to blockade a sector, it should be COMPLETELY blocked on all the fronts.

+1 vote   media: Blockade
Headhunter128 Apr 28 2012, 7:34am says:

*The Imperious now continue the advance with the enemy fleet shifting tactic. The Scythes are ordered to make a quick retreat, but a few gets rammed in the progress.

The Boarding shuttles reach the leading warships and deploys near the bridge. Several squads drops into the hallways and advances on the bridge with several Sith Adepts leading them.

+1 vote   media: Battle of Csilla
Headhunter128 Apr 26 2012, 2:49am replied:

OOC: With troops? :S

+1 vote   media: To Isengard!
Headhunter128 Apr 25 2012, 4:20pm replied:

But if it was planned back then. I should still know where the mines are. So its still BS imo.

We started to plan it out after I became a sith and needed to get rid of the NSO. Lol

+1 vote   media: Counter offensive
Headhunter128 Apr 25 2012, 4:18pm replied:

OOC: Its in the description xD

+1 vote   media: To Isengard!
Headhunter128 Apr 25 2012, 3:09pm says:

*The walls finally breach inwards are a final timed bombardment. All the archers direct their fire towards the hole. 2000 arrows fly into the small breach and kills most of the pikemen and a cavalry force of 2000 nearby charge into the breach.

The Infantry line up and start to march.

Siege towers now move towards the wall and mnay men follow close behind. latters are brought forth to support the attack on the walls.

+1 vote   media: To Isengard!
Headhunter128 Apr 25 2012, 3:03pm replied:

He means that he used the 1st GA fleet to fill up his and left the rest behind or something... I think

+1 vote   media: Battle of Mon Calamari
Headhunter128 Apr 21 2012, 12:34pm says:

Seeing the last Jedi starting to weaken, I put all my strength into a final strike and thrust my lightsaber through his chest. Even as he falls to the ground I run towards the hole on the far side of the roof.

+1 vote   media: surprise in the senate
Headhunter128 Apr 14 2012, 6:18pm replied:

I knew it! :P

+1 vote   media: Chiss: The Ultimate Commander!
Headhunter128 Apr 14 2012, 6:12pm replied:

So we are playing the parties in a Chiss civil war? Why not just say that from the Beginning? xD

+1 vote   media: Chiss: The Ultimate Commander!
Headhunter128 Apr 11 2012, 7:29am replied:

OOC: Ahhh. You guys and your codenames ;D

+1 vote   media: Diplomatic Relations With The Mandos And GA
Headhunter128 Apr 11 2012, 7:08am replied:

OOC: No... Should it? Doesn't ring any bells.

+1 vote   media: Diplomatic Relations With The Mandos And GA
Headhunter128 Apr 11 2012, 6:43am replied:

OOC: What debt thingy?

+1 vote   media: Diplomatic Relations With The Mandos And GA
Headhunter128 Apr 10 2012, 1:33pm replied:

I deleted the comment for you :P

+1 vote   media: update please
Headhunter128 Mar 24 2012, 4:32pm says:

Ten@ That depends on how biog the sector is going to be, because it too big, the GA will be cut in two.

+1 vote   media: Sector System 1.1 Alpha Capitals
Headhunter128 Mar 23 2012, 6:45pm replied:

A magic fleet came I think..

+1 vote   media: Attack on Terminus
Headhunter128 Mar 19 2012, 1:57pm replied:

The GC control several worlds and have 4 official members (Sort of). So it can count as a faction I guess. Of course if it is dissolved the worlds will go rogue or something.

+1 vote   media: Vote on Sector Idea
Headhunter128 Feb 25 2012, 7:02pm says:

The End...

+1 vote   media: Operation: Checkmate
Headhunter128 Feb 25 2012, 6:16pm says:

Okay.. So Ori rammed them all into Mustafar? If not

*All Silentium forces move out of the system*

+1 vote   media: New Sith Order under attack!
Headhunter128 Feb 24 2012, 11:19am says:

OOC: How can artillery still fire with friendly ships in front of them? Lol. Lets just pretend like they stopped firing instead of destroying your own ships xD

IC: *Ships are sent to counter the flanking on the right side and hundreds of drones are sent towards the missiles to target them or move into their trajectory, therby protecting the Sphere ships. Some however loose shield due to the heavy bombardment and fails.

