I like to modificate the C&C Renegade and make other games. That's a reason why I registered here. Thank you, Moddb, you are my second home. Creating so much different and interesting things - this is my main priority now. I'm glad to see my works alive. Also thank you, guys and girls, for your brilliant support. That's all what I wish to say.

Review RSS Feed SAGE (Strategy Action Game Engine)
9 Review

Engine Review on Nov 15th, 2011

The modern engine itself isn't bad and the old graphics is good for its time, but due to the EA projects I give 9/10

- GraYaSDF (Commando Assault author)

Redsun RTS
10 Review

Game Review on Sep 7th, 2011

Battleground is another RTS game than "Commando Assault" but very interesting too. It allows to train your infantry and vehicles and make them stronger by using special points as in RPG. And your soldiers can get in the vehicles for a special abilities, etc. The plot of this RTS/RPG hybrid is to kick some aliens and cram them back to their homeland but there is another feature. People found that alien bodies are allocating a unique energy resources that can be used in different industries.

The second game which is Red Sun is pretty good too, also nominated by ModDB Editor's Choice as one of the best apps. The plot is simple, confrontation between Alliance and Soviet Union just like in many games, but the gameplay is awesome. Developers are our friends and professional gamemakers, and they are going to make a great game. I think you will like it, just play it.

- GraYaSDF (Commando Assault programmer, Battleground voice actor and third musician, Red Sun second musician)

C&C: Renegade
10 Review

Game Review on Nov 18th, 2010

One of the best classic shooters that allows you not only to purchase and use vehicles, weapons, characters, to play insane matches of AOW Marathon and Co-op with your friends, but even to make own modifications, new game modes, and games based on its engine. For now it is almost open source, and has a good clone called Renegade X, so... yeah, Westwood Studios rules the world forever!

- GraYaSDF (Commando Assault author)

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