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I got my drivers licence and a laptop all very well ...but I've been particularly poor this year which is a stress all of it's own and recently everythings going wrong. I'd love to be be designing levels / puzzles but so much has been going wrong I'm tearing my hair out.

Hope to return productive in the future.


Apr 30th huh? Wow, me too, same exact time frame - got a sailboat and it was supposed to be this great improvement in life...things went to hell real fast.
>tearing my hair out.
I so relate to that.

After 4 months I decided to sell that boat and get back to modding. Much more fun to explore the world inside my own head. Sometimes you try new stuff and its great - other times you find you should do what you know.

Stick with the code though...I'm getting back to the compiler and I'm getting the alpha release of Chaos Archon out the door. If I could just stop finding bugs.

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It has been a long year. I hope things are better for you. They are for me.
The boat is sold, the wife is ex, and a number of personal problems have been solved. My life is cleaner, simpler, with stress and anxiety levels much lower.

It was a bumpy ride, but now most of it is passed and I can settle down with some coding and design. Sometimes it helps to solve one problem by working on a different one. When all else fails, you can always clean your personal space.

Now, get back to the code, I want to see an update!

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