Working as 3D Artist/ Level Designer on a not announced WW2/Wild West project.

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Greathero Jun 15 2014, 4:06am says:

Here is also the Quote from the BIS Arma 2 forum section.

"Hey everyone, long time no post!

As anyone still tracking the mod knows we've been pretty quiet with the build up to 2.7's release there's been a number of reasons for this, but the main cause has been some issues that arose after implementing Gnat's plane overhaul when we went back to integrate some new features to the tanks we started having some severe issues with the mod and have had a hell of a time locating them.

As a result we have decided to do a mini roll back and are now in the process of reimplementing the features to a relatively bug-free version which should smooth out the process and hopefully mean we'll have something ready to release soon (I know its been said before, hopefully this time soon does mean SOON and not a few months down the line).

Currently the plan is to release a test 2.69 version to get something mostly playable out to you guys that we can get some feedback on, as our team size has now dwindled to pretty much two active members working on A2 we are VERY limited in what we can do, so please do not request new features or units at this stage, we just do not have the time or manpower to do it. Our sole focus is on getting the final version out for A2 that features our advanced tank and plane damage systems so that you guys have something solid to play with.


We have not forgotten nor abandoned the mod, we just do not have the time or people to dedicate to its production that we used to have, and as we aren't paid for any of this work, other things do take priority so I hope you can understand the delays and keep feeding positive thoughts our way. We really want to get 2.7 out as it is a lot of fun to play!

Thanks for all your patience and look forward to seeing you in the skies soon!

Cheers, Pac.

You can find the full Quote in BIS forum too:

+2 votes   mod: Invasion 1944 v3
Greathero Jun 15 2014, 3:49am says:

The mod isn´t dead yet they just haven´t updatet moddb but in BIS Forum they posted a few videos/pictures. I will post you a quote from Pac which should clear some things up.

"Hey guys as some of you probably don't watch the A2 thread anymore I thought I better post a mini progress update here to let you all know where we are officially with the A3 version...

Currently the active team is VERY small due to real life commitments, and those of us still working are SOLELY focused on getting 2.7 out for A2 at this stage. Mainly due to the fact that the work on new features going into 2.7 will translate over the A3 so by finishing them there first, they will plug in much easier to A3 post 2.7's release.

The screenshots and videos posted so far covers most of what we have ingame and playable in A3 so far. Once 2.7 is out of the way we will be looking at getting a very small release for A3 out so you guys can play with what we have working so far. As the future of its development is still very much in the design and development stages do not expect anywhere near the wealth of A2's content to be part of the A3 release. Again the A3 version is NOT a port of the A2 content, though some content will transfer over, a vast amount of it is just too out of date to port well into the new engine.
So TL;DR - A3 is not dead, just on hold. 2.7 is our primary focus and should be out soon. When we have new info to post we will. Until then know we are working on getting back on track and something playable out to you all ASAP. Thanks for your continued interest and support!"

The full Quote can you find here in BIS forum:

+1 vote   mod: Invasion 1944 v3
Greathero Jun 15 2014, 3:30am says:

Looks cool, way better than the portet model. Arma 2 vanilla model looked way to angled to me.

+3 votes   news: Czechoslovak soldier - new model for ArmA III
Greathero May 1 2014, 5:41pm says:

Really sad you aren´t move to Arma 3 but thank you for the final update!

+12 votes   news: CSLA Mod ver. 2.26 has been released!
Greathero Apr 9 2014, 5:22am says:

Hi, how will FH2 deal with the end of gamespy 31. may this year?

+3 votes   mod: Forgotten Hope 2
Greathero Dec 2 2013, 4:57pm replied:

Yeah I looking forward to see a really dirty/muddy map!

+3 votes   news: Verdun Status
Greathero Nov 15 2013, 7:57am says:

Just WoW

+7 votes   media: A Siege
Greathero Nov 12 2013, 3:15pm says:

Good to see you back in the game!

+5 votes   mod: Invasion 1944 v3
Greathero Oct 8 2013, 6:18pm says:

Looking good :D I love the blue guy ;D

+1 vote   media: poster1
Greathero Oct 2 2013, 2:32pm says:

Looking good

+2 votes   media: The Fellowship of the Ring Wallpaper
Greathero Sep 26 2013, 6:35am says:

Nice skins lot better than the stock ones definitly tracking this one.

+3 votes   mod: "Scorched Earth" - Realism Mod for CoH2
Greathero Sep 26 2013, 6:34am says:

Better than the stock ones! Keep it on

+3 votes   media: Panzergrenadiers, Summer
Greathero Sep 26 2013, 6:33am says:

nICE LOVE the skins... the vanila ones are so ugly..

+11 votes   media: Grenadiers, Summer
Greathero Aug 12 2013, 3:13pm says:

Holydays over now normal life starts again and also work on my maps :D
pls take a look at our forum to help with the trenches or go for the tripwire forum

+4 votes   mod: Grabenkrieg: The Great War 1914–1918
Greathero Jul 7 2013, 4:48am says:

Awesome trenches ;D

+4 votes   news: The Somme - In Game Media
Greathero Jul 6 2013, 3:48pm says:


+3 votes   media: Ostheer Release Trailer
Greathero Jun 29 2013, 12:16pm replied:

Yeah sadly we sorry for this.

+2 votes   mod: Grabenkrieg: The Great War 1914–1918
Greathero Jun 5 2013, 3:43pm replied:

Yeah R0tzbua worked on The Trenches back in time :D

+2 votes   news: Media Release 5/2013: Whistleblower Edition
Greathero May 19 2013, 7:16pm says:

I really love the sturmgepäck nice work

+1 vote   media: German Uniform [Old]
Greathero May 19 2013, 1:25pm says:

Looking awesome

+2 votes   media: Maschinengewehr 08
Greathero May 19 2013, 1:23pm replied:

If you bought RO2 you can play RS for free when it is release but only as rifleman. If you want to play all classes you have to buy it now or later.

+3 votes   news: Rising Storm Available for Pre-Purchase
Greathero May 17 2013, 3:00pm says:

Website is back online!

+3 votes   mod: Grabenkrieg: The Great War 1914–1918
Greathero May 17 2013, 9:29am says:

Install 2d time now because steam hates me broke the DL at 90%...

+5 votes   news: Rising Storm Available for Pre-Purchase
Greathero May 4 2013, 11:27am replied:

Yeah we thought about it and it will appear maybe not in the inital release but later definitly and we wait for RS that they bring the RS to RO2 aswell.

+2 votes   mod: Grabenkrieg: The Great War 1914–1918
Greathero Apr 29 2013, 4:33pm says:

Played yesterday with BW E3_Untis on the ported cherno from AIA was totaly awesome

+2 votes   mod: =ARC= Mods (Units & Vehicles)
Greathero Apr 13 2013, 1:05pm replied:

Thanks, I really looking forword to replace the Stock trees with the awesome trees our environment designers are working on.

+3 votes   media: Serre
Greathero Apr 13 2013, 1:03pm replied:

Yeah so much crater 1600 I made so far and I only working on 1/2 map atm.

+2 votes   media: Serre british trenches
Greathero Apr 4 2013, 5:52pm says:

ON Steam RO2 free weekend + 85% discount + 4 new community maps which gone offical.

+5 votes   game: Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
Greathero Apr 4 2013, 11:12am says:

We will try to release a next Media update tomorrow, so watch out for it!

+7 votes   mod: Grabenkrieg: The Great War 1914–1918
Greathero Apr 2 2013, 4:48am replied:

Nice to hear that

+4 votes   mod: UNSUNG VIETNAM MOD
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