Hey I'm new to Desura so be easy on me! I'm seeing Desura as a platform that resembles Steam (by Valve), but it's a bit more developer driven. I'm a big fan of IndieGameStand so I thought getting a Desura acct would be a must! I'm a huge gamer. Favorite game is anything by Edmund McMillen (The Binding of Issac mostly). Binding of Issac opened me up to the world of Indie Gaming. I'm a barista by trade and an aspiring bassist in a band called Slackjaw. Check out our website and let me know if you like! Thanks for listening.

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This game has given me many hours of amazing play time, and I'm not quitting soon. The easiest way to explain it's magnificience is to compare it to another amazing 2D platformer: Super Meat Boy. Don't get me wrong, this game is very different, but similar in some of it's basic mechanics.

The game teaches you how to play similar to SMB, as it is subtle and lets you figure things out for yourself.

The levels are longer than SMB levels, and they come with innovative checkpoints which also serve as character selection stations. The art is gorgeous, and there's PLENTY of secrets and unlockables. The story is touching, the cutscenes are amazing. Truly a 2D masterpiece. I can't say enough good things about this game.

Only gripe: the impending doom levels are HARD. But very fun.

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