Amateur Game Developer seeking to enter the games industry; having worked in the Source engine as a part of multiple mod teams for several years, I have moved on to working with the UDK and Unity engines.

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Guessmyname Jun 30 2010, 5:30pm replied:

"Music: Serenade of the Autumn Siren by Awake (Rawrthaas)"

-Video description

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Guessmyname Jun 30 2010, 5:12pm replied:

Regarding the mines, a replacement is again WIP... and I think the playermodel will probably render the weapon issue sorta moot anyway.

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Guessmyname Jun 30 2010, 5:01pm replied:

Apparently it and the person who made it (me) is:

"Sadomasochistically cruel and simply wants to see everyone die in a blender. Made of lasers."

Which, actually, is quite accurate.

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Guessmyname Jun 30 2010, 4:59pm replied:

Off the top of my head...
2 models make the custom spinners in the laserblender map
Grapple Anchor (solid)
Holographic Grapple Anchor (also animated)
Deadly Grapple Anchor (the whirly death-blade thing)
Speed Boost indicator (animated)
Puzzle Ball (not actually used in any of the maps yet)

Too say nothing of the custom textures.

A player model is in progress and will appear in a later update.

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Guessmyname Jun 28 2010, 11:48am replied:

I know the feeling >_<

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Guessmyname Jun 27 2010, 5:10am says:

You could probably solve the 'invisible :' problem by reversing the gradient, so that the colon is on the darker side, allowing it to stand out more.

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Guessmyname Jun 27 2010, 5:06am says:

'Ello Winter! :D

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Guessmyname Jun 27 2010, 5:03am says:

Hiya Neddie!

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Guessmyname Jun 27 2010, 5:01am says:

Nice animation! How'd you pull off the two handed stance? That must have been a pain to set up...

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Guessmyname Jun 22 2010, 10:18am replied:


I wasn't expecting my commentary to appear in the dev vids.

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Guessmyname Jun 18 2010, 4:15pm replied:

Cheers! :D

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Guessmyname Jun 17 2010, 2:20am replied:

Because bad grammar is worse than bad modelling.

You heard it here first, folks!

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Guessmyname Jun 17 2010, 2:18am replied:

You realise attacking the critic doesn't answer their criticism...

The model indeed uses more polies than it needs to (really: from the looks of things, that model probably has a higher polycount than the Half-Life 2 Citizen models. Your engine is how old again?), the boots are VERY simplistic, there's no smoothing groups set up, poly distribution is dodgy (compare the polies on the arms to, say, his really pointy chin) and you really, *really* should take constructive criticism constructively. They're only trying to help you.

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Guessmyname May 24 2010, 8:34pm says:

Hmm. Whilst each texture is nice individually, I really don't like how they go together. It looks like they're two completely different types of rock; one black volcanic whatever-it's-called, the other normal, if rather orange, sand. They just don't blend well considering the 'sand' would be in reality just a ground-up version of the cliff; meaning either the sand should be dark grey or the cliff should be a sandstone-ish orange. There's also a bit of tiling on the cliff texture (looking at the background cliff, there's a horizontal stripe of darker rock), the displacements are a bit pointy and the rock models look out of place. I'd also advise you use a $blendmodulatetexture - - to make the sand/rock transition more natural rather than a linear fade.

Besides that though, it's an excellent start! Put something on the background cliff maybe, as it looks a bit bland and it's a bit too obvious the map ends there, and you might want to add more colour / brightness to the environment light, but it's definitely a good start. I know I'm sounding kinda harsh: I'm just nitpicking :P - what you have is good, and it has the potential to be awesome ;)

Keep at it!

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Guessmyname May 24 2010, 8:23pm says:

And now I feel underachieving. VERY nice props, sir! Will you ever write a tutorial (or just a vid of you making one of the textures) for how you made them? I'd love to see how you do it.

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Guessmyname May 7 2010, 11:01am replied:

I wasn't saying it *is* a zombie mod: Nightmare House 2 is very much a horror game. It just has zombies *in* it. They being scary and all. Hopefully.

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Guessmyname May 6 2010, 1:17pm replied:

Yeah, mostly my fault. We figured out a really good way to implement a ton of different zombies in a sort time span and ran with it. Pretty much 'Just Because We Could'.

