Hmm, born and raised in perth australia. Gamer through and through. 40k fan to the end, love my sci-fi. Currently between jobs and long term goal of being a cop or solider.

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Grizzly256 Dec 23 2014, 7:52pm replied:

Thanks, already have that running on all my SOSE:R .exe files

looking forward to the update :)

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars - Alliance
Grizzly256 Dec 22 2014, 9:53pm says:

Running Alliance 1.1 for SOSE:R, getting a mini-dump everytime i launch a vast size map playing as empire

any ideas?

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars - Alliance
Grizzly256 Dec 22 2014, 7:04am says:


+1 vote   media: ugh
Grizzly256 Oct 9 2014, 4:08am says:

Id convert to chaos for her

+1 vote   media: Female Marine? Huh?
Grizzly256 Oct 9 2014, 4:07am says:

its the BORG!!!

+2 votes   media: Commissar Yarrick
Grizzly256 Oct 6 2014, 5:27am says:

how do folks here get this to work on Win7 64bit?

+1 vote   download: Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries (0030c, MkPak 3.1), v10
Grizzly256 Oct 5 2014, 7:55am says:

Now they would be awesome fallout creatures

+3 votes   media: Molechs
Grizzly256 Sep 24 2014, 9:26am says:

I think this pic shows a scene in the final battle with horus. Ol Emps was mortaly wounded, horus about to deleiver the final blow when this guy storm onto the bridge and charges at horus, horus flayes him alive with a physcic blast but the distraction is just enough time to allow the emps to deal the coup-de-gras to horus.

Or it could be something completely different

+1 vote   media: Ollanius Pius
Grizzly256 Aug 27 2014, 1:54am says:

such an ugly kit bash of a ship

+1 vote   media: You Rebel scum!
Grizzly256 Aug 12 2014, 7:48pm says:

The yeager was a on the cheap kit-bash. Dont include it please, there are better fan designed ships put there

+1 vote   media: The War is raging on
Grizzly256 Jul 4 2014, 1:48am replied:

Alls well in oz, except for our pathetic goverment

+1 vote   article: News for Maelstrom Mod, June 2014, Rebellion
Grizzly256 Jun 3 2014, 12:32pm says:

i Cant play it!

i have the latest SOSE: R, Armarda 3 V1.0 with the hotfix and all graphics at max. is there something wrong?

+1 vote   mod: Star Trek: Armada 3
Grizzly256 May 28 2014, 3:41am says:

Downloaded the latest version, installed the hot fix and the game crashes while trying to load the map, no mini dump created.

any solutions?

+1 vote   mod: Star Trek: Armada 3
Grizzly256 May 10 2014, 9:40am says:

Need to make the GDI science center a buildable structure. No skirmish maps have the building in them

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 1.52
Grizzly256 Apr 28 2014, 3:25am says:

The one of the left is akin to the ones seen in voyager, while the cube on the right is more like the one in fist contact. Both are nice, but in this case i think the one which causes less system drain is preferable

+1 vote   media: Cube Comparison Shots
Grizzly256 Apr 26 2014, 12:04am says:

looking good

+1 vote   media: New turrets
Grizzly256 Apr 1 2014, 7:54am says:


+1 vote   media: New Federation Envoy
Grizzly256 Feb 26 2014, 6:35am says:

thats a BURN!!!!!

+3 votes   media: Oh Dayum
Grizzly256 Jan 5 2014, 3:38am says:

it looks like the early prototype, the onw with a concrete "display/test" turret

+1 vote   media: NOPE.
Grizzly256 Dec 5 2013, 5:27am says:

i thought it was a good game, i enjoyed it.

+6 votes   media: Haters gonna Hate :D
Grizzly256 Nov 2 2013, 10:10am says:

is there any trainers or unlimited units mod that work along side this one?

+2 votes   mod: Ultimate Apocalypse mod
Grizzly256 Oct 1 2013, 1:05am says:

I like it so far, good work, but i may add that the fixed weapons found on the side of cruisers, light cruiser, battlecruisers, heavy cruisers, grand cruisers, battlebarges and strike cruisers are in fact called "Macro Cannons" these use a linear accelorator to propel a projectile to near light velocities toward a target. the beam weapons shown in the video are more akin to Lance batteries.


+1 vote   media: Teaser video
Grizzly256 Sep 23 2013, 7:33am says:

This is what SM armour would look like of the emporer had survived outside the golden throne

+3 votes   media: Just a Space Marine.
Grizzly256 Jul 28 2013, 12:39am says:

Not really, one is cavalry the other is armour. Different roles all together.

+6 votes   media: Old vs New
Grizzly256 Jul 28 2013, 12:38am says:

More Hard Points!!!

+2 votes   media: New ssd skin
Grizzly256 Jul 18 2013, 12:04pm says:

OMG just please release this already

+1 vote   media: Various ships
Grizzly256 Jul 18 2013, 12:02pm says:

this is how u 40K!

+4 votes   media: Warriors of Ultramar
Grizzly256 Jul 13 2013, 6:37am says:

what ship is that?

