Hangar18 creates games because we love to play them. We develop games for many different needs and projects. From infotainment to games for medical rehab. That way we develop new “core” technologies and extend our know-ledge alike.

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JellyJiggle HD Gameplay trailer FINAL released!

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Hey guys!!

This is it! *Phew*

We finally finished the work on our game JellyJiggle after six month of sleepless nights. This is the official HD gameplay trailer and we hope you enjoy playing the game. As always, please drop us a line and don't forget to grab a copy of the game (it's free-to-play!).

JellyJiggle for iOS and Android finally in stores! - Indie DB

Please spread and share with your buddies and don't forget to visit our official microSite and our Facebook page for more info and links to the store!!

Happy gaming!

JellyJiggle first look Gameplay Trailer released!!

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Hey guys!!

We finally found the time to setup a first look gameplay trailer for our upcoming free mobile game JellyJiggle. The game will be released (hopefully) in summer 2013 for all major mobile platforms.

JellyJiggle HD Gameplay trailer (BETA) - Indie DB

Please spread this and share it with your buddies and don't forget to visit our microSite at:
hangar-18.com/jellyjiggle/ and our facebook page at: facebook.com/jellyJiggle

Please check out our IndieGoGo campaign (coming soon) as well as our facebook page for more info!!

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