Young hungarian graphic artist.

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Grimpast Jan 25 2015, 3:15am says:

Great video! What was this music?

+1 vote   media: Unsung 2.5 Lowlands Island
Grimpast Mar 10 2014, 4:07pm replied:

Let me add that, using standalone 3D models for sprites are exceptional, the bare fact that I am commenting here is possible because your work attracts attention.
Also I should have linked this image:

+1 vote   media: The Four Zombie Design's ...
Grimpast Feb 19 2013, 7:21am replied:

There is the flush button.

+1 vote   media: Purity...
Grimpast Feb 14 2013, 2:45pm says:

"I dare you, I double dare you to paint your hair white yo cosplayers!"

+1 vote   media: have some 40k
Grimpast Feb 14 2013, 2:39pm replied:

Good thinking.. BUT.. Heck, just think about the average space marines doing daily routine on field without helmet or in less armor! They manage.
My thoughts are a bit different when I look upon them. It looks like a big Space Marine Mother and her tiny Space Marine Baby in a front pack. I guess I want to be a daddy...

+7 votes   media: have some 40k
Grimpast Feb 12 2013, 1:44pm says:

Dear Mrrobville and team, I'd like to send a piece of music for you:

+3 votes   media: Titanic Wallpaper
Grimpast Feb 9 2013, 8:55am replied:

Or this:

+2 votes   media: Warmaster Horus on the Bridge
Grimpast Feb 9 2013, 3:14am replied:

Chaos is fun until you have to astrogate a whole fleet.

+3 votes   media: Warmaster Horus on the Bridge
Grimpast Nov 22 2012, 9:55am replied:

Don't get me wrong, with safety gear of course! :)

+1 vote   media: Baking lightmaps, backstage
Grimpast Nov 22 2012, 9:40am says:

I imagine when the project will reach the finish line, you all have to visit a big waterfall to jump down with your laptops.

+1 vote   media: Baking lightmaps, backstage
Grimpast Oct 25 2012, 5:49am says:


By the way I like the way how the officers try to recreate that famous scene from Titanic.
Fantastic, but may I ask, is this water will be such repetitive?
Don't get me wrong, this is way more better than the original water from Lost Heaven, and I know it is WIP, just a question.

+2 votes   media: Testing water shader effect. Early WIP
Grimpast Oct 16 2012, 8:11am replied:

Blizzard took several elements from other sci-fis during the development of Starcraft. Like from Dark Colony, and from movies, but mostly from warhammer 40k. Tyranids, space marines, hello? Starcraft wikia:
"Many changes were made to units and structures throughout the StarCraft alpha and beta and the marine was no exception. In the early beta, marines were known as marauders.[14] By mid-beta, the title of the marauder had changed to Terran Space Marine mk 2, possibly as a reference to (or derived from) the Space Marines of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40K series."

+1 vote   media: Fixed for accuracy.
Grimpast Jun 30 2012, 5:03pm replied:

This "joke", "humor" is the same if not the lowest what I hear amongst elementary schoolchildren. Assuming you have never had real love, with a real woman, and a real relationship, you may find this pic. "funny".
I like WH40k, and I am an adult. Problem my child?

-4 votes   media: When its that time of the month.
Grimpast Jun 30 2012, 6:49am buried:


There aren't many women in the Warhammer 40k canon, but when we have some, loads of male chauvinists come and try to be funny. It ****** me off.

-12 votes   media: When its that time of the month.
Grimpast Jun 27 2012, 9:51am says:

I won't argue the hellguns, but why is this hero trampling on a body of a fallen comrade? "Oh! Pardon me brother!"

+1 vote   media: Dual Hellgun - your argument is invalid
Grimpast Jun 25 2012, 10:24am says:

I have got the feeling we will meet the whole chapter, every single member. Which is cool. After the 1000th space marine I will recognise all of the battle brothers! I will call this guy: Popeye.

+1 vote   media: Calgar
Grimpast Jun 22 2012, 4:26pm says:

Strange. The model here is better than the DOW models you use already.
BUT DOW models have better textures (except the low resolution).

+2 votes   media: WIP
Grimpast Jun 21 2012, 2:59pm replied:

Oh female screw it! Then I rest my leg until the hardware store opens!

+1 vote   media: Iron
Grimpast Jun 21 2012, 9:12am says:

"Ah...Nuts! Didn't you see one bolt rolling down here?"