+1 vote   media: New Main Menu Layout
Grizzly256 Jul 13 2013, 6:36am says:


+5 votes   media: Jobaria Defense Systems multiple Cradle Launcher
Grizzly256 Jul 12 2013, 12:38am says:


0 votes   media: Pics
Grizzly256 Jun 9 2013, 6:12am says:

looks like a cousin of the lancer rifle

-1 votes   media: Phobos pattern(crusade era) bolter by DontheOiler
Grizzly256 Mar 26 2013, 10:37pm says:

this tank is "da bomb"

+2 votes   media: T-100 Ogre MBT
Grizzly256 Jan 4 2013, 7:37am says:

I read it was actually a silencer.

The story goes that the noise from the training groud was disturbing nearby residents, so instead of moving the training area or the people, they made a solution.

sounds like a old wives tale.

+1 vote   media: Can someone explain this to me ?
Grizzly256 Dec 9 2012, 9:48am says:

its seen better days

+4 votes   media: Mark IV wreck
Grizzly256 Sep 21 2012, 7:40am says:

What is this 32 degrees crap, everyone knows it freezes at 0 degrees celsius

+1 vote   media: Heres how Creationism works
Grizzly256 Jul 7 2012, 12:00pm says:

Straight outa PatLabor

+3 votes   media: F.S.A. MK I Medium Tactical-frame 'Hannibal'
Grizzly256 Mar 11 2012, 7:27am says:

That looks a like a Leclerc MBT behind it

+3 votes   media: BMP-3
Grizzly256 Feb 14 2012, 2:56am says:

I like the idea, and it looks good, but 2 things bother me, A: theres no obvious bridge/command centre/super structure, B: The stern dosnt seem big enough to have both engines and the Cannon Generators in the same spot, also, what other weapons dose it have.

+1 vote   media: TEC Antares Titan
Grizzly256 Jan 8 2012, 9:53am says:

whats the difference between the fish and the cross?

+3 votes   media: Children
Grizzly256 Dec 19 2011, 4:24am replied:

Im too ashamed too say :( i havnt got the cash to upgrade yet. But its way out of date.

Btw man, LOVING the new meshes and textures, THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

+1 vote   download: Maelstrom v1.34 R6 (Diplomacy SoaSE)
Grizzly256 Dec 18 2011, 4:10am says:

Getting a minidump, just as the map finishes loading.

Using lastest version, all updated, no other mods running. Could this be because I have graphics too high, what do i need them to be set at it?
Or could it be something else.

+1 vote   download: Maelstrom v1.34 R6 (Diplomacy SoaSE)
Grizzly256 Dec 12 2011, 7:57pm says:

It only looks big in relative perspective to the child. (EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE!!!)

Also, i think the point of all the GPMGs is so that embarked troops riding on the tank could use them as well, i think.

Also, the tank is either a M48 Patton, or a M60 upgraded with ERA tiles, further bulking it out and making it look big.

+1 vote   media: demotivation-tank style
Grizzly256 Dec 3 2011, 8:37am says:

I feel sorry for the yanks wearing all that armour, must get bloody hot!

+1 vote   media: this is awsome
Grizzly256 Nov 29 2011, 11:47am says:

One thing i never got is why this has space marine drop-pod launch bays, it thought such things where the exclusive realm of space marine vessels only.

+1 vote   media: Imperial Ship Exploding!
Grizzly256 Sep 6 2011, 5:10am says:

This is pretty sweet!, now all you need is the gatlling laser, missile and flame turrets. And tripod mounted machine guns.

+1 vote   media: Phalanx CIWS/C-RAM Gatling Turret
Grizzly256 Jul 25 2011, 10:40am says:

i hope the crew got out ok

+2 votes   media: Burning Abrams
Grizzly256 Jun 7 2011, 3:23am says:

Looks pretty good, every thought of realsing the buildings individualy for other mod makers.

+1 vote   media: Barracks
Grizzly256 May 5 2011, 5:32am says:

need work

+2 votes   media: UMSF Armd-class carrier frigate
Grizzly256 May 3 2011, 5:25am says:

use this on to replace the dyson swarm model, then create a new dyson sphere model that is actually a solid sphere with technology covering the surface, lots of planetary defencs and shields and such

You should have the alien race that crated all these planets come back to claim what is theirs.

+2 votes   media: Dyson Swarm
Grizzly256 May 2 2011, 9:41am says:

That is AWESOME!!!

+2 votes   media: Mining Planet
Grizzly256 Apr 8 2011, 6:12am says:

looks the helicopter gunship from Patlabor: the Movie II

+1 vote   media: NCR Attack helicopter
Grizzly256 Mar 14 2011, 7:12am says:

Question: Most of the vaults used Geothermal power for primary and fusion for secondary, are you going to have a some sort of small cave with pipes leading into the ground to harness the heat?

+1 vote   article: Vault 24 Alpha 0.4 Released
Grizzly256 Jan 17 2011, 7:52am says:

It needs lots of turrets, like those on the Kol battle ship, all over it.

+1 vote   media: Dreadnought Tec
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