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HawkFest Apr 22 2012, 4:22pm replied:


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HawkFest Apr 20 2012, 11:22am replied:

Note: A year later but better later then never... As a reminder..

Which guy? If it is Ilav Dralgoner, then you must have another mod conflicting with this one over Ilav's AI package and dialog records. If it is with Captain Savlian Matius at the main gate of Kvatch, same thing. As mentioned in the description, any other mod changing one of these two NPCs will conflict, and thus have a potential of crashing the game (which is your case). There's a work-around in the description for compatibility with the mod "Kvatch AfterMath", and you can follow the main ideas under "Compatibility" section of the description. Sorry for the inconvenience, but unfortunately I can't do much more about this ineluctable issue.

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HawkFest Apr 18 2009, 3:05pm says:

Hi Yaksha, then I guess that your problem was NOT related to this mod, at the very most it's a case of 2 or more mods conflicting between each others: solely telling that your game crashes does NOT help me at all for resolving the "glitch" you're talking about, since what you've described NEVER happened to anyone else playing the mod...

So please, try this and then get back here if you still encounter your "glitch":

1- disable all mods except UOP and/or DLCs and this mod

2- start a new game

3- if all runs ok, then my mod has nothing to do with your "glitch"; if not, disable my mod and try again with the same "slimmed down" mod list. For this later case, I'd bet that it wouldn't work either, because I'm sure that my mod is "CTD free" when taking the mod's description into account: conflicts could happen with mods targeting the Kvatch area, but these have been addressed, please READ THE DESCRIPTION.

Personally, I'm currently using 130 mods activated at the same time with this mod without any problem, including Francesco, realistic economy, CUO, etc.. - the only glitch that one can experience is by dropping a surcoat like the Honoris one on the ground, try it and you'll see what I mean. However, this does NOT provoke any CTD/crash: until I make the correction all you'd have to do is to take the dropped guyzmo into your inventory or leave it into some container (I have a little problem with the ground mesh, it's weird...).


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HawkFest Nov 22 2008, 11:42pm says:

What is this? Is it an online multiplayer version under development? Sorry, I couldn't get any clue from its description...

EDIT: ooopps ok I saw another thumbnail on the right about a related mod named "OblivionOnline - Multiplayer Role Playing".. You say that it has a lot of bugs, you mean from the original Oblivion Online or imbued by this mod... lol I'm a real noob with that one.. ;P

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