Young hungarian graphic artist.

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Grimpast May 17 2012, 4:24am replied:

In an MMO who wants to be a Space Marine really? Ok, They kick *** in battle, but usually they live a very strict and recluse life in their monastery.
I think your problem is you imagine an MMO as a Warcraft MMO. If some group want to make Warhammer online they should break from this kind of MMO convention radically.

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Grimpast May 16 2012, 8:33am says:

Nice! From non-professional voice actors, this is exemplary. And Paulie is top-notch!
Microsoft Sam can be really ****** right now, he failed the contract.
Salieri is a bit mannered though, but very good work everybody!

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Grimpast May 15 2012, 12:10pm replied:

I was just curious, I know you choosed the best ones, because you have already prooved good taste not just in the modelling of the ship but in advertising the mod too. So I have trust in you, sorry if it seemed I am nagging.

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Grimpast May 15 2012, 12:01pm replied:

But you said latin lessons spring to mind, I dared to comment such words back!
But as to thinking of it, I have should't made a connection between Ceasar and the Emperor. Because Brutus, Cassius and the others killed Caesar in order to protect the several hundred years old republic.
Horus however was/will "only" sick in mind...
But hey, as Plutarch describes the events, Ceasar yelled for his brother in greek, then he just covered his head with his toga. I know Suetonius wrote, his last words was "You too, my child?" -in greek.
Well, it is a bit hazy what happened but I am sure we will find it out here! :)

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Grimpast May 15 2012, 8:04am says:

I don't want to offend anybody and don't get me wrong but is it a good idea to sort out the roles so early, and to pick teenagers (I mean young voices) for main characters?
Ps. Before you ask, I didn't sign because I have got Hungarian accent.

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Grimpast May 15 2012, 7:54am replied:

You're right about that. Especially because he is going to run for some political position.
But hey! Didn't White Star Line build the Titanic only for profit? :)

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Grimpast May 15 2012, 7:51am replied:

Tommy, Tommy! You must be joking!

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Grimpast May 15 2012, 4:18am replied:

Yeah, but what are you saying is ancient greek. :)

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Grimpast May 14 2012, 1:27pm says:

This makes me wish to send IG troops to Pandora to deal with those annoying Na'Vis

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Grimpast May 14 2012, 1:23pm says:

Et tu, Horus?

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Grimpast May 14 2012, 1:18pm says:

He is like Chaplin in the movie Dictator:
Chaplin in the fog: Captain? Hu-hu! Captain? Hu-hu?

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Grimpast May 14 2012, 1:14pm replied:

(間) 万歳 !!!
Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!

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Grimpast May 14 2012, 12:33pm replied:

WOW is a soulless marketing ***** whom tries to get ****** as many times as possible. From Warcraft 3 the game slowly turned into a colored manga-dsiney cartoon fairy-tale.
Don't forget Blizzard made the Warcraft 3 in order to hype the already under development WOW.
So I think Warhammer will take an MMO-turn if this RPG will be succesful enough.
But I still think (exept in rare cases) average MMOs trie to get more money therefore they polish so hard the universe for the masses this can ruin the whole "soul".
Daunting task, Warhammer has a very grim dark tone, I doubt if any wanna-be MMO ever will be as dark as the rulebooks are.

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Grimpast May 14 2012, 10:35am says:

Are you shocked? It is clearly a harder task to make and maintain an MMO which takes place in the future and has an unique tone. When Blizzard made the World of Warcraft tons of medieval fantasy movies were on the market an don't forget they choosed to redesign Warcraft into an anime cartoon. Good business call, many people like anime and manga. Thousands of players paid just to play a fantasy game they weren't interested in the premises of the Warcraft universe.

But what about Warhammer Online? Can it gain new outsider subscribers who aren't familiar with the story of the Warhammer?

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Grimpast May 13 2012, 12:31pm replied:

Never underestimate the ambition of the richest. As I know on the Titanic the riveting was poorly made, this was one reason why the hull gived herself after the crash.
The accident and the reparation of the RMS Olympic (it was captain Edward Smith's fault) delayed the launch of the Titanic. Moreover forced the builders to slappy work.
But hey, Edward Smith was a terrible captain, he almost sank Titanic at Queenstown, when he tried to rush away next to smaller ships and he almost collided with the SS City of New York.
About billionare's ships.
Still in the design state:
A much worse idea than a Titanic themed ship.
I can belive this effort, because Roman Abramovich has a yacht fleet! Sure it won't be Titanic because the modernised things like horrible shopping mall, but if they wish, they can make a floating (or sinking) museum. Remember, the German city Dresden was destroyed. Yet still nowadays they are rebuilding the XVIII. century city center.
In addition if the billionare wants to see money from the ship, he must make the interior as authentic as possible, because tourists would be interested in the real look of the old Titanic. 'The name says it all' In this case, sells I might add.

