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Crappy Crosshair based gameWhy the hell is every shooting game nowadays feature no iron sights? Games like Counter Strike, Rainbow Six, Halo, Fear, Bioshock, Soldier's Front, Killzone, and every other shooter out there. I mean yes, they do in a way since you SEE them on the gun. But you never actually use them. Aiming down the sights is essential to using a firearm. There is no magical crosshairs in real life, you have to use the gun sight, be it a iron sight, holosight, scope, etc.


If your not familiar with sights, take a look at this link :

"The term is also used in video games, specifically first-person shooters, to describe a system where the player's aim is not assisted by on-screen crosshairs (also known as a reticle) and thus gunfire must be aimed using the weapon models' iron sights."

Games that feature this correctly are seen in the Call of Duty series, Red Orchestra, Battlefield 2, Operation Flashpoint, Armed Assault, and quite a few dozen more.

In a way Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter series, and Gears of War also feature iron sight based system. Although its still uses a crosshair, it only appears when have your character aim. Thus making it more realistic and accurate.










People get the idea of sights, but hate it becaue they feel that its a burden just to press right click (or for consoles, a left trigger pull)

They think that a tactical shooter is something thats military based and you die in a few shots. Rainbow Six benefitted to this myth greatly. That game featured no iron sight based aiming and just a crosshair, while combat was quite realistic.

Now with that mind set, thats what people view "realism" as.


People also think iron sights slow down the action and make it slow paced. Even the developers, like the ones for Rainbow Six admitted that. But they are WRONG! Iron sights make the game more exciting becuase you never know when an enemy will pop out and you might be shot becuase your weapon is not ready to shoot.

Okay for example your palying a generic multiplayer fps. Your sprinting down a corridor, a enemy pops from the side and is only a few movements away from your crosshair, you take a burst and take him down. Whats the fun in that?


Real soldier using iron sights


Now with a game with sights imagine the same situation, the enemy then pops out, you pull your sights up immediately but you were too slow as your already been shot.

You solve this mistake by carefully walking and aiming with the sights ready, this time if an enemy pops out hopefuly he will make your mistake and your ready to pick him off.


Thats just one of the few benefits of iron sight based shooters.

Try games like Battlefield 2, 2142, and Call Of Duty 2-4. These games are proof that iron sight based aiming doesent always mean its slow paced. As a matter of fact these games are fast paced, and have you at attention as you would when your playing a game like Unreal Thournament.

In conclution, every gun shooting game should feature iron sight based aiming....except for thouse bunny hopping rocket totting ones.

Soldier firing correctly


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Kiith-Somtaaw Dec 23 2005 says:

=( . Well, anyway, why did you put a picture of yourself? This isnt Myspace :P . I just take pictures and do
a Photoshop job. =)

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Kiith-Somtaaw Jan 7 2006 says:

Yes, the siezure inducing Mac-enkrap. Ill be getting a gaming PC on the 20th however, so dont worry :D

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HaloStrike Creator
HaloStrike Dec 20 2005 says:

No i dont have any modding skillz. *runs away in tears*

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Kiith-Somtaaw Dec 8 2005 says:
HaloStrike wrote: As you can see i am a fan of Halo (my screename has the word halo in it Happy ) but i never played Marathon. If this mod was made i would probably enjoy it so much because i never got to experiance Marathon.

WHAT>??!!!! :shock: go to bungies website and download it right NOW!!!! (its free, in stuffit format)

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Kiith-Somtaaw Dec 8 2005 says:

alright, i just know people that it bugs them to double-post. Im guessing that your a fan of both Halo: Combat Evolved, and Counter-Strike, huh? lol, i miss those games. ever since i fried my PC with faulty water-cooling, im stuck to this Mac..... But im making my own PC out of a Sega Dreamcast. Its pretty cool, although i need a Soldering tool for christmas to actually complete it. Did you know that you can convert a number of systmes into PC's? the best ones are Xbox's and Dreamcasts. Since the Dreamcast has a processing yield of 1.0-1.5 GHz, and has Gaming Architecture up to 2.4 GHz it makes an ideal computer, plus it has 178 MB of RAM (upgradeable to 1178 MB, 1 Gigabyte ) and has a 128 MB video card emulator. If you overclock the processor, you could easily play games like Doom 3 and Half-Life 2 on it, and you only need to pay a max of 200 dollars to engineer it! But until then i cant play any of my games :( . hey, BTW, do you have any skills in modding (in general) ? I have a mod idea, and am looking for team members.....

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HaloStrike Creator
HaloStrike Dec 8 2005 says:

Double post all you want :) I dont care

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Kiith-Somtaaw Dec 6 2005 says:

Sorry for double posting and all that (you can delete it when your done reading it) but, in a manner of speaking, Halo 2 IS on the PC. See, what someone did was take their Xbox (modded, of course) and ethernet it to their PC, then they tricked the Xbox into thinking the PC was an XPC Server, and transfered the Halo 2 files to their PC. Then they imported all the character models and levels and such into Halo 1 and...... wa-la!
Halo 2 for the PC! Or if you're a programming guru, i guess you could convert the .xbe's into .exe's....................

:evil: :ninja: :de: ______________ :dead: =o


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Kiith-Somtaaw Dec 3 2005 says:

You realize that you can check your PC Specs by clicking the start menu at the bottom left of your screen, then click on RUN, and type in: "dxdiag" (without quotations, of course) and it will give you a listing of youir computer specifications. Plus, the Halo book series is excellent.

as for "unwatching mods",simply look at the top of the page, and find a button next to alerts called mW. Click it, and on the right there are checkboxes, simply put a check in the box by clicking on it, and scroll to the bottom and clck "Stop Watching Selected mods" it'll propmt you if your sure you want to stop watching them, obviously, click yes (or "ok") an there you go, the mod is no longer on your mod watching list!

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HaloStrike Creator
HaloStrike Nov 2 2005 says:

can some1 tell me how to "unwatch" mods?

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Slyfer Oct 26 2005 says:

reply from the pm u posted on my profile

yeah im a big halo fan a lol and i am like all hyped up about all this halo stuff going on and i just found the 3 halo novels so im goona b getting them 2 read soon

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