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Hardcore_81 Mar 11 2013, 6:44pm says:

Great mod :) You seem to really have an eye for detail; Lightning is probably the best I have ever seen in a HL2 mod. Also I think the different areas work really fluently and are very well put together: sewer, mine etc.
Enemies can be tough on you because of good placements rather than numbers - excellent.
I have one complaint though. You Always seem to get the right weapon right before you´ll need it, wich may spoil things, generally. Though this one is so short that you couldn´t really have placed them anywhere else.
Yeah, wayyyy to short :( But great fun while it lasts, it never gets boring!

Och detta är inget fjäsk bara för att du, WizardExt, råkar vara min landsman :p

0 votes     download: Spherical Nightmares full version
Hardcore_81 Jul 6 2012, 6:54am says:

Will this mod by any chance implement more enemies? I really don't see the need for more players otherwise :p At least it would make things a bit more... interesting.

Any changes to the sneak-levels? Because I can really see them becoming frustrating as hell :p

Friendly fire? Respawn?

+1 vote     mod: Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Cooperative Gameplay
Hardcore_81 Jul 6 2012, 6:36am replied:

Well, we have yet to see if FC3 will stand up against the original. FC2 sure as hell didn't.

Gameplaywise this game is excellent, and I don't see why anyone would let anything good coming its way die just like that.

+7 votes     mod: FarCry 2010
Hardcore_81 Jul 6 2012, 6:22am says:

Hmmf, it's a shame that the few servers existing are so... desolate.
Also, some use of cheating wich is... even more of a shame.

"Last kid Standing" - is this a joke?

+2 votes     mod: Last Man Standing Coop
Hardcore_81 Jul 6 2012, 5:53am says:

Originally released back in 2005, and still the best download for Doom 3.

+1 vote     download: InHell 1.1
Hardcore_81 Jul 5 2012, 6:00pm says:

Great mod :) Though, no new monsters/bosses brings it down a bit.

+1 vote     mod: Imperium
Hardcore_81 Jul 5 2012, 5:46pm says:

Apply patch -> start game -> load saved game -> type "goto" in console and it'll restart your current map with patch working (and all your stuff intact)
Typing goto ED_JW... didn't really work for me so.

Great mod. Finished it for the first time today, thanks to the patch :)

+1 vote     download: Eternal Damnation Patch
Hardcore_81 Sep 9 2011, 9:57pm says:

Played it 4 years ago and a second time just recently... Outstanding mod!
Fastpaced good old time fps action, ahhh :)

+1 vote     mod: Shamblers Castle
Hardcore_81 Sep 9 2011, 9:33pm says:

Outstanding mod! Has given me lots of fun, since release.

Too bad nobody ever plays ROE, though.
And I would have liked to see the "In hell" mod/maps implemented... Yeah, I know it wont happen :p

+2 votes     mod: Last Man Standing Coop
Hardcore_81 Sep 9 2011, 9:12pm says:

A spooky zombieinfested town, a chainsaw in your hands, great atmosphere. What more could you ever ask for!

Searching for triggers isn't exactly my cup of tea, though.

+1 vote     download: SP Serengrove - Tudor Town of Doom
Hardcore_81 Sep 9 2011, 8:53pm says:

Love the medievil theme. Narrow spaces all the way through, pretty much, wich makes combat fun (closeup). Well chosen/placed enemies and ambient sounds too.

Would have loved to discover more of the castle itself :)

+1 vote     download: D3 SP Gatehouse
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