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Grimpast May 13 2012, 6:12am says:

Did you hear? An Australian billionare wants to rebuild the Titanic.
It's first journey will be in 2016 between England and North America. It will have the latest (as in in 2016?) technology.
Hope they will include enough lifeboat this time. :) He has commissioned a Chinese company to construct the ship. I love Chinese culture, but where I live chinese tech is equal to lower quality... Don't judge me!
Well, Learn more:

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Grimpast May 9 2012, 6:29am replied:

Aha! The famous food chain has been proved once again. :)

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Grimpast May 8 2012, 4:35am replied:

It is a miracle they included a campaign. :)

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Grimpast May 8 2012, 4:33am replied:

So that is why the sinking of Titanic will be faster after a while when the stern will raise up. NPC's die and CPU will count less. :)

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Grimpast May 7 2012, 7:25am says:

I see Cinema 4D made an iceberg.

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Grimpast May 4 2012, 3:44pm replied:

Sounds good. But hey, I see you will include real car facing mod, I have got some questions. You will leave the motorcycles and buses in the game? Just because fully funcioning motorcycle would be great to have in the game, but real car facing solved the problem in an illusion-killer way, with dummy drivers and real actual drivers behind or next to him. So including real cars instead of motorcycles that would be great. This is my suggestion.
Oh! And there are a mod, called Mafia 1932 mod, it puts additional pedestrians who actually working, fixing cars, do things not just walking. And puts cars into parking spaces. Will you include this mod, or this feature? Because that would bring even more life into the city!
But if you want to dont forget to add some children pedestrian too, not because I want to ran over one, just Mafia game has one model in store! Thank you for reading this.

+2 votes   mod: Dr.EvilTag's Mafia Mods Total Conversion
Grimpast May 3 2012, 11:11am says:

Pheuw! Pheuw! Pheuw! Pheuw!

+1 vote   media: If repost delete, if not enjoy
Grimpast May 3 2012, 11:03am says:

Seems your work is more like a Total Compiliation of mods, than a TC.
Whaddaya say?
Don't get me wrong, it isn't a bad idea, moreover fills a gap, and still requries work, so thank you!

+2 votes   mod: Dr.EvilTag's Mafia Mods Total Conversion
Grimpast May 3 2012, 4:41am replied:

Then don't **** them up, otherwise they won't release the next Mafia. :)
But I still thinks those responsible who have the rights. But logic dictates they should give you that developer's kit, they won't release new games in the future using the LS3D engine. It is the past.
But it makes me smile. Just imagine, One day a fellow step in and insist to give him the developer's kit. "you don't need that anymore!" LOL.

+1 vote   media: Water shader mod
Grimpast May 2 2012, 3:30pm says:

LOL, looks like a scene from Worms 4!

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Grimpast May 2 2012, 3:22pm says:

New water physics?! Can you tell more about it?
Nice picture.

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Grimpast May 1 2012, 3:33pm replied:

He is right, make the new Unreal Editor in pink pattern, and with speech recognition chat robot so I can order the editor from my bed. Oh and I need new UT, with ragdoll!

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Grimpast Apr 29 2012, 7:54am replied:

You are a real "warhammer hipster" :)

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Grimpast Apr 29 2012, 7:50am replied:

Yeah, Adeptus Arbites uses Cyber Mastiffs.

+1 vote   media: Art by higherdepths
Grimpast Apr 26 2012, 4:19am says:

I liked to shoot my way through the Hotel Corleone in the Mafia game, this ship is just one big hotel, I am really looking forward to do this again!

But Mrrbobville! Stupid idea, but I just imagined this mod without Tommy and Paulie. Salieri and Morello both were friends like Paulie and Tommy, and they were at the same age in 1912 like Tommy was in 1938. And they worked for Don Peppone. If you would have made this characters into the story instead of the 1938's in that case the story could have fit into the Mafia universe pretty good! Because how old was Tommy in 1912? Twelve! And Salieri and Morello split the mafia realm into half later in the 20's.

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