+1 vote   media: Iron
Grimpast Jun 21 2012, 9:05am says:

"You said WHAT?"

+1 vote   media: Iron
Grimpast Jun 18 2012, 7:12am says:

This picture is like a story about a high school girl in the XXIth century who accidentally falls into a suddenly-opened wormhole in the physics class during a failed school-project. Afterwards she has to fight for her life in the grim dark 41th millennia!
Her name is Sophie. "Sophie This!"-She says.

+9 votes   media: Warlock :3
Grimpast Jun 16 2012, 5:40pm replied:

***** with wings!

+3 votes   media: SOB image season.
Grimpast Jun 16 2012, 4:35pm says:

Well deserved rest time.

+1 vote   media: SOB image season.
Grimpast Jun 16 2012, 4:32pm says: +1 vote   media: Warp spider :3
Grimpast Jun 16 2012, 4:20pm says:

Look at her phallic symbol where is it bouncing! Just look at her!

+1 vote   media: SOB image season.
Grimpast Jun 14 2012, 12:57pm replied: +1 vote   media: Da' Sneaki' Gitz'
Grimpast Jun 13 2012, 1:59pm says:

This is like a Cd cover art:
Boyz in da Houze

+8 votes   media: Da' Sneaki' Gitz'
Grimpast Jun 5 2012, 4:02pm says:

Now that's why my name is Grimpast!

+3 votes   member: Grimpast
Grimpast May 19 2012, 2:58pm says:

Hand grip is unnecesary because supposedly the rocket bolt is leave the tube with low velocity and ony after then increases to high speed therefore the recoil would be minimal. :)
Good work by the way!

+2 votes   media: Phobos Tactica
Grimpast May 16 2012, 8:33am says:

Nice! From non-professional voice actors, this is exemplary. And Paulie is top-notch!
Microsoft Sam can be really ****** right now, he failed the contract.
Salieri is a bit mannered though, but very good work everybody!

+2 votes   media: Mafia Titanic Mod - Intro Cutscene Voice Actors
Grimpast May 15 2012, 12:01pm replied:

But you said latin lessons spring to mind, I dared to comment such words back!
But as to thinking of it, I have should't made a connection between Ceasar and the Emperor. Because Brutus, Cassius and the others killed Caesar in order to protect the several hundred years old republic.
Horus however was/will "only" sick in mind...
But hey, as Plutarch describes the events, Ceasar yelled for his brother in greek, then he just covered his head with his toga. I know Suetonius wrote, his last words was "You too, my child?" -in greek.
Well, it is a bit hazy what happened but I am sure we will find it out here! :)

+1 vote   media: 40k random
Grimpast May 15 2012, 4:18am replied:

Yeah, but what are you saying is ancient greek. :)

+1 vote   media: 40k random
Grimpast May 14 2012, 1:23pm says:

Et tu, Horus?

+2 votes   media: 40k random
Grimpast May 14 2012, 1:18pm says:

He is like Chaplin in the movie Dictator:
Chaplin in the fog: Captain? Hu-hu! Captain? Hu-hu?

+1 vote   media: 40k random
Grimpast Apr 29 2012, 7:54am replied:

You are a real "warhammer hipster" :)

+1 vote   media: Art for all!
Grimpast Apr 29 2012, 7:50am replied:

Yeah, Adeptus Arbites uses Cyber Mastiffs.

+1 vote   media: Art by higherdepths
Grimpast Mar 10 2012, 7:50am replied:

I have always imagined he ordered to leave behind trenches because some rockets hit the building above his troops, and he didn't want to wait it to collapse on them. Or he just hoped they can fight back the remaining orks with the newly joined dreadnought:

+2 votes   media: Motivators
Grimpast Feb 22 2012, 5:10am says:

What a maze will it be man!

+1 vote   media: Reading and Writing room makeover
Grimpast Feb 21 2012, 4:18am says:

Tommy holds his arms outspread to sign:
Gentleman, this whole ship is mine!

+1 vote   media: Grand Staircase A deck
Grimpast Oct 30 2011, 6:54am says:

I dont have this mod, bit from this video it seems to me the sound of M1Garand lacks that certain "clang" sound whenever the user fires all of his bullet. If I am right, can you fix it?

