Hey there, I'm James Pizzurro, probably known to you as 'Grey Echo' or 'madkowa', if at all. I specialized in programming for the Source engine under the now defunct Agent Red Productions, but I did some compiling, mapping and animating work from time to time too. I was also an occasional guest host for Podcast 17.

Summary List Popular Mod Development
Situation Outbreak
Half-Life 2

1. Situation Outbreak

3 years ago Released Sep 13, 2009 Multiplayer First Person Shooter

Situation Outbreak is an Orange Box mod about the impending zombie apocalypse. Armed with nothing but a 9mm and a pair of brass knuckles, you must do...

Half-Life 2

2. Contingency

2 years ago Released Dec 31, 2011 Multiplayer First Person Shooter

As a member of an elite rebel fighting force based out of City 17, you and your four comrades have found yourself in a most hopeless situation: an unstoppable...

Lethal Stigma
Half-Life 2

3. Lethal Stigma

3 years ago Released Aug 12, 2010 Multiplayer First Person Shooter

Lethal Stigma is a multiplayer role-playing first-person shooter for the Source engine. Taking place in the Half-Life 2 universe, LS immerses the player...

Situation Outbreak Two
Counter-Strike: Source

4. Situation Outbreak Two

2 years ago TBD Multiplayer First Person Shooter

Situation Outbreak Two, the prequel to the original Half-Life 2 total conversion that started it all, is an upcoming "stand-alone" Counter-Strike: Source...

Headcrab Hunter 2
Counter-Strike: Source

5. Headcrab Hunter 2

7 years ago Released Dec 28, 2007 Multiplayer First Person Shooter

Headcrab Hunter 2 is a complete mod for Counter-Strike: Source. While it is similar to most zombie-based mods out there, it's also different in many ways...

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