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Private Infiltrator

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quotes from the dev of Private Infiltrator on groupees chat:

"I sort of pirate everything before purchasing."

"Like i said, i like trying games before purchasing them, especially to avoid such issues."

"Piracy is not inherently bad. Like i said, i want to try games out before actually purchasing them to avoid issues."

"I end up paying for most of the games i pirate, unless they have issues with my hardware or are horrible. In which case, i wouldn't purchase them in the first place."


I Shall Remain

Game review - 1 agrees - 1 disagrees

The game is quite fun and I would score it about a 7 or 8 but it has a ton of issues which mean I'm marking it down until they are fixed.

Almost no integration with desura. They are just using desura to launch their installer, so you have to manually install it and choose the directory etc. Afterwards you can only launch from start menu, not from desura, which just launches the installer again.

No subtitles. As a deaf gamer this is a big minus for me.

No 360 pad support. You can remap the keys but without something like xpadder (which either costs money or doesn't work under win7 64) you can't map the movement mushrooms to movement. Since the game lets you run with shift anyway there should be proper analogue movement with joystick axes even if that's just normal move or run if you move the joystick to the edge.

There's no penalty for running and you can do as much as you want so why even bother having a toggle on/off for it? Just use the analogue stick, or set the character to run by default on keyboard and press button/toggle to walk, since most people will want to run.

[minor] Can't use the keyboard or mouse scroll wheel in options UI.

No tutorial or tips, e.g. how to use items at bottom of screen like medpack, open inventory etc.

When you die, so much crap gets splattered over the screen that you can hardly see the playing area, which is quite disconcerting. It feels basically like going from playing the game to a test card.

Why does pressing the attack button once per swing attack with no delay, while holding the button down puts a delay between swings?

It seems your team don't come back when you die, so although in non-hardcore mode you respawn it's still tougher. It's like losing powerups in a shmup on death and not getting the chance to get them back.

Intro narration should run each time. Shouldn't have to edit a file to get it back. How hard is hitting ESC once?

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