+3 votes   media: Kelly's Heroes hosts "Paras"!
Grimpast Mar 9 2012, 7:41am says:

Dear Mrrobville, I really like the picture above which shows your progress on the ship, I have even found fresh green bits, but I have got an idea, Why don't you insert a dating next to the image, like progress as in 9. 3. 2012. every time you change it?

+1 vote   mod: Mafia Titanic Mod
Grimpast Mar 2 2012, 12:47pm says:

This looks very good! Is this one company with different units or you just squeezed several types into a small area?
Reminds me the book Anabasis written by the ancient historian/mercenary Xenophon.
If you like to read about ancient campaigns, you will love this book!

+1 vote   media: Examples of the Complete Edition!
Grimpast Feb 28 2012, 6:08am replied:

Despite engine limitations, I just love LS3D's visual appearance -name any game- from Mafia to Hidden and Dangerous 2. I don't know how difficult is to work with, but it seems to me you put as much or more effort and soul into this one ship as the "former" Illusion Softwork guys put into the city of Lost Heaven.

+1 vote   mod: Mafia Titanic Mod
Grimpast Feb 27 2012, 8:01am says:

Thunder and cricket on winter? Can you fix them or not due to engine limitation?

+1 vote   media: Air Raid and POW Rescue
Grimpast Feb 26 2012, 12:03pm says:

Fantastic good music and athmosphere, but tell me, what is the reason having a still image in the middle of the screen, in front of the video? It's just overlay the most interesting part in the menu on which you work a lot (on the editing of the film I mean)

+2 votes   media: Men of War: Totaler Krieg Menu Interface
Grimpast Feb 24 2012, 5:04am says:

There is something I don't understand. You promised the crash and sinking of the ship at the end of the campaign. You showed the script. You wrote we will see running people and we will live through the accident. But will those furnitures (and people)fall down when the stern will rose out of water? Does LS3D engine support such thing?
I imagine here that mission on the steamboat in Mafia, the whole ship was moving, maybe you will "push" a bit your Titanic?

+1 vote   mod: Mafia Titanic Mod
Grimpast Feb 24 2012, 4:41am says:

Can't belive this is happening...

+1 vote   mod: CrySims
Grimpast Feb 24 2012, 4:39am says:

Why don't you try to ask the admins of to put your campaign up?
Or you could upload it on Filefront maybe.
Either way, after you are done, you could post a link here to the proper web page. Problem solved!

+2 votes   mod: The Lord of War, The Balkan War
Grimpast Feb 21 2012, 9:59am replied:

Yes, a nice Kate Winslet and a younger DiCaprio model (In the Renault) would be a great surprise, but really it would require too much time to model them. :) Why not put the nude sketch from Rose into a safe? Piece of cake I mean paper.

+1 vote   media: Mafia Titanic Mod - New Logo
Grimpast Feb 21 2012, 4:30am says:

New model! I wonder what happened to captain Smith. I hope I will see. :)

+1 vote   media: Mafia Titanic Mod - New Logo
Grimpast Feb 21 2012, 4:22am says:

Fantastic work!
You know what would hit my jar? If you would include the pair from the DiCaprio movie Titanic, chasing each other in one scene. As some kind of easter eggish thing. Good idea or good idea?

+1 vote   media: Mafia Titanic Mod - New Logo
Grimpast Feb 14 2012, 3:54pm says:

Fantastic mod Mrrobville, The concept of the mod is far more unique than the other WW II. shooter or Star Wars mods on Moddb! But I have got a question:
I have found some video on Youtube while I was searching for Mafia Titanic mod videos, which made by a guy named there Hudizzle.
He mentoined you in the credits list, but as I understand he made a bigger part in modding. That video is from 2010. Who is he? Are you working together? Maybe you have already mentoined him, i just don't have the mood to find it in the archives of the comments.
Greetings from Hungary!

+2 votes   mod: Mafia Titanic Mod
Grimpast Jan 13 2012, 11:51am says:

What a feeling, exactly!

+1 vote   media: Vice City Rage - Pre-release Trailer
Grimpast Dec 26 2011, 1:34pm says:

This will be classic.
But from this viewpoint behind and around your ship it seems to me hard to see enemy ships or objects where you are going to.

+1 vote   mod: HOMEWORLD2:Free Mod
Grimpast Dec 9 2011, 5:26am says:

I know you are a bit AFK, The_Silver, but your mod was that wich the most really delighted me, so I have voted for this mod in MOTY 2011.
Happy holidays!

