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gremstein 6hours 48mins ago says:

Totally stuck. I'm at the part after you get off the elevator.. just got the blood in the jar, but I can't for the life of me figure out what to do next. I interacted with everything in every room 3 times. Lab doesn't work, can't use the rusty key, didn't get any notes on anything, just stuck. What do I do?

+1 vote   mod: Final Revelations --Released--
gremstein Jun 17 2015, 1:28am says:

I'm stuck (again) with this mod. I'm at the part where you jump down from the ventilation system, and you see the mysterious figure in the fog through the window. I can't crawl back into the ventilation no matter what I tried, and the only way to go seems to be to release the monster in the room across the hall. Problem. Monster comes out, he's way too fast for me to avoid, He is able to strike me three times within the span of a two seconds, and there are literally zero places for me to hide from it. Spoil it for me, please, I don't care. What the hell am I supposed to do here? I can't get into the room it came out of, or back into the one I came out of because the monster is way too fast.

+1 vote   mod: Penumbra: Necrologue
gremstein Aug 2 2014, 7:53pm replied:

I still can't find the prison guard key.. where the hell is it?

+1 vote   mod: Castle Darkuan
gremstein Jul 22 2014, 8:55pm says:

How do I get out of the area with the crashed stairwell? I went over every inch of it and couldn't find anything.

+1 vote   mod: A Story Of Death
gremstein Jul 14 2014, 3:44am says:

Not a bad mod overall.. a little too big, though. And please never put in the loud sounds again.. it's not scary, it's just annoying.

0 votes   mod: ONLY FEAR
gremstein Apr 4 2014, 5:20pm says:

This mod is amazing, I loved it. Are there any plans to do the other episodes, or even doom 2 in this manner?

+1 vote   mod: Classic Doom 3
gremstein Mar 17 2014, 6:51pm says:

I just wanted to comment on this one, aside from the impossible to find tunnel people have mentioned, my only real complaint was I thought some of the levels were a little too large and long winded, but otherwise I thought the level design was great. It was a good atmosphere, the decor fit, and I didn't notice any graphical glitches.

The story was pretty disturbing, I thought the two little twists involving the Earl were pretty good.

I'd give this one an 8/10, it had a nice amount of gameplay, and showed alot of promise. If you make another one, I'd be happy to play it.

+1 vote   mod: Escape from Brackenburg
gremstein Oct 21 2013, 1:10am says:

Forgive my technical ignorance, but what is the major difference here compared to the regular game?

+1 vote   media: New system of lights
gremstein Sep 28 2013, 12:06am says:


How do you do the sidequest in the kitchen? I picked up a bucket, but I couldn't do anything with it.

+1 vote   mod: Detorcium
gremstein Sep 27 2013, 6:14pm says:

I would like to post my personal thoughts on this mod *possible spoilers*

From a design standpoint, this mod is great. The environment looks like it had alot of work put into it, and the addition of some stuff I haven't seen in either Amnesia or Penumbra was a pleasant surprise. The pace at which things flow is pretty decent, although overall it was a bit short.

The monsters were what polarized me a bit, personally. Specifically, the water monster downstairs. I managed to get through it without dying at all, but I felt more annoyed than scared of it. It just would not go away. I respect your decision to add a greater challenge to it, it was certainly one of the most difficult encounters I've ever had with this game. But between that and the brute who wouldn't despawn, I felt like I didn't really have much time to appreciate the atmosphere, or do any real exploring.

And at the end.. perhaps there is another route and I simply don't know... but eaten by dogs? That was a bit of a let down, especially after all the effort I put into getting out of the flooded basement, and away from the psycho kaernk.

Overall not bad though.. I can tell you put alot of work into this. I would be interested to hear your thoughts behind why you tweaked the monsters the way you did.

+2 votes   mod: Disponentia
gremstein Sep 18 2013, 7:56pm says:

Do waaaaaant. I need something awesome to counteract the disappointment of machine for pigs. This looks like it might hit the spot.

+3 votes   mod: Penumbra: Necrologue
gremstein Sep 12 2013, 10:20pm replied:

Well played, sir. I stand corrected.

+1 vote   mod: Key to Freedom
gremstein Sep 12 2013, 8:24pm replied:

I tried to, but the hammer wouldn't work on the lock. I also threw everything I could find at it. Nothing I have tried works on it.

+1 vote   mod: Key to Freedom
gremstein Sep 12 2013, 4:29am says:

I'm stuck after the downstairs chase in the tower. I read a previous comment where you mentioned the drill, but I had to break the drill in order to open the door to escape that area, and I no longer have it, and I don't know what else to do. Please help me out.

Sidenote- love the story so far, but I can't finish it because of this and that sucks.

+1 vote   mod: Key to Freedom
gremstein Jun 25 2013, 10:51pm says:

Watching this one for sure.

