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Command & Conquer: New War

Early access mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

This is just a wannabe Mental Omega.

Also, the "project leader" is a known stalker and griever who basically just abuses the goodwill of any newcomer to the RA2 modding community - whom are blinded by the stuff others made before themselves realized that.


C&C Tiberian Dawn Advanced

Mod review - 1 agree

This review is based on TDA version 2.2 with the tda submod.

Unfortunately, while it's nice to see a third-party OpenRA mod released... I cannot say I am happy to see this one.

This mod is broken. Beyond possible. The author mixed space-indenting with the default tab-indenting, which results in some hilariously bad bugs, like GDI cannot train basic infantry and such.

The other issue is that the mod author encourages players to overwrite the default OpenRA C&C mod with his... mess. It also edits the modchooser which no mod should ever touch even.

There are mods which are in Obvious Beta mode. However, this is only an Obvious Alpha at best.

Right now I can give 1 for the effort and 2 for the green UI which actually looks really pleasing to see and is the sole reason to give this mod a try.

I'll gladly rereview the mod when the coding issues get fixed.



Mod review

Better late than never...

It has talents and inspiring. Clever use of recoloring and reassembling stuff actually makes wonders and this makes Schism good. There are clever ideas and good usage of artwork.

Wish there would be a newer version.


YR Red-Resurrection

Mod review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

The gameplay within this mod is while somehow feels faster and more aggressive than the usual RA2 pace, it still doesn't give you any reason to consider a unit useless. Keeping a noticably low unit-roster, this isn't much of a surprise tho.

Still, where other mods fail, Red Resurrection wins... the balance. I don't know of any other mod which is as finely tuned in terms of balance as this. It's certainly better than any of the Mental Omegas.

The removal of Yuri is well justified, and the technologies it had are well-recycled. I'm more than certain, Red Resurrection is the Almost Perfect Red Alert 2 out here.


Mental Omega

Mod review - 2 agree

Mental Omega is one of the greatest mod when it comes to Yuri's Revenge. It has everything a mod could show... great balance, great assets, new campaign, new storyline, and all that. Everything you could ever ask for.

Yes, it is worthy to bear the unofficial expansion title.

OTOH, compared to the default game, it's serious. Even too serious at cases, like difficulty and way less gimmicks which made the original game memorable. And the missions are frustrating to casuals.

They say, the more, the merrier - but I'm pretty certain "strict" is an exception of that rule.


C&C Coalition War

Mod review - 1 agree - 3 disagree

Silly concept (Spartans), ripped content (Mobile Ore Refinery from YR Devastation (http://www.cncgames.com/mod_yr_devastation.shtml)) and PCM voices. And size.

I'm not impressed.


Yuri's Revenge Revolution v1.1

Mod review may contain spoilers - 6 agree - 1 disagree


All I could say, I did it here, nothing else to add.


Red Alert Millenium

Mod review


Game review

C&C Red Alert 2: Reborn

Mod review may contain spoilers - 25 agree - 27 disagree

After 6 hours and 3 reconnects I could download this huge mod. I expected something big.

What I got was big... a big laugh.

Out of the 450 MB, half of that are songs.... in PCM WAV. IN PCM WAV. WHEN YOU SAY THERE IS A SEPARATE MUSIC PACK. Pathetic. Not to mention that Terrain Expansion.fsm. You are so pathetic that you couldn't even clean up your installer from your junk.

Whatever, time to check ingame. You are advertising yourself as the most balanced mod.

Ah, definitely. Guess all those unit-rushes, those paradrop-spamming are balanced. In which world? I have seen NUMEROUS mods but this is the first that was downloaded because I couldn't believe in my eyes that a mod can be 450 MB... and after that I couldn't believe that you filled up ith junk, since without your messup the mod couldn't weight more than 120-130 MB if you properly set it up.

Oh, sorry, that needs intelligence.

You can't even mod, misters. You are just nothing more than most Chinese n00bs, who break all sides, call them balance, because overkill is "balance" in your dictionary and you're even proud of it.

Even the n00bs know what the hell is IMA ADPCM... and even the n00bs can add additional voicesets into the game.

FYI I got a ripfest mod after I dl'd this crap... 500 MB, 12 more different sides, and 100 MB additional voices. Ok, that's a ripfest... but IT HAS CONTENT.

Something which you absolutely lack. The oversized infantry are not something I consider as content, thank you.

Now give me back that day what I took with downloading/installing this crap. I wouldn't even be surprised if your junk would turn up containing a virus and three trojans... in this 450 MB, everything fits into. Two installs of OpenArena, for example.

Whiteboy's Rules was a unitspam, too, but it actually was cared unlike this.

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