The entire Silentium fleet continue to approach the defenses and the mandalorian fleets slowly, but also start to bucnh together in a tigh formation to pretend gaps for adduitionla flanking manuevers*

+1 vote   media: Bestine under attack!
Headhunter128 Feb 23 2012, 2:33pm says:

*The ships remaining behind defending the gravity wells launch drones against the Firesprays and then themsleves make suicide runs aginst the enemy Raptor Star Destroyers*

+1 vote   media: Operation Small but Deadly
Headhunter128 Nov 24 2011, 5:21am replied:

Correction: A little french girl with a knife. (Internal Joke)

+1 vote   article: NASA wants to make a Tractor Beam!
Headhunter128 Nov 19 2011, 5:05pm says:

Jonyboy@ I saw that episode and he wasn't really a Jedi. Only by name.

+1 vote   group: The Galactic Empire
Headhunter128 Nov 13 2011, 8:29am replied:

Now why would I take it seriously..

*Orders all fleets in position and tripple recruitment*


+2 votes   article: The Golden age of the Sith has ended!
Headhunter128 Nov 12 2011, 5:22pm replied:

It's nice, you should add something about the Mandalorian rejecting exchange former Republic Planets maybe?

+1 vote   article: The Galactic Cold War
Headhunter128 Nov 10 2011, 6:35am says:

Nice detail, to bad it isn't some sort of battlestation :P

+1 vote   media: The Wheel
Headhunter128 Nov 8 2011, 8:52pm says:

Nice addition!

+1 vote   article: The Great Sith War Battlefields
Headhunter128 Oct 25 2011, 3:54pm says:

The RP rules should be edited. The Sith no longer is the domiant faction so certain condtions hacve to be chnaged. Can someone give me acess?

+1 vote   group: Star Wars Role-Playing News
Headhunter128 Feb 28 2015, 11:26am says:

The entrance to the temple was open. The old doors seemingly blown open thousands of years ago by unknown forces. The crumbling yet still majestic temple, rose above them, the symbol of an all seeing eye marking the pillars. As the two of them walk inside, the smell of death perpetrates the air, the residue of long past horrors so horrifying that their very memory is trapped by the force nexuses in and around the temple.

Hidden crystals on the roofs and walls light up at their presence, illuminating some parts of he temple, yet still leaves many walls and corners unlit due to the poor state of the temple.

The entrance chamber a fairly large hall marked by grand statues on each side. Dark hooded figures, clad in armor and with long spear like weapons. It is only upon a second gaze that their notice the dark figures laying on the grounds, scattered across the temple, some dressed in imperial uniforms carrying the same marking of the Old Sith Empire, a few even resemble the statues, and others simply appear to be those unfortunate enough to have come across the temple in their travels

At the the end of the hallway, three paths leads further into the temple, a fourth has crumbled over the years. Or perhaps it was deliberately blocked.

+1 vote   media: Chasing Visions
Headhunter128 Feb 28 2015, 10:39am says:


+2 votes   media: Rest in Peace
Headhunter128 Feb 9 2015, 12:46pm says:

FYI. I was always in favor of system. You opposed because you liked calling your fleets Battlegroups so damn much you forced me to change the name for half a Federation fleet from battlegroup to battlesquadron xD

+3 votes   media: Essays on: Fleet Organization
Headhunter128 Jan 17 2015, 10:45am says:

The true joke is perhaps that a dog capable of sniffing out explosives, is worth more than the soldier handling it? xD

+5 votes   media: asdssdsdsdsd
Headhunter128 Jan 14 2015, 12:55pm replied:

I myself am not as sure.

If I summed of the general consensus of the women in my life, all men would be on the fast track to either enslavement or extinction xD

+3 votes   media: God's 2 cents
Headhunter128 Jan 8 2015, 4:39am replied:

Problem is, if we don't fix our problem first, were going to have Chinese colonies, American colonies, European colonies and so forth and we will bring our problems with us :P

+1 vote   media: Globalization
Headhunter128 Jan 6 2015, 4:19am says:

The way I see it, the more globalized we are. The less likely we are to wage war on one another due to us being more or less dependent on each other.

That said, countries not being self sufficient/reliant on others for food, power etc. The worse we are off when ever a major catastrophe hits, natural or otherwise.

+3 votes   media: Globalization
Headhunter128 Dec 28 2014, 11:06am says:

Well, to be fair. I only hold the rank of commodore. Not my decision. I think?

