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The shadow of the Enclave.......

half-life_fan Blog

Allright im starting a series of posts on my profile about my own mod (no it will not be created, unless i get a team interessed) The shadow of the Enclave. As most of you know in fallout new vegas you can finish the game with: NCR,Ceasars legion, Mr House and Indipendent Vegas (AKA Yes man ending). So in my "mod" enclave is added as a major faction, wich you can finish the game with. Add a lot of bases and a number of quests.
Main base: It is in the North western corner of the map, Its an huge underground bunker, but on the top side it is only a few guards guarding the entrence to the bunker.
Outposts: Around the crashed vertibird is a outpost with a few soliders and scientists, if you follow the railroad tracks so you come a little bit north of Nipton you will find a small underground base, North west of Goodsprings is a small outpost, To the east of Jacobstown is a bigger outpost and in the Devil's Throat is a larger outpost, in this outpost the scientists is testing a new kind of Rad-ex so the place is a bit irradiated.
How to start the main mission: After you have met Benny at the Tops other factions like NCR gives you a note about the meting with Crocker and Vulpes (if he lives) will give you ceasars medal so you can met ceasar and start their main quest. the Enclave instead vill send you a massage through a radio signal, it will be something like this: "Courier........we have herd much about you in the mojave wasteland and you skills is substantial. We are a group called the Enclave and we belive that America can be saved. But we should talk about this in person, i send you the coordinates to our secure main base. Do not keep us waiting. Message sent by Captain Alexander Westfield."
if you would go the those coordinates before this you would find a cuple of dirty wastelanders with Assault carbines and cowboy repeaters telling you to get lost in a number of ways. But after you will find fully armed and equiped Enclave troopers at the entrence.
Troop Clases:
Enclave trooper: Has ordenary Enclave power armor (not remenant power armor) and is equiped with ether plasma rifle or laser rifle. Can some times have stimpacks,purfied water or Plasma granades (of course they drop ammo)
Shock troopers: Have Tesla armor and is equiped woth Arc welders (see Lonesome road DLC), multiplas rifles or Tesla cannons. Can drop stimpacks,pulse granades and pulse mines
Enclave trooper Veteran: Have power armor MK 2 (AKA enclave remenants armor) equiped with multiplas rifles, gatling lasers and LAERs (powerful laser rifle, reminds about the pulse rifle). Can drop stimpacks and plasma granades and mines.
Enclave tesla trooper veteran: use tesla powerarmor MK 2 (aka gannon family power armor) Equiped with Plasma casters, plasma rifles and Tesla cannons MK II (see next part).
More troopers, armors , guns, quests and stuff in the next post........

Mods to play

half-life_fan Blog 1 comment

here is some mod i can recomend to people that are literally dieing to get some good mods:
Apocalipse mod:to Soulstorm,a good mod for people that need more units,better game style and a fully apocaliptic feeling in a mod.
Steel legion:to Dow 1, DC and SS. gives the new faction Steel legion. New faction,new units,new gameplay,new voices and a god choise to start with
SS legions: you all have seen the FOK (firestorm over Kurava) so this is a pre mod for FOK. so you can try the units and the gameplay
IDH: to Dc and SS.add the faction Inqusition. New voices,units and playstile. "burn the heretic" purefy the worlds with the forces of the inqusition.
Tyrranid mod: to DC and SS. far beond the egde of the galaxy the tyrranids come to strip whole worlds of life and grow. allmost nothing can stop them and there is millons of them and only a few to stop them. add the faction tyrranids among the moast feared of all enemies to the imperium.
Battle of the middle earth:
Elven mod: for the first game. adds the elven faction and the goblin. a very well done mod for the first game. for you that would like two new factions and more kickass on the battlefield. the only bad thing is that the speech is in german,a bit annoying .
Edain mod: for rise of the witch king. adds a bunch of new factions,new units,new abiletys,new ring heros,new voices. i strongly recomend this mod. the downside is everything is in german (text,voices,etc...)
Red alert 3:
Paradox mod: adds new units and the new faction the Confederate Revolutionaries and more is to come.though the infantry models,the voices and some text are missing it is still a lot of fun. the allies is the first old faction to get a lot of new units. for people that need more factions for RA 3.
Upheaval mod: adds all the Uprising units to the standard RA 3 with new units and maps
Empire at war (forces of corruption all of them below):
Clone wars mod:a quite good mod for FOC. replace the empire,rebels and ZC with CIS,republic and pirate faction. some few bugs and question marks. but i recomend it.
Alliance mod: a huge mod where you can play GC with over 110 planets. gives the three factions a insane amount of units and epic battles to the very Death. Every faction gets some super units that you use for cooking food,mow the lawn or just kick everyones ass once in a while.
z3r0x test mod: one of the early mods that z3r0x created with minor factions,new units,added vong as a minor faction (very hard to defeat) new planets and a new feeling in the FOC universe.
Corporate addon: adds the Corporate sector,the CIS,Vong,Republic and the New alliance as factions a bit unbalenced but you forget about it quite fast. a good mod.
Scifi at war: a mix of factions from differant scifi series (halo,star trek,battlestar galactica,etc...) so you get a lot of variation between the factions. the only thing i miss is the ground units and a real GC but the Skrimish works fine.
Galaxy at war: a good mod with its primerary faction is halo but there is other factions like borg or the Fedaration. but it is insanely unbalanced,you take out the main base on a few seconds with the best ships. thats no fun.but overall good.
Republic at war: (TBD). this mod is z3r0x working with and it can possably be among the best mods in the modding history. replace empire and rebels with republic and CIS and removed ZC. add all new units (and there is a LOT of new units), all new maps with new props,new GC , new Campaign,new voices,new GUI,new hologram dudes (very hard to make) and a lot more new. when this mod is released for gods sake downlode it on the first second.
Halo campaign comander: (TBD). a very fast progressing mod that actualy starts with ground combat. i recomend checking it out.
Company of heroes:
Never changes: (TBD),a fully convertion of COH. making factions that is in the fallout universe (Encleve,BOS,NCR,etc....). in the first planing stages but will be great.
Eastern front: add sovjet as a new faction to COH. a very well made faction with a lot of new units, a new game stile. recomend to downlode this master piace.
please tip me of there is some mod i should play.

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