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GoaFan77 Mar 15 2015, 12:44pm replied:

Venators and Acclamators in this mod have never had team colors. Episode 3 seems to indicate they lost their paint job within a year of the formation of the Galactic Empire, and overall Empire is just a very grey faction. Not much room for color in Imperial aesthetics. :p

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GoaFan77 Mar 14 2015, 10:31pm replied:

Nope. Like I said, 90% or more of the Empire's changes are cosmetic or audio. Some slight buffs or nerfs here and there, but I think I have only two additions/changes that don't fall in that category.

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GoaFan77 Mar 11 2015, 7:30pm replied:

Lucrehulk will probably show up later, just not for the Alliance. Bulwark would have been a good hero unit ship yes, but since its only been used in the SW:Rebellion video game for there's not really any characters who've had one. Plus all the heroes I wanted for the Rebels had rather obvious flagships, unlike Piett who got an Allegiance because Vader was on the Executor.

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GoaFan77 Mar 10 2015, 7:32pm replied:

I was hoping this month but I got almost no modding done the last two weeks because basically every part of my life decided to go crazy. However things are starting to get back to normal now. :-)

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GoaFan77 Mar 8 2015, 12:40pm replied:

Yup. :p

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GoaFan77 Mar 7 2015, 11:21pm replied:

Sadly no spell check editor can save you from spelling mistakes that produce valid, unintended words. :p

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GoaFan77 Mar 7 2015, 8:27pm says:

Also worth mentioning is that our Providence uses team colors for its set of stripes, so if you want to go back to the Separatists colors all you need to do is set you player color to blue.

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GoaFan77 Mar 7 2015, 6:03pm replied:

Honestly I'm not sure why Interregnum wouldn't work with maps that have different starting resources. Could you put your map on pastebin and reply with the link so I can take a look at the code? You can open the map in Notepad to copy the code.

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GoaFan77 Mar 5 2015, 8:41pm replied:

It should be at your homeworld. It is not supposed to be built because that would allow you to get more than one of each hero. :p

Try disabling Kogs law (or any other mods besides E4X and Interregnum). It is quite likely it changes the file that determines what spawns at the beginning of the game. In fact, you would be missing out on a lot of features if that is the case (your homeworld should have a planet bonus for example).

The other thing is if you are using a custom map, if you disable the default templates there can be issues like this.

Internet connection should have no impact on the mod, other than the time it takes you to download it. :p

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GoaFan77 Mar 5 2015, 7:03pm replied:

I wanted to do this at one point, but I am sadly not good at making new ship models from scratch. Remaking textures I can do fine, but to just make a ship from nothing is a bit beyond my artistic abilities at this point (I'm a programmer by trade :p). Certainly I can make nothing good enough to look like they would fit in with the existing Sins ships. If someone willing and able to make some new ships ever shows up I'd certainly think about it.

Because of that, I've mainly moved on to the Star Wars: Interregnum mod (which an add on to E4X) since there are many Star Wars modelers I am friends with, so I can focus on making new factions with interesting gameplay mechanics rather than modeling. In fact a few of the Sins factions will get some new capitalships in that mod.

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GoaFan77 Mar 4 2015, 9:24pm replied:

Heroes and the Warlords mechanic are actually two different things.

Hero units are available to all factions, including Vanilla factions; each has the three that are unlocked via that research in the diplomacy tree. They are spawned from a special invincible structure at your homeworld (For Empire its called Sector Command HQ). The abilities on that can spawn the heroes on any planet you control. However they are set to autocast by default, so you after research a hero he should be spawned at your homeworld once you have 1 command point/50 fleet supply available.

The Warlord faction mechanic is totally separate and unique to them. Once you pick a warlord to ally with in the fleet supply screen, it will make available new research and change what titan you get when build the "Executor Class" titan; usually with the warlord you chose to ally with commanding it, giving it a different set of unique abilities. Thrawn is the exception, since he is a standard hero unit for both Empire factions, but if you ally with him I think you'll find his "Executor" titan to be just as special as the other warlords. :p

And actually, the strongest pirate raids will feature a capitalship, the pseudo hero "Pirate Captain", leading their forces even without another mod. Also in a future update (not the next one), when we add in the Mandalorians to replace the pirates, you will get to see many more capitalships I think. :p

Also note it is likely using Kog's mod might break some minor things about the mod, like allegiance not being reduced as much as you get farther away from your homeworld. If you ever run into problems with the mod you might want to try removing it just to make sure.

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GoaFan77 Mar 1 2015, 9:45pm replied:

That is unfortunate. Do you have the stellar phenomenon DLC? Fairly recently I noticed something that I knew could potentially cause a problem with culture overthrows, but I hadn't seen anyone report it. I've fixed the problem on my end, and you can prevent it from happening in future games if you disable random events, but I'm not sure if there's anything you can do for that save game to stop it. If it always occurs even when loading it from a prior save, you may just have to try and do everything possible to not lose it to culture.

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GoaFan77 Feb 24 2015, 11:40pm replied:

Alright I admit, it wasn't the best joke in the world [you might even say its cheesy :p]. But it was late at night and I couldn't come up with a good headline for this. Still I thought we might get some so bad its good comments.

