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Dysiode @ screens

Mean community is mean.

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Dysiode @ Aperture Science Handheld Shield Device - Preview

Golly, if I were playing at the 30 second mark I'd have kept walking backward and fallen into the goop :< Please take into account the fact people will do stuff that like that assuming the mapper wouldn't give them just a tiny ledge to stand on! Even if it's just a single corner, then you'd have a wall to back into.

Either that or do automatic checkpoints really really well :)

Also, I agree with the repetitive sentiments. A minute and a half of sitting on the platform sounds pretty unexciting ;)

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Dysiode @ Bunch of custom playermodels

You have a Miku model in there? I love you. <3

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Dysiode @ Perfect Stride Continuum

Boy, I'm glad I stuck with this mod. While I assumed you weren't meant to play the game backwards, at first I couldn't figure out how to move forward. It was only after I found the tutorial video that I managed to get the hang of it.

Having played for two or so hours I've got two main suggestions. First, I get the impression that it would be much easier to play (although not to model) in third-person. I found it difficult to figure out my boundaries at times. Even more so, the necessity of turning into the stride makes it hard to aim/anticipate what you're turning into.

Second, it would be nice to have some sort of momentum indicator. Maybe something on the center of the screen (like the health/ammo indicator), just to aid getting going after a crash and fine maneuvers.

Also, I can't let you escape without suggestions for maps ;D I'm really looking forward to more maps, especially less technical maps. I'd love to have a curvy racing map, or a simple wide open jumping map. Just a little something to relax to :)

Love the mod; love the idea; I wish I had something more than words of praise to offer in support. Keep up the good work!

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