Hajas is Freddy Hajas. I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I'm a graduated System Analyst and Programmer for a long time. I really love to programming since I was a kid with my MSX Computer. On my free time aside the normal stuff as friends, wife and play my soccer like any real brazilian, I also have more two passions, music and games. About music you should check www.hajas.org, and the site www.mods.hajas.org is about my love for games, not only for playing them, but also to create or modding to make them even more fun. But my focus isn't much common in mod community, instead of focus on the graphics like 99% of the modders around, I'm dedicated to the gameplay which IMO is missing and disappointing in the last releases in the game industry. I'm always changing the games to make them harder for please hardcore players like myself, giving a new balance and creating brand new features and gametypes never saw before in the games. Many of them already copied in the mainstream releases.

Black Frontlines Tutorial
Call of Duty: Black Ops

Black Frontlines Tutorial

May 22, 2012 Black Frontlines Basic management 0 comments

Learning how to play, join, create, setup, config, etc...

How Siamese Twins Bug was fixed
Quake 2

How Siamese Twins Bug was fixed

May 16, 2013 Q2E Blood Culture Advanced server side coding 0 comments

The Siamese Twins Bug was fixed with Q2E Blood Culture! Know more about how this almost impossible mission never done before was made.

Auto-Restart for W@W Frontlines
Call of Duty: World at War

Auto-Restart for W@W Frontlines

Feb 4, 2012 W@W Frontlines Basic server tools 1 comment

Auto-Restart for W@W Frontlines if you not use any kind of Control Panel like TCAdmin to admin your server.

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