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I am GtA,the leader,founder,and running owner of HDchaos2death,i have lots of websites,i own C2D Clan and Community,Enjoy my Mods if i post any :D

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4 years ago by HDChaosModz 0 comments

Hello its me GtA,ive been hitting the Shitty Rain here, Fucking Rain is really,really,bad, and i hope i will stay alive,i will,maybe,and its raining yeah. Fucking bad here in maine..
and a new member,
TNT!! from my Xfire friend list
so yeah enjoy the mods i put on here and yeah
and please,dont fucking mods

The Leader,Owner,Main Modder/Director of HDChaosModz

About HDChaosModz

4 years ago by HDChaosModz 0 comments

Wellcome,i am GtA,the owner of HDChaosModz on Moddb,HDChaosModz is a Community Modding Developer,that Mods game like etc.the Modders involved with CModz,we have 3 Modders already,they are GtA(Me),Billy(Co-Founder)and Blain(Random Member),the list will be updated. Since HDChaosModz is new to Moddb,i will tell you what is Chaos2Death and HDChaosModz, Chaos2Death was once a CoD4 360 Clan owned by gtaivhelper(me),but it got turned into a Failed Fourm,which is never used anymore,we now use The Offical C2D Community fourm , The CoD4 Clan is growning into Left4Dead 1/2, and Currently Growning into BlackOps/MW2/MW3,so yeah,any mods will have this Code:

Authors:(Modder's Name)
Developer:Chaos2Death Modding Community

it will get edited but any soon to come mods will be Spoilers in blogs,like so: Top 5 GtA's Mods , just like that,so i will end this right now
Owner,Founder of Chaos2Death Modder Community

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