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HartLord Jun 23 2014, 6:15pm replied:

Yeah, it's definitely a pretty big ship, but just how HUGE it actually is depends on the scaling of the ships and stations. I hope everything is to a consistent scale, dssmathias.

+1 vote   media: ancient shipwreck graveyard
HartLord Jun 20 2014, 1:42pm says:

I think it's a bit too long and not "clicky" enough. Like it would start to wear on you after hearing it over and over.

This is the first reveal of it though, and as it will be part of a larger whole, it can't truly be judged yet. But still, something to keep in mind.

+1 vote   media: sfx test
HartLord Jun 17 2014, 11:59am replied:

He's not asking to be able to build more components on the bottom. Do you see how all the bottoms are identical?He is suggesting that each component have not only the top structure as they do now, but also a bottom structure.
So say you build a crammed living quarters on a hex-base, and it puts the big blocky tower on top, but then it also puts several smaller towers or some-such "hanging" off the bottom.

+3 votes   media: city in space
HartLord Jun 2 2014, 7:26pm replied:

Of course.

What is considered an artifact is so subjective that no single image can encompass "artifacts".

+1 vote   news: Shops, Housing and Special Buildings
HartLord Jun 2 2014, 7:25pm says:


Messed up my reply.

+1 vote   news: Shops, Housing and Special Buildings
HartLord Jun 2 2014, 11:32am says:

Maybe the Genie's lamp from Aladdin for the antiques shop? There's lots of famous artifacts throughout history that would make a sufficient picture. The Ark of the Covenant, for example, has a very distinct shape.

+3 votes   news: Shops, Housing and Special Buildings
HartLord May 31 2014, 9:29am says:

I'm pretty sure the vanilla Sins justification for all the lights is that all the worlds are already heavily populated and you're just establishing control over them. That's why every planet is able to afford a defending militia fleet.

Amusingly, I saw a discussion on the Aurora forums about this exact terraforming effect a week or two ago.

+1 vote   media: New Frozen Planet Texture
HartLord May 19 2014, 9:49am replied:

I think it might need a little depth, though. Feels a bit flat.

Perhaps some stars in it?

+1 vote   media: Nebula
HartLord May 17 2014, 9:14am replied:

I'm pretty sure that's a vanilla Sins one.

+3 votes   media: Imperial Naval Station
HartLord May 7 2014, 7:22am says:

Psst. "3rd"

+2 votes   media: Enemy Corvettes - 3rd sub-faction variation
HartLord May 6 2014, 9:05pm says:

Maud is like... wait, no similes.

+5 votes   media: Maud will not simile even for an cheek rub
HartLord Apr 28 2014, 11:43pm says:

This is awesome, but all those biodomes looks kind of lame.

Suggestion: random alternate models for some modules. Mix things up a little visually.

+3 votes   media: random in-game gif
HartLord Apr 25 2014, 9:26pm says:

Okay, this image is hilarious.

+1 vote   media: New release! Let me know what you think!
HartLord Apr 24 2014, 9:17pm says:

They haz no legs... D:

+1 vote   media: Ponies On A Wire
HartLord Apr 23 2014, 7:36am says:

Better controls is always better.

So many games have been off-putting to me because of bad interface.

+4 votes   news: Dungeon Colony v0.2.0.96
HartLord Apr 21 2014, 12:45pm replied:

Oh yeah, I forgot about the turret station. Thank you.

+1 vote   news: Stations and Resources
HartLord Apr 19 2014, 9:46pm says:

This game is looking better and better as time goes on. I'd bet quite a sum of money you'll make the front page turntable when you release.

I notice that all the stations only expand horizontally, but the cruisers have diagonal and vertical attachment points too. Does the engine support diagonal and vertical attachment points for the stations, if a modder wished to do such a thing.

+2 votes   news: Stations and Resources
HartLord Apr 18 2014, 11:49am says:

Hey, you're at the top of the front page ATM! Well, latest articles.

The towns and fields are looking good.

+2 votes   news: First look at version 0.6
HartLord Apr 17 2014, 7:40am replied:

I don't think he's complaining so much as pointing out that you are dropping quite a few images in a relatively short time. You're outdoing the Bronies of Moddb group ATM, and they upload some image about once a day!

I don't have any complaints, it's a slow time of the year for modding, so a game putting interesting images out is nice.

I'll admit that all the images have made quite sure I won't forget this game any time soon.

+1 vote   media: lab station in-game with player color
HartLord Apr 7 2014, 8:55am says:

Neat. It looks nice.

+3 votes   media: So I made a sand building. (2)
HartLord Mar 29 2014, 4:37pm replied:

"too many stars" "unrealistic"


+7 votes   media: 12 Days
HartLord Mar 10 2014, 9:10am says:

I can see Doc! I can SEE!!!

+1 vote   media: Sensor
HartLord Jan 2 2014, 11:47am says:

Wooh! Rainbow circles!

The synchronized firing is a little boring, but I imagine that happened because they all started in range of each other.

+1 vote   media: Happy New Year 2014!
HartLord Dec 18 2013, 9:59am says:

I hope the container yards aren't completely regular. If all the containers are in ordered rows it will be quite boring.

+1 vote   news: The Conquest of Space
HartLord Dec 18 2013, 9:30am replied:

You might want to clarify, because though it is clear you don't like the grey coloring, the rest of your post is vague.

+1 vote   media: Texturing
HartLord Dec 9 2013, 4:40pm replied:

Disciples 2 flashbacks. That Archmage.

+1 vote   media: The Empire
HartLord Dec 2 2013, 5:26pm says:

Vote to win Best Discontinued Mod!

+10 votes   mod: Dawn of Victory
HartLord Oct 24 2013, 10:39am replied:

Bad, bad phone! Don't downvote him!

+1 vote   media: Removed some bad vertex shading - can you spot it?
HartLord Oct 22 2013, 3:12pm says:

Messy mane.

+1 vote   media: Oh. My. Wat.
HartLord Oct 3 2013, 11:16pm replied:

There's Mount & Blade's style, for one.

+1 vote   news: A First Look: The Feralands
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