Who doesn't like variety?

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Guessmyname May 6 2010, 2:38am replied:

Aye! Go us! We've got this far :D

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Guessmyname Apr 25 2010, 7:05am replied:

I really wish moddb would send me an email when someone comments on my profile. Sorry I missed out on you guys.

I'm working on a small mech project for Spring, doing general modder stuff for Jailbreak: Source and I'm the modeller for the Nightmare House 2 project.

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Guessmyname Apr 25 2010, 7:02am replied:

I think the main thing is that they're too clean and intact. They don't look like people dragged some wrecks out of old battlefields and welded the bits together, they look like the pieces have been dragged off the production floor and glued onto each other. Especially in the way that they still have their old Imperial/Rebel colouring; if the pirates didn't bother to repaint them, they'd still have their old battle scars, and if they *did*, it would presumably be a more uniform and distinct paint job.

I'd also make a mention on how all the pieces are oddly 'fitting together'. Considering they're coming from two distinctly different factions with a mix of distinctly different craft, the fact that everything is slotting together at perfect 90-degree angles is really... weird. Given that aerodynamics clearly isn't an issue here (Vornsykr, X-Tie, I'm looking at you), you could afford to mix it up a bit. For example, why not stick three or four Y-wing whatever-those-things-are bits onto the TYE_Ugly instead of two at perfect 180 degree angles from each other? You'd also expect some more 'unique' parts where the pirates have had to improvise, especially around the joins.

Long story short, these things look like they were factory produced to look like that, rather than literal kitbashes from bits of space wreckage pirates have found floating around.

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Guessmyname Apr 24 2010, 1:09pm says:

Wouldn't a projected texture work, or do they not cast through portals?

(given how temperamental they are, I wouldn't be surprised)

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Guessmyname Apr 17 2010, 7:15pm replied: or - take your pick. Already tiled, nice and 'smooth' snow, courtesy of CG Textures (obviously); all that needs doing is a size down to 512x512 and saving to vtf. The rest is just a quick .vmt file to set up the texture blend and then applying in Hammer... which would in itself be the longest part.

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Guessmyname Apr 17 2010, 5:18am says:

Just a bit of advice; tone down the bumpiness of the snow. Normally snow is quite flat rather than wrinkly, save when collected around areas or churned up a lot. Long story short: make another texture for 'flat' snow, blend it with the wrinkly snow and apply; where the snow has fallen untouched, it should be flat. Equally, more snow would build up in the shaded areas where the sun can't warm it up. Would just look so much better; the map's looking pretty awesome as-is, but the snow detracts from that quite badly.

Finally: more snow on top of the trees, and unless every plant there is evergreen, shouldn't most of them be bare rather than sprouting leaves?

Look up pictures of Moscow in winter, you'll get an idea of what I mean. Excellent work otherwise though!

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Guessmyname Apr 16 2010, 5:32pm says:

This mod is why I bought Sins of a Solar Empire. Keep it up!

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Guessmyname Apr 12 2010, 11:55pm replied:


The Source SDK is a perfectly valid engine, and you can do some magnificent things on it, it's just very out-of-date. Considering it came out in 2004, you could cut it some slack...

With CryEngine, we'll just have to see if it's easier to use than the UDK. God I hate that builder brush...

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Guessmyname Apr 6 2010, 11:56am replied:

Not really. If you think about it, all that really needs any physical simulation is the stuff in the air; planes etc. Given that any connection with the ground is generally going to equal 'splat' plane-wise...

Yes, the planes will probably fly straight through detail props, but you can get around that easily by plonking down some clip brushes. Per-polygon levels of accuracy probably aren't needed here.

EDIT: On a side note, redo your grass texture. It's tiling badly!

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Guessmyname Apr 6 2010, 11:50am replied:

It's actually not that hard:

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Guessmyname Mar 31 2010, 3:04am says:

The head reminds me of an Evangelion for some reason. Like Unit 02 with only two eyes.

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Guessmyname Mar 28 2010, 5:39pm replied:

To be honest, I can't remember. I think that model's about a year old.

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Guessmyname Mar 19 2010, 1:33pm says:

Incidentally, is anyone else finding the site is down?

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