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grantelicious Feb 9 2010, 3:39am says:

Pretty crap year for mods and games in general really. I would like to see mods have the glory days of old back but development will increasingly because more expensive.

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grantelicious Dec 18 2009, 4:21pm says:

Much better than MP SA and MTA Race OWNS!

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grantelicious Oct 28 2009, 2:05pm says:

I got 50MB Virgin and I couldn't ever go back to 20MB because it's just so fast and so smooth. I remember being on 28.8K back in the day and man I dunno how I ever lived like that.

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grantelicious Oct 28 2009, 2:02pm says:

I prefer this to SA MP cause of the Race and the map maker and all of that but just a shame it isn't as popular as SA MP.

Whats funny is APB is coming out as an MMORPG with only 100 people per server and these games have 128-500 people per server.

I also think the Menus in MTA are alot better than GTA 4 MP. I don't have to go into single player to bring up my mobile to just be sent out of single player into the multiplayer menu. Then use a horrible server browser with no customization what so ever and then to get outta the game once on a server it takes about 20 menus to do that.

The server browser and menus are just a copy of Valves style and I'm glad cause Valve gets it so right.

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grantelicious Oct 28 2009, 1:58pm says:

I played it but the game likes to crash alot and frigging hate how you cant strafe and run which makes movement feel too restricted. I also thought the menus are still horrible like I'm still forced to play a class I don't want to play cause everyone has all the good weapons. Theres often no timer when you join the server to when you'll respawn and generally the menus are unclear and pretty horrible.

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grantelicious Oct 5 2009, 4:41am says:

What I loved about MTA was the Race Mod but they don't advertside that so noone plays it anymore. It was so much fun racing on the user created tracks.

I hate this version of the mod cause the gameplay of getting outta ur car and running around just isn't fun, specially witht he crap combat and all the lag.

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grantelicious Sep 15 2009, 12:30pm buried:


Im reporting you to the license golder of Dawn of the Dead for profiting off their license.

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grantelicious Mar 4 2009, 7:53am says:

How the **** didn't Insurgency make it to the top 10? It's way better than most of them mods.

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grantelicious Jan 5 2009, 12:43pm says:

Ok the 3 lines didn't show how I wanted them to but imagine like a sideways M shaped pathway which was split up by walls and the spawns were on each end of the M.

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grantelicious Jan 5 2009, 12:41pm says:

I havn't seen anything that has blew me away yet so the competition is still up for grabs.

I just want to see something original and innovative because I've seen all these recreations of things of real life been done before and they always play very boring.

Some of the best maps I played on CSS for example were ones that used the physics like the two towers where the CT's spawned in one and the T's spawned in the other and sniped eachother and the towers slowly broke apart and fell down because you could shoot the wood out which were supporting features on the tower. Another one was kdr_glassfloor where it was a layout like...


you could shoot the walls out inbetween to get through and there was two layers of glass floor which were like glas tiles that you could shoot out which were supported by beams which you could also shoot out. Obviously you couldn't throw nades over the walls but the nades did take out alot fo glass.

These are two not very good looking or complex maps but they were amazingly fun to play.

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grantelicious Dec 30 2008, 9:51am says:

I just played it and the game has potential but two things will kill it...

1. Poor map design
2. Poor art direction which is generic and makes the game uninteresting.

I think the game would be much more at home on Unreal Engine 3 but not much support for that.

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grantelicious Dec 29 2008, 7:50pm says:

1. Saying "The Galaxy's most violent sport" sounds lame.
2. Galaxies* not Galaxy's.

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grantelicious Dec 29 2008, 10:35am says:

I used a video called VT_Basic_Room from google and it was really well done and taught me how to do the basics. Then obviously I found more advanced videos to show me how to do more stuff. I've created a few CS:S maps but what I don't like about Hammer is I found myself having to do lots of work arounds to do stuff that I want instead of being able to create them in Hammer myself. When I started to learn how to use Unreal Engine 3 I found that to be much better.

I havn't used Hammer in years though so it might havn't changed.

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grantelicious Dec 23 2008, 8:23pm says:

Lewis wrote:
What makes someone "educated?" An educated person wants to know and will make an effort to find out things. An uneducated person tends not to bother. Here's a simple example. An educated person, confronted with a word he doesn't know, is likely to look it up. He wants to improve his understanding (of language, of the world). An uneducated person isn't going to bother.

And some people just don't give a ****.

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grantelicious Dec 22 2008, 6:30am says:

I don't like the new character model, sure it's better than the old ones but he still has no personality and comes off generic.

Look at these guys for example, they're so simple and yet each one has their own quality to attract you to the game. The guy in the middle has a fantastic manly face that if was one of the character models in this game would play because of that.

With CS theres 4 very different models to attract people but with this game you can't esactly do that because it wouldn't be realistic. So you have to base everything on the face...... this guys face just has no quality to it.

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grantelicious Dec 12 2008, 5:02pm says:

What you're saying to me is this is a mod so don't expect it to be as good but all the things I see wrong with the game have nothing to do with that. Counter Strike was a mod and yet it was amazing and so was TFC and weekday warrior.

The thing is if you're going to create a multiplayer FPS that doesn't do anything new then do it well, polish it up abit and make things better. You don't have that Luxury of not being polished because you arn't a mod that is trying to change how things work. Modding used to be about giving something to the players that they don't have like multiplayer in GTA:SA or doing innovative things like Garry's Mod.