+2 votes   member: Bisszy4ever
Headhunter128 Dec 25 2014, 1:26pm says:

And a happy holidays to you my friend!

+1 vote   member: lord_of_pain
Headhunter128 Dec 18 2014, 12:08pm replied:

Found out its an app called GarageBand and it costs a few bucks. Probably not what you are looking for, but here's a link anyway.

+2 votes   media: It's a preview <3
Headhunter128 Dec 18 2014, 11:48am replied:

I actually might know of one, but I'm afraid I do not know the name. I'll ask some buddies of mine :)

+3 votes   media: It's a preview <3
Headhunter128 Dec 18 2014, 2:42am says:

Awesome. Sounds good.

Live-recording or did you use a program?

+2 votes   media: It's a preview <3
Headhunter128 Dec 10 2014, 10:43am says:

Nice. Better than anything I ever achieved anyway xD

+2 votes   media: DnD Map
Headhunter128 Dec 9 2014, 6:36pm says:

A must read for all the haters.

+3 votes   group: Star Wars Role-Playing News
Headhunter128 Dec 5 2014, 8:53am replied:

More power? This isn't a Nazi charity! D:<

+3 votes   group: Star Wars Role-Playing News
Headhunter128 Dec 5 2014, 8:38am says:


Removing someones rights on the group doesn't remove the creator tags... Was about to have a real Palpatine moment ;(

Ori, let me know when you want your rights back. I'm just too... heartbroken... to do it right know. *Sniff*

+2 votes   group: Star Wars Role-Playing News
Headhunter128 Nov 26 2014, 9:12am replied:

Hear hear!

My door is open anytime. Although I would prefer a little donation each month to food and such ;)

+2 votes   article: Not dead
Headhunter128 Nov 9 2014, 9:33am says:

Speaking of Creator badges. What's up with that? Lol

Looks out of place.

+3 votes   group: Star Wars Role-Playing News
Headhunter128 Oct 30 2014, 1:05pm says:

Very nice. I liked it :P

+3 votes   article: Short Story - Death
Headhunter128 Oct 29 2014, 4:34am says:

I think you people have the entirely wrong perspective on this.

Its not a matter of Christians ability to accept humor and Atheists ability to accept humor, but the fact that there exist ******** and idiots on both sides. (And this goes for A LOT of other topics as well)

There are ******** and idiots on both sides. It's a matter of human nature. Not faith, belief or lack thereof.

+1 vote   media: Katt Williams on atheism (Do atheists do humour?)
Headhunter128 Oct 29 2014, 4:24am says:

When going thousands of years back in history, I remain skeptical of many things. I wouldn't call his existence an undeniable fact, but I wouldn't think his existence a myth either. Usually even a myth/legend/deity or otherwise, is based upon real events or real people. Whether they really were the son of god or not.

As for "poorly researched junk" on the Atheist group. Somehow I don't doubt it it happens (I've stopped paying attention of late to be honest). But it is common for other parties in such things as well.

+1 vote   media: Did Jesus Exist?
Headhunter128 Oct 19 2014, 2:24pm replied:

Tis' was a joke mate :P

But to counter, I will say that rules only exists due to people who cannot see past themselves. They are a matter of maturity, mind and in roleplaying cases, the limits of the universe. Don't blame the rules. Blame people. :P

+2 votes   article: About the Roleplay
Headhunter128 Oct 5 2014, 3:00pm says:

No rules...


+4 votes   article: About the Roleplay
Headhunter128 Oct 3 2014, 3:27am says:

Should I fill out the Character Creator as well, or did you do it for me with what I gave you? xD

+2 votes   article: The ModDB Adventure UPDATE!
Headhunter128 Sep 27 2014, 6:27pm replied:

OOC: I stand by my moves.

+2 votes   media: Make it Burn Dem: Gamorr
Headhunter128 Sep 26 2014, 3:17pm says:

OOC: Last move! I think. :P Also, Praxis shot down the gunship I believe.


The last merc dies instantly by Nyms hand. A thermal detonator rolls out of his hand and detonates almost the moment he dies, engulfing the area in flames.

OOC: Done. Lol

For everything that is left, you don't need me holding your hand :P

+1 vote   media: Make it Burn Dem: Gamorr
Headhunter128 Sep 26 2014, 6:08am says:

OOC: I'm curious, is Serena the love child of Thor and Captain America? xD

IC: Ladsk regrets his move as his throat is slit, his hand reaches up in a feeble attempt to contain the blood spilling out. He knows that he is done for and reaches for an item on his belt. The one thing he refuses to fail at, is his job. He presses a button on it and it transmits a signal to all the housings where the slaves are living, detonating the small bombs embedded in them.

