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-Artanis- Nov 12 2009 says:

looks nice, keep it up...

+2 votes   media: Terran Battlecruiser
-Artanis- Nov 3 2009 says:

lets just saw that the chanses of us being alone in the universe is astronomical!

+2 votes   poll: I believe that we are
-Artanis- Nov 1 2009 says:

I think he looks too styled, with trimmed beard and comed back hair, he is a labrat, not a bachelor. And whats with the glasses? Gordons glasses are rectangular and black...

dont get me wrong, you're doing a great job, but you can't mess up Gordon, he has to be just right...

+1 vote   media: Godon Cita
-Artanis- Oct 1 2009 says:

I like the idea, but it doesn't really look like a crack in the floor...
you need a more irregular pattern, and maybe some bits of concrete still lying around in the radioactive goo.

+4 votes   media: engineer Adventures
-Artanis- Sep 14 2009 says:

me too! personaly I think it´s too colourful,
the starcraft univers is dark...
more gray and black and warscarred machines!
This looks more like DUNE...

+1 vote   media: Website 2#Update
-Artanis- Sep 8 2009 says:

Me like!

+1 vote   media: enemy fighter
-Artanis- Sep 3 2009 says:


+1 vote   media: Airborn Teaser Trailer HQ
-Artanis- Sep 1 2009 says:

Is this a screenshot? I thought it was concept art...
Simply amazing!

+1 vote   media: Screenshot Overload
-Artanis- Aug 31 2009 says:

Just outstanding, can´t wait to play this mod...

+2 votes   media: Sniper Rifle
-Artanis- Jul 11 2009 says:

I'm with Weeblinator on this one...
Start with things that are common to all starcraft players, like a
Gauss rifle, siege tank, Marine.
And go with the original sounds to start with.

+2 votes   media: Audio Tests *Outdated*
-Artanis- Jul 2 2009 says:

I'm going to build one of those, even if it takes the rest of my life...

+1 vote   media: Gyro Concepts
-Artanis- Jul 2 2009 says:

that's just beautiful!

+1 vote   media: Gyro Concepts
-Artanis- Apr 29 2009 says:

nice, some trees wouldn´t hurt though

+9 votes   media: Shadows
-Artanis- Apr 29 2009 says:

Really good!

+1 vote   news: Dog Concept Timelapse (high def)
-Artanis- Apr 23 2009 says:

they really should make a map editor for this...

+1 vote   game: Eufloria
-Artanis- Apr 23 2009 says:

I love this game, downloaded the demo and I can´t stop playing it.
I love how you respawn in different places every time you play, that way you can play every level several times without getting bored...

+1 vote   game: Eufloria
-Artanis- Apr 16 2009 says:

Really nice.
I like the way you can vary the players length, it looks so smooth, in fact, everything looks smooth.

+2 votes   game: Machinarium
-Artanis- Feb 19 2009 says:

I just played the game for the first time...
It´s just beautiful.
I love this game. No i´m home and can start drawing the actionat...
great job.

+2 votes   game: Mightier
-Artanis- Feb 4 2009 says:

I hope they deside to remake this one,
it´s one of the most used units, it´s
gotta look good.

+1 vote   media: Zealot Walking
-Artanis- Feb 4 2009 says:

nice, so detailed...

+1 vote   media: Valkyrie
-Artanis- Feb 4 2009 says:

I really like this one...
just look at what they did to the Carrier
in SCII, Horrible. in fact, there are a lot of thing that are better in this mod, like the Zerglings in SCII, whats with the wings?
and the dark templar with is´t big ugly armour and and a Scythe, whats up with that, what happened with the cloak and dagger theme...

+1 vote   media: Carrier Spinner
-Artanis- Jan 30 2009 says:

it means everything is to flat... ad some props, things on the walls and floors, like ventilation, thedimensional windows and doors, maybe some balcony.. more for to create shadows...

+1 vote   media: Media update- The City
-Artanis- Dec 29 2008 says:

This is surely one of the greatest games of all time. it doesent matter if you play singel or multiplayer, it´s just beautiful. the worlds as well as the characters and monsters are as in no other game, i just love it...

+3 votes   game: Jazz Jackrabbit 2
-Artanis- Nov 23 2008 says:

looks great.
you shuld put the tank from "Blaster Master"
in the game too, after that, I really can´t
think of more things to add.

+1 vote   news: Wario and Link
-Artanis- Nov 21 2008 says:

what´s the poly-count on that guy

+1 vote   media: Marine Beauty Render
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