Theres tons of mods like Insurgency and it'll get lost into the crowd and die with the rest of them if you don't make certain changes. If you don't want helicopters in the game then thats fine but don't have a useless RPG class in there then. That is something that shouldn't have gone live in the first place.

Insurgency is a fantastic mod but would I play it over whats already out there? No. I dunno maybe I'm looking at things differently because I'm thinking about popularity and maybe you're just creating the mod to improve your skills and being creative or trying to get into the industry as a paid developer like the Minerva guy.

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grantelicious Dec 12 2008, 4:57pm says:

I feel like my complaints are reasonable and really the only real currency in the world is Time... aslong as you have money. People who play mods though have money so they can go out and buy these big budget games. I feel like Insurgency is in direct competition with games like COD4 and I don't like COD4 myself but it has done some things right that it doesn't hurt for mods to build upon. What I'm trying to say is people arn't going to play Insurgency just because it's free if theres a better game out there because we only have a limited amount of time so we choose it to play the best games.

I don't think any of the things I've said are hard to do... I'm not asking anything you havn't already done. Like making better character models isn't hard as I see tons of amazing models for source games all the time on fpsbanana. Improving the voice acting work is something that is done by what you did before but getting better actors. Making the menus are intuitive and improving the class system so it doesn't punish you for joining late or make your time unfun by pushing you to play something you don't want to do is just a matter of changing some mechanics of the game.

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grantelicious Dec 12 2008, 8:46am says:

- My other problem is for the average user they want feedback to how they died or else they find it frustrating. In Insurgency it is very easy to be taken out and not even know how or where and you don't know its coming. That might be great in real life but in games it just becomes annoying. I'm not saying put in a kill cam, though that would be kool but do something to give you more feedback. What would be kool is if you get hit in the leg then you limp or if you get hit in the arm then you lose accuracy. IF you get hit in the chest you go down and have to call for a medic to come drag you away and heal you.

- Why is there an RPG class when theres no vehicles? Seems rather stupid... give the Marines the ability to call in Helicopters or something and then straight away theres a use for it.

I like the game and it is my fave multiplayer Source mod but theres too many things wrong with it to make it attractive to people.

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grantelicious Dec 12 2008, 8:42am says:

- The character customization is a pretty lackluster feature and people playing an FPS don't care for it, even if you add in more features. I really don't understand why you didn't emulate what Valve has done to good effect with all their games and had 4 different character models per side.

- Theres alot of really poor maps and the standard of some is really inconsistent because some maps will looks really great and others will just look terrible. You even have some parts on really good maps that are nasty and need to be redone. Keep Baghdad, Hillah, Ramadi, Samawah and Abdallah but ditch all the others because they arn't good enough and arn't fun to play. I love the night version but wheres the night vision?

- I also find the class system to be very flawed because it punishes me for joining the game late by making me pick the crap class noone wants to play. I still don't understand why there isn't a medic support class and why the current support can't give out ammo to team mates to encourage teamwork and get rid of ammo cache. I don't understand why they're split into 2 squads aswel because in a public game you and your friends will always be split up. I just don't get what you're going for here and it doesn't work well for public games atleast. I'd much prefer a COD4 style system... well I really like the whole CS buying guns but I don't spose that would make sense in Insurgency. I just want choice of my class and not be restricted and I want choice over the weapons I can carry and use. Like I said before where is the night vision for night maps?

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grantelicious Dec 12 2008, 8:40am says:

I do like the game but the problem is theres better more polished products out there and new ones coming out each year so you have to fight against them. I feel like there are too many problems with Insurgency that need to be fixed but the current Insurgency community on the forums just flame everyone who wants changes, which are for the better.

- The game menus are cumbersome to use like how you have to switch class by going through chosing a side in the team again is really annoying. I don't get why it doesn't let you choose a class sometimes and gives no indication to why.. obviously it's because the team is full but why couldn't it have said that to me before?

- The character models, animations and voice acting is just terrible and that puts most people off that I know because they are sooo bland looking and very low detail. I hate how the eyes don't blink too, for some reason that always bothers me and I hate how they have no idle animation when they are standing there theres no life to them. The voice work is just terrible and what I don't get is why your character says reloading randomly? I'm trying to sneak behind the enemy and yet him going "reloading" just gave me away! The whole way they hold the gun and reloading animations aswel are just not good.

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grantelicious Dec 11 2008, 5:33am says:

Yeh but the whole draw distance limit thing isn't good for when the two sides meet at A and you can't see the top of the cliff face with the huts but when you turn around they pop up in the corner of your view. It just really breaks the map for me and makes it unplayable.

I don't remember ever seeing things like that in Valve made games... but then again that could just be the skybox beign used in the background to good effect.

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grantelicious Dec 10 2008, 5:45am says:

What I hate is the fog int he background and wish they'd let us see as far as the eye could see instead of seeing the map slowly pop up as you run forward.

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grantelicious Nov 23 2008, 6:01pm says:

No thats just his jacket covering his waistline.

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grantelicious Nov 23 2008, 2:43am says:

The winner should be called Chicago Ted.

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grantelicious Nov 23 2008, 2:39am says:

It's called "The Chav"

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grantelicious Nov 23 2008, 2:38am says:

That one is based on Gabe

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grantelicious Nov 23 2008, 2:35am says:

that baby wud scare the **** outta me

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grantelicious Nov 23 2008, 2:32am says:

Oliver is the best!

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grantelicious Nov 22 2008, 5:54am says:

I want a homeless guy :(

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grantelicious Oct 25 2008, 10:42am says:

I did but only ever for the original HL mods like CS and TFC.

Now however theres tooo many crap mods.

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