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Nightmare Island Text Adventure

Game review

Tropical Heat Jet Ski Racing

Game review - 1 agrees

It's very, very bad. Just no fun at all. I don't recommend it.


Second Life

Game review - 2 agree - 1 disagrees

Too many technical problems.


Tomes of Mephistopheles

Game review - 1 disagrees

Game is abandoned by they continue to try to sell it.



Game review - 5 agree - 3 disagree

A nicely-done cartoon art style but an absolutely terrible and boring game. I know people often say this, but there are plenty of free flash games that are far more entertaining than this. It is not worth any amount of money.

The kick in the teeth is you can't redefine the controls, you can't use a controller and there's no score.


Voxel Runner

Game review - 2 agree - 3 disagree

It's a rip off of bittrip runner. It makes me so angry.

Honestly, copying another game but undercutting their price is just shameful, embarassing, infuriating.

I really hope this guy gets sued.



Game review - 6 agree - 2 disagree

Updated: Dec 2013:
(Score lowered due to almost total lack of progress in the last year)

This game was in a groupees bundle in April 2013. On the bundle page and on desura at the same time was this trailer dating from november 2012:
It shows a sandbox rpg game with character customization, mobs, combat, npcs, furniture, buildings, all this stuff. What you actually got was a basic generated landscape that you could interact with in a minecraft way but using polygons instead of blocks. No mobs, no character customization, no npcs or rpg game type stuff like the trailer showed.

But still, all that stuff would come soon right? With the money from sales on desura and from the bundle they would go on to develop this into the full game from the trailer, right?

Well no It's now December 2013 and there hasn't been a single update to the game since the groupees bundle in April. There have only been two updates in the whole of 2013 in fact and basically we haven't moved forward at all. It's still just a landscape with glitchy digging and building (seriously, the selection cursor on the tools is very difficult to control). You can see through the world, the digging is very inconsistent and hard to control. In fact the challenge in the game (and it's not a game) is digging a hole and then trying to get out of it.

The full price of this game on desura was always set to £30 but they were giving a 75% off "it's alpha!" discount. This was still way too expensive. Now the discount is gone. They are asking the full £30 for this tech demo which is proceeding at a glacial pace.

I cannot stress this enough: Do not buy this. I can't see it turning into a real game at all. Ever. You are just throwing good money away.



Game review - 2 agree

This is a very short batch script full of echos, inputs, ifs and gotos. It has been turned into an exe with some utility and then packed with UPX.

Calling it a text adventure is an insult to real text adventures or interactive fiction which have working parsers, inventory systems, real plots, dynamic locations, dialogue, etc.

This "game" basically consists of some awful, juvenile, sexual "jokes" such as you might find on those parts of the internet that make you hit your back button as fast as you can with an extremely rudimentary system for travelling between them. (Basically multiple choice but you are forced to type out the whole option exactly).

I wouldn't install something like this. I don't think it does anything evil but I'm not going to run it to find out. The text inside the file if you un-UPX is does reference rmdir. Let's hope this is just some automatically-generated thing by the script-to-exe program and nothing malicious.

edit: Hmm. It's weird that Desura wouldn't let me rate the game 0. It says "The rating field must be greater than one". Actually they should have but "greater than or equal to".



Game review - 2 disagree

Unskippable screens on boot raise the blood pressure.
No graphics options whatsoever.
Game runs at between 2 to 5 FPS on my machine. (And I can run Crysis2 etc. fine).
No way to exit except Alt F4.

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