Fire fights between remaining forces and the enemy reinforcements have broken out, although many of the Gamorreans are fleeing. In the control center, Bitz have left. He and his personal guards have left for the nearest hanger.

+1 vote   media: Make it Burn Dem: Gamorr
Headhunter128 Sep 26 2014, 5:59am replied:

OOC: Why the dead combat specialist? The charge didn't amount to anything. Don't give me a pity kill. Lol

+1 vote   media: Make it Burn Dem: Gamorr
Headhunter128 Sep 25 2014, 6:08pm replied:

Him jumping was on the premise that Rogue being in a position where could achieve what he set out to do. He no longer can, so he doesn't jump. Instead he slides the last distance.

+1 vote   media: Make it Burn Dem: Gamorr
Headhunter128 Sep 25 2014, 1:46pm says:

The Elite leader manages to get a few shots off before he is hit by the shield, which digs into his chest and kills him instantly. The last remaining elite merc sees the last of his comrades fall. He cease fire and ducks behind his cover. Avoiding exposing himself too much.

Amazed at how Rogue could figure out his intentions so fast despite their seemingly suicidal nature and the chaotic circumstances, Ladsk changes his plans in the last second, digs his claws into the ground instead sliding in and throwing a handful of dirt in her face, followed by an attempt to grab one of her arms.

Grott and his men are gunned down in the hallway. A gunship arrives near the scene of the shield generator and begins to search the area.

OOC: Sorry to end it with Grott like that. I was gonna make an absurd move with Grott in an last desperate move to actually do some real damage. But since your commandos seemingly have plot armor as well (I have thrown some serious **** their way), I would rather avoid having to resort to any cheap moves.

+1 vote   media: Make it Burn Dem: Gamorr
Headhunter128 May 30 2013, 3:26am says:

NameGen, your turn...

Might as well try and get this battle done.

+1 vote   media: Kinyen Crisis
Headhunter128 May 8 2012, 5:45pm says:

Listening to your profile music... Sound familiar... Hmm...

+2 votes   member: Sab3rr
Headhunter128 May 4 2012, 7:08pm says:


2)The move I was talking about was not your opening move but this one:

"The ships behind also use the breaks in between the damaged ships to continue fire. The enemy fleet, not expecting this, only hit the already damaged ships"

I misinterpreted your meaning. Sorry, I originally saw this as you commanding my fleets around. As result of reading to fast.

But these are two very different scenarios. In yours, you make a maneuver while the Ship Captains watch, Exilium came from behind your main force where you had nothing to protect or look for enemies.

3) Using the rule you yourself quoted:

Rule 10: There is nothing wrong with customizing ones flagship, as long as when you put something in, you also have to take something else out. ***Take an SSD, its main purpose is as a powerful warship designed for ship to ship combat, so it cannot also be a great anti-starfighter vessel.***

The Senocra easily fended off starfighter and bomber attacks, destroyed an Imperious like it was a little bug AND withstood the bombardment of an actual SSD for more than 3 comments?

That makes for:

- Great anti Starfighter
- Ship to ship
- Great shields

5) You can talk to me and ignore him. Lol

+1 vote   media: Counter offensive
Headhunter128 Nov 18 2011, 3:30pm says:

FFS! Just level up god damit! :/

+2 votes   member: Headhunter128
Headhunter128 Nov 11 2011, 8:02pm replied:

Good thinking Jolee! xD

DeadRanger considering two big fleets are blasting away your little band of pirates, I offer you a peaceful solution. Leave without further conflict and we will forgive you ;)

Now where did that beer go...

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
Headhunter128 Nov 11 2011, 7:08pm says:

Alright.. I could follow the Jedi code and offer him the chance surrender or go get a beer..... Hmmm.

Whats the will of the people? Beer, or pirates? xD

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
Headhunter128 Sep 29 2011, 1:58pm says:

I must say Ten, I'm sorry to hear that you think all of us don't listen to reason ;D Lol

As for the Jedi Council being on.. You have NO IDEA about the headaches the timezones and constant postponing of plans have given me. :P And the Sith Order is just as flawed as the Jedi Order xD

+1 vote   member: Ten10dix
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