+1 vote   mod: Penumbra: Necrologue
gremstein May 15 2013, 3:16am replied:

I'm sorry, it's still a waste of programming to me. I'm all for thinking outside the box.. and you have already shown your ability to do that with candles that can be picked up, monster dolls, the element of burying the dead guy, and not relying on cheap jumpscares. I just don't understand why you feel it necessary to tease your players with a ******** key that does nothing.

0 votes   mod: Down the rabbit hole REMAKE
gremstein May 13 2013, 5:43pm replied:

Well I've already beaten the CS, I just went through again when I figured out where the key is supposed to be used... May I suggest if the key ended up being useless to simply remove it from the CS entirely? I hate doors I can't open, and to tease us with a key that won't work is even worse.
Good CS otherwise, though. I liked the ability to pick up candles and the grunt doll was hilarious.

0 votes   mod: Down the rabbit hole REMAKE
gremstein May 13 2013, 12:47pm says:

How do I use the bronze key? The padlock says it's rusted...

+1 vote   mod: Down the rabbit hole REMAKE
gremstein Nov 24 2012, 11:19pm says:

Not bad, but try making a CS without a hundred lame jump scares.

+2 votes   mod: Dark Saloon
gremstein Nov 24 2012, 9:37pm says:

This mod has some of the most interesting layout's I've seen in any custom story. I loved the castle courtyard, as well as the "peasant" house you explore before entering the castle grounds.

The monsters were well placed and didn't feel forced down your throat. And best of all NO LAME *** JUMP SCARES.

Please make more!

+1 vote   mod: Castle Dorian - [Full Version]
gremstein Nov 20 2012, 8:19pm says:

Very creative mod, certainly one of the most I've ever seen. I have only one major complaint. The brick puzzle... Oh god.. the brick puzzle. Not because it was hard, but because I felt like a dog playing fetch having to go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. What exactly was your intention with that one? It wasn't challenging, it didn't add anything to the story. It was just flat out annoying.
Other than that, I wouldn't have minded more uses for the lightbulbs, as I like the concept that you did there to play off the tinderbox mechanic..
Overall very good.

+1 vote   mod: White Night
gremstein Oct 23 2012, 3:50pm replied:

I'm not sure how I could be of help, but if you need any let me know. Like I said this is damn close to the best CS I've played.

+2 votes   mod: The Castle of Eberfield
gremstein Oct 23 2012, 3:40pm replied:

I also noticed when I exited the dungeons, it placed me outside of the upper level room in the brightly lit hub. I also had alot of seemingly useless items, such as an extra lantern when I entered the dungeons, and two wax cylinders.
This has the potential to be the best CS I've ever played, I love the length of it, and the exploring, the monster placements are great, and the creep factor is on par.
I really think that if you streamlined the item management, and got rid of the pointless jump scares that this would be a really really good CS.

+2 votes   mod: The Castle of Eberfield
gremstein Oct 23 2012, 3:57am replied:

It was creepy.. but seemed a little out of place.

+2 votes   mod: The Castle of Eberfield
gremstein Oct 23 2012, 3:55am says:

Pretty good so far... my only complaint is the jump scares. Is it really necessary? You already have good enough scary atmosphere going on with the way you bring the monsters out, why bother with cheap jump scares? It really takes me out of the whole story. The one in the sewers pushed me through a wall and I fell through the world. Kind of ruins the experience =P
But really, other than that I like it. I'll finish it tomorrow to see what happens.

+2 votes   mod: The Castle of Eberfield
gremstein Aug 27 2012, 1:24am says:

Got to the tomb, but was completely unable to jump, so I couldn't figure out what to do. Seriously dude, I love your concept, but just leave all the controls on default =X
No more crawling, no gimping, and let me jump =X

+2 votes   mod: The Tomb
gremstein Aug 9 2012, 2:11am replied:

Don't take my comment as to say this is a bad mod. I'm actually really interested to see where you're going with what's going on here. I don't want to risk spoilers so I won't say it though. And going through a partially rebuilt Brennenburg is really cool (even if some of it is nothing like it was before =])
Keep up the work man, I definitely see potential in this mod.

+2 votes   mod: The Tomb
gremstein Aug 9 2012, 1:31am says:

I love the concept you're working here, but the slow walking parts, and now the crawling parts I find very annoying. I mean I get that I fell down, but I still didn't enjoy having to crawl my way through the place. I got stuck in the "hub" outside the orb chamber, I was exploring the room with the half-down door, and I got stuck and couldn't get out.

Again, love the concept, I just don't understand the need for the slow walking and crawling thing, it doesn't add any atmosphere, it just makes the game drag and feel tedious.

+3 votes   mod: The Tomb
gremstein Aug 9 2012, 12:36am says:

I like the layout, and the use of monsters was good, but there are as stated alot of little glitches, and for god's sakes man cut back on the total insanity effect. The high pitched squeal and loss of control from this is not fun or challenging, it's simply annoying. Once or twice would have been fine, but I felt like every 5 minutes my guy collapsed.

+3 votes   mod: The Library
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