+2 votes   mod: Payne Effects 3
Grimpast Nov 29 2011, 5:34pm says:

Title: Wow!

The almost Operation Flashpoint mod,
and the almost Armed Assault mod
seems to me it will be a great Crysis mod!

+4 votes   mod: Tiberian Genesis
Grimpast Nov 29 2011, 11:40am replied:

He he,I don't know should I say this or not, because the vampire-line, but historically not very accurate to call Dracula romanian. Vlad Tepes the III was a wallachian ruler. Still Vassili_Tzaisev, your idea is great! A bloody Eastern European age! I can add a hungarian name to it! Elizabeth Báthory, the countness of Csejte, who took baths filled with blood of virgins.

Also I think your mod Ivacula is great! Have a good work!

+1 vote   mod: Age of Vampires
Grimpast Nov 20 2011, 4:20am replied:

Silly little Earthlings.

+3 votes   media: Screenies Batch 3
Grimpast Nov 16 2011, 7:03am says:

Great mod, but you didn't give credit for the musics..
At the final bossfight, what music do we hear? Not that when the enemy ninja is injured, the basic one?

+3 votes   mod: Katana
Grimpast Nov 14 2011, 8:22am says:

Nem szokásom spammelni, de hátha érdekel titeket, hadtörténelmi érdeklődésű fiúkat, de a Rubicon legújabb számában van egy cikk a honvédgyalogság fegyverzete a II. világháborúban címmel. Gondoltam szólok. Érdekes cikk.

+2 votes   mod: Hungary at War
Grimpast Nov 3 2011, 4:42pm says:

Don't forget the bicycle squad, the ragged clothes, the less of anti-tank weapons, fast moving artillery, and tanks. And you will be close to reality. :)
Joking of course. Jó munkát.

+2 votes   mod: Hungary at War
Grimpast Oct 31 2011, 3:30pm replied:

I must ask does SDK mod support to fire across warp zones with instant rifles, like minigun? At the, Feralidragon told me such weapons won't "penetrate" the zones.
Now having in mind this, my choices are the following:
1. Set aside the instant guns, enforcer won't work, make it rocket launcher, ripper, etc arena
2. give up.

+1 vote   mod: UT Community SDK
Grimpast Oct 31 2011, 12:01pm replied:

Thank you very much!

+1 vote   mod: UT Community SDK
Grimpast Oct 30 2011, 1:53pm says:

Hello guys! I'd like to make a ctf map in UT but it would be very tricky.
The map would look like this:

A round, inward curving platform based on the same idea you can see in the Space Odyssey 2001.
So is it possible to create such thing, with proper gravity, wich means not only the players would be able to run the whole place, but the projectiles too? Yes! Imagine this: You shoot with the minigun and the tracers will curve upward!
Is it possible? If yes, how? I need to know this, because I want to make that map! By the way I think your mod is fantastic! UT 99 just don't die out thanks to you! Greetings from Hungary.

+1 vote   mod: UT Community SDK
Grimpast Oct 28 2011, 4:57am says:

Hello The Silver!

You have said you didn't want to use music in the previous versions of Payne Effects, but in the nex release there might be some music. I don't know whether is decided or not, but here are some ideas wich would sound good in bullet time, but i rush to add, I don't want to force this tracks. Probably you know most of them. They are very different types of music.
1. Prodigy-Omen
2. Broken Vows, A Prayer Of Kala Rupa, An Doarach Bheag (shorter v.)
3. If you know the movie shoot 'em up, you know it has awsome soundtrack.
4. Kick *** OST: Strobe (Adagio in D Minor)
5. Joe Hisaishi - Raging men from the movie Brother (dir. Takeshi Kitano)
This is a different version.
6. Trevor Rabin & Harry Gregson-Williams: Enemy of The State - Main Theme
7. Tommy Tee: Takin Ova (Instrumental)

This is it. So have a good music listening, have a good day.

+2 votes   mod: Payne Effects 3
Grimpast Oct 19 2011, 5:41pm says:

I just dropped by to say hello.
Best wishes, and hey by the way!
In a different Max Payne 2 modification -I don't remember wich one was- I have seen a nice effect by using the ingrams (Or those were micro uzis? I don't know). So, in a nutshell, by firing one ingram in real time (no bullet time) the tracers were visible, something like you can see in the movie "The transporter"
Not very realistic, but very exciting and cool! Just an idea.

+2 votes   mod: Payne Effects 3
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