Infantry win firefights. Tanks win battles. Artillery wins wars. Step 1: identify problem. Step 2: apply military force. Step 3: repeat Step 2 until problem ceases to be problematic

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Havoc_frost Oct 29 2011 replied:

it has

+2 votes   mod: Tiberian Sun Rising
Havoc_frost Oct 27 2011 replied:

tiberium isn't counted so this would be MK4

+8 votes   media: Titan Mk4
Havoc_frost Oct 26 2011 says:

managed to unbury some of those comments of yours on page 50 :D

+3 votes   member: █Black/Brunez█
Havoc_frost Oct 22 2011 says:

very professional work guys :D
convinced me to start tracking

+1 vote   media: Assault Rifle Render 2
Havoc_frost Oct 22 2011 says:

I think it looks quite nice
like someone made a very high tech version of the XM8 Rifle

+3 votes   news: Weekly Update #10: New assault rifle renders, progress, and team restructuring!
Havoc_frost Oct 21 2011 says:

im so happy that they added the tau :D

+5 votes   media: Shas'O Commander
Havoc_frost Oct 20 2011 says:

ive had my speakers for 11 years and they still sound great

+2 votes   poll: What audio setup do you game with?
Havoc_frost Oct 19 2011 says:

you are a great sound artist mate :D

+1 vote   member: T.G-Tom
Havoc_frost Oct 18 2011 says:

communism IS beautiful!

+5 votes   media: Convoy
Havoc_frost Oct 16 2011 says:

yeah I would want a titan more than this gunship simply for the sheer amount of Firepower it can bring to bear

+1 vote   media: Manta
Havoc_frost Oct 14 2011 says:

PEACE....through superior firepower

+22 votes   media: Peacekeeper Sentinel
Havoc_frost Oct 12 2011 says:

Looking good Stygs!

+4 votes   media: Scrin
Havoc_frost Oct 11 2011 says:

Is it just me but does every CNC4 unit look better in CNC3's engine?

+2 votes   media: NOD Salamander
Havoc_frost Oct 11 2011 says:

looking at the Moddb homepage and glance at the job section and this is what i found


The Dawn of Victory mod team is currently looking for enthusiastic individuals looking to enter the exciting world of Opium Smuggling.

Dawn of Victory is one of the largest opium producers in Burma and a chief distributor for the entire Golden Triangle. While primarily based in Yangon, we also maintain ancillary facilities throughout much of Shan, Sagaing, Kachin, and Magway.

As an entry level employee in our opium dealings, you will be chiefly responsible for the security and safety of our facilities and operations. What other job can have you escorting a convoy through the Irrawaddy River one day, and defending an isolated outpost from a horde of tigers whom the villagers say is nature’s revenge for the displacement of the local population the next? If you’re looking for adventure and excitement with no experience necessary, Opium Smuggling is the job for you. Our hated enemy; the Red Tribe of the Thousand Eyes and their mysterious leader Dirk Stryker is a constant thorn in our side, so we need someone like you YESTERDAY!

you guys make me laugh so much! thank you :D

+5 votes   mod: Dawn of Victory
Havoc_frost Oct 7 2011 replied:

yes it was cancer

+2 votes   media: apple
Havoc_frost Oct 6 2011 says:

I get this ALL the time

+11 votes   media: How true this is...
Havoc_frost Sep 26 2011 says:

I really believe that Renegade X is the start of many great things to come from you guys :D you have more talent than some AAA game developers out there and this is what makes me glad to be fan of your work.

I think I speak for most people here when I say thank you for taking the time out of your lives to create this masterpiece!

+6 votes   news: Renegade X - Beyond Black Dawn
Havoc_frost Sep 26 2011 says:

the trailer is great and i love the fact that you guys will be evolving renegade x to the point that it can be an original product!

p.s a Chinook lifting a mammoth tank? not so sure on that one

+2 votes   media: Renegade X - Beyond Black Dawn
Havoc_frost Sep 24 2011 says:

one word:LAAAAAG

+4 votes   media: Fireworks
Havoc_frost Sep 23 2011 replied:

its probably meant to make military bases seem like they have been there for a while and as such there are helo's resting on the tarmac waiting to be flown on another mission unlike your popup base which inexplicably appears in five minutes, *wonders how awesome this would be for real life military commanders*

+8 votes   media: Truescale Helicopters
Havoc_frost Sep 23 2011 says:

you guys just never cease to amaze do you?

+3 votes   media: Allied Conyard
Havoc_frost Sep 21 2011 says:

i believe my main complaints would be if I was to play on a map like pier pressure the brightness screws up building outlines when im placing them and an turning down brightness doesn't help and secondly:needs more faction colours for skirmish
other than that im as happy as a kid in candy shop :D

+2 votes   mod: The Red Alert
Havoc_frost Sep 20 2011 replied:

i see what you did there :D

+3 votes   media: Adepta Sororitas
Havoc_frost Sep 18 2011 says:

mass effect 3 has 40000 lines of dialogue!

+4 votes   group: Mass Effect Fan Group
Havoc_frost Sep 18 2011 says:

while Nod would arrest him GDI would commend him for his productive work

+11 votes   media: Stealth tanks
Havoc_frost Sep 17 2011 says:

great trailer guys! makes me want the mod even more and the music was a treat

+2 votes   media: Dawn of Victory Features Trailer
Havoc_frost Sep 17 2011 says:

when i saw this in my updates i misread it as **** lasers lol

-1 votes   media: Disk Lasers
Havoc_frost Sep 15 2011 replied:

looks like a stryker

+2 votes   media: Playstation Magazine October Issue
Havoc_frost Sep 15 2011 says:

I know the allies will be saying Bye Bye before running the hell away

+4 votes   media: lets go say hello :)
Havoc_frost Sep 14 2011 says:

I love EAW and all its mods but I can see the limitations of it and how the SOASE engine can accomplish so much more for you.
so overall im pleased with the decision you made because we have an awesome upcoming mod because of it.

P.S your telling me that SwissKnight wasn't always the silk trade billionaire who doesn't care about the squabbles of the common man and that hydrocarbon000 wasn't always a communist?

+6 votes   media: DoV: First Class
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