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gzubeck Jul 12 2011 replied:

Thanks for responding. I installed the nature pack 2.0 and all I can say is fantastic! With your weather system and the improved landscape it gives me 95% of what a complete mod gives with none of the headaches. Maybe you could have a second add-on for things you think could still be improved that isn't part of the weather. So far the only really unusual thing I've found different is after a blowout there are no artifacts at the burnt homestead. Also I've had no crashes and I'm running vista 64 (4 Gigs) at a 1440x900 resolution with everything cranked up on a ATI 3870. Looks great. :>)

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gzubeck Jul 10 2011 says:

Dear mister Cromm Cruac...
AKA Mister Death Dealer
Mister Slaughter Pile maker...

Fantastic Mod that actually works in comparison to COP Complete...
I'm laughing about all the different Sun and Moon phases because all I've seen is fog and rain in the first section but still fantastic :>)

Ran into a Psi emmission storm near the Iron Forrest after paying someone to take me there and had to dash for cover while having a Sprite throw boxes at me. Died three or four times before figuring out where to dash and hide at master level setting. Had to dash out of the area and shoot the dam thing with a sniper-like modified rifle before entering the area. Lots of new fun there! Crazy stuff!

Since COP complete has screwed the pooch on their mod I have a wish list.

Maybe you could incorporate some improvements in the NPC's/Monsters modeling in your mod.

And also for those that can't understand Polish/Slavic languages subtitles when NPC characters speak to each other in non english.

And as a last wish I have questions about difference in colors compared to COP complete. The colors still seem quite muted in the general landscape. I don't know what you've modded concerning this (Maybe none) but it would be nice since COP complete is ultimate crash master and game save destroyer ever made. LOL!

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gzubeck Mar 15 2011 replied:

I have 4 gigs of memory and have had issues with corrupted game saves. If 50% of the people are having problems then the mod is really not running well right now. I've been playing the original game with all settings maxed out except AA with zero problems. I hope Pavel comes forward and finds out whats causing all the problems.

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gzubeck Mar 14 2011 replied:

I uninstalled the complete mod and everything runs fine. You need to make sure that the Gamedata folder is deleted. I can't explain it but I can play this game with almost everything maxed out except AA. I even run it with enhanced DX10 lighting with zero problems with original game at 1440x900 resolution. Zero problems with saves too. Its like there's something causing conflicts inside the mod that disrupts the original game too much.

Pavel. I hate to say this but maybe you should come up with a Call of Pripyat Complete: Lite version! A version that adds some nice bells and whistles without causing the game to be overtaxed and crash. Some Changes with the Monsters and NPCs first and then then some small modifications to weather systems. With the enhanced Lighting the thunder storms look very good in the original version too!

Credo should be : Do no harm First! And then add when your sure the game will not crash and burn. Thanks for your effort so far but I think trying to out do yourself from the first two Mods made you push the envelope too hard. I'm going to wait for a stable release down the line.

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gzubeck Mar 12 2011 replied:

I'm going to save you a bunch of time. Try going to an auto save point in the game. If your autosaves don't work then your hosed until Pavel comes up with a fix. Right now thats the number one Necessary MOD=Game Saves.

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gzubeck Mar 12 2011 says:

Crash FAQ:
Q: How can some people fully enjoy the mod while others can't get past the loading screen?
A: There seems to be a specific issue with the latest Catalyst drivers which affect the ATI Crossfire systems when running the mod in DX10/11, read this thread to understand the root of the problem []

Q: Is there anything wrong with the mod?
A: No, except for using a lot of high quality content.

Q: Are there any tweaks or workarounds?
A: Yes, the trick is to prevent the game from using more memory than Catalyst drivers allow it to use. To achieve this, do any of the following:
- move the texture quality slider to 80% or less (best solution)
- disable Crossfire
- use DX9 settings
- use the last known to be working Catalyst 10.7 drivers (only works on 5xxx series and below)
- using 64-bit Windows helps too

Q: What needs to be done:
A: AMD has to address this issue, this fix would benefit all S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat users, including the ones who are not using mods. I will contact them on behalf of community, I recommend you do the same.
The mod will receive an optimization patch if necessary.

Q: I'm using Nvidia or a single ATI card but still having the same problem:
A: Start a new game, the old saves may work but are not supported.

Wait for the game to load.
This applies to both Nvidia and ATI users, the initial loading may take a long time and the game may appear to be freezing at times while still doing it's job. If it still crashes, try the tweaks from the list above.

I Find the comment SAVES are not supported very humorous! There has to be a glitch in the software for this to happen. There's an elephant in the room and no one wants to talk about it!

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gzubeck Mar 12 2011 replied:

Same here! Steam version. Played the game for many hours (half way through) and then theres a crash in Jupiter. I think once the game gets too much past data it over maxes somewhere. I've been waiting for others to start experiencing it.

ATI 3870
AMD 2.8 GHZ Dual core
Windows Vista 64
4 Gig of memory

Saves are trashed after x-ray 1.6 crash.

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gzubeck Mar 11 2011 says:

There's gotta be some kind of bug thats corrupting save files. Whats the point going on in this game if after a game crashing x-ray 1.6 cause all previous saves to become useless. Here's the catch I was able to start a new game. i remeber having a little problem in the original game with saves in Jupiter. I wonder if this issue is amplifed in the new mod. I'll check back in a few days to see if there has been some strides here. The game looks great i just wish I could continue on and not start over. LOL!

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gzubeck Mar 11 2011 says:

First tried the manual Install. worked with only Static Lighting.

Next used the exe. installer and everything worked perfectly even with enhanced lighting at 1440x900 resolution. And yes the game looks and operated smoothly. Then I died when I was in Jupiter after setting up the last anomally transmitter, and was looking up in the attic for tools, then died by electrical anomally. Tried reloading and the x-ray engine has just weezed at reloading and crashing everytime thereafter no matter where I saved. This is a huge jump in PQ quality over the original and it didn't seem to affect regular gameplay. Smooth framerates all around.

System specs ATI 3870 set at 1440X900 Res. with no AA and 16x Anistrophic. Enhanced dx10 lighting with medium Texture. Frame rate was not a problem at all but did notice my computer was slowing down after several hours of play.

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