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GoaFan77 Feb 24 2015, 9:17pm replied:

I don't know if many people got the joke. I was expecting more clever comments. :-/

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GoaFan77 Feb 24 2015, 6:26pm replied:

Thank you. I'd expect the Rebel Alliance and the other new feature we've been telling you about in the News and Screenshots will be out in a month or two, so check back fairly often. :p

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GoaFan77 Feb 21 2015, 5:49pm replied:

Yes and no. Sins ships/space stations are not to scale with the planets. I had to scale it as a Sins planet rather than a space station, since it needs to be in another planet's gravity well. If I made it to scale with the ships, it would be BIGGER than planets. :p

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GoaFan77 Feb 20 2015, 6:16pm replied:

As soon as possible. Corrections of what?

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GoaFan77 Feb 20 2015, 6:14pm replied:

Not in the next update, but I've confirmed that will happen eventually yes. The Empire underground window HUD already gives a pretty big hint of that. :p

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GoaFan77 Feb 18 2015, 11:42pm replied:

Yeah, the other two will be much harder to detect. I couldn't exactly hide that one. :p I'm sure some other posters will have theories...

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GoaFan77 Feb 18 2015, 7:05pm replied:

As you can see from the screenshots, that's very much under way! :p

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GoaFan77 Feb 16 2015, 6:39pm replied:

I have reduced the fighter counts of each squadron already as well as increased carrier fleet supply usage by 50%, but for the moment there is no option to reduce it further.

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GoaFan77 Feb 15 2015, 12:45am replied:

Yeah, I'm afraid the relative AI change was something Stardock made, I cannot undo it with this mod. However, if you play the latest version, there is an new minimod called "Enhanced AI" that does what I can to give targeted bonuses to the AI to get them to play better, but are not direct economic or military benefits; the goal being it shouldn't feel like the AI is getting additional cheats.

Since it was just released last update its still pretty basic and this point, but hey, it might help and will likely get better over time as it gets tested by more players and I add improvements.

The main reason for the early slow down is simply sometimes the AI mismanages its resources badly, or decides it needs to save up for something expensive when it shouldn't etc. On harder difficulties this isn't as noticeable since the increased AI resource cheats means it usually has the means to build something at all times, but since Stardock decreased the resource cheat, even hard can suffer from this problem now (normal and easy could always do this).

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GoaFan77 Feb 11 2015, 7:10pm replied:

I don't believe Wedge was ever an Admiral. Heck, it wasn't until after the Battle of Bilbringi at the end of the Thrawn crisis that he finally accepted command of more than just Rogue Squadron. As Maffia mentioned below, he helped capture the Lusankya during the Bacta War, during which Rogue Squadron actually went Rogue against New Republic orders to fight.

The reason Han has Rogue Squadron is A: Because he had them on the Mon Remonda during the Zsinj campaign, which is what he's based on in Interregnum and B: It lets both the Rebel Alliance and New Republic get access to Rogue Squadron. The only other option would be to give them to Ackbar, and he's only for the Rebellion Alliance since he's a titan.

Short Answer: Wedge is definitely not a highly ranked officer at this point in the timeline, and in Interregnum the Lusankya hasn't been captured yet (and maybe never will).

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GoaFan77 Feb 10 2015, 7:16pm replied:

That's what the Over My Dead Body is in reference too. It actually has about twice a normal ships' range, so Han should always get to shoot first. :p Not the rest of the fleet though of course.

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GoaFan77 Feb 8 2015, 5:55pm replied:

Afraid not. Large mods, definitely any that add new races, will not work together unless they are designed to do so from the ground up.

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GoaFan77 Feb 8 2015, 12:39am replied:

Maxleof made the models, I tweaked the textures.

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GoaFan77 Feb 7 2015, 1:35pm replied:

Also you know Attila the "Hun" is almost 800 years older than Genghis Khan right? :p There was no longer a Roman Empire around in Genghis' time (unless you count Byzantium). Do a little more research, and if you want to make a formal guess PM me, preferably with a specific date range since roughly 400-1200 AD is a bit to much. :p

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GoaFan77 Feb 6 2015, 7:37pm replied:

Documentation for Galaxy Forge in general, or something specific to the Interregnum galaxy forge? Not sure what you mean by specification per planet.

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GoaFan77 Feb 6 2015, 12:38am replied:

What exactly is your checksum? If its not anything close to 135745260, it may be a corrupt download. Try downloading it again, from a moddb mirror specifically if you can (sometimes the file front mirror isn't that reliable).

If its only a few numbers/digits off, try using the verify installation command in Steam on Rebellion itself. If it redownloads
more than one file, that was likely the issue.

Let me know if neither of these things helps.

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GoaFan77 Feb 5 2015, 6:31pm replied:

This would be Enhanced 4X 1.74's checksum correct?

One guy had crashes on start up because he made some unusual manual changes to the settings file. Especially if you made any changes to it with notepad, I'd try moving the file to another directory (the game will make a new one on restart, and if it doesn't help you can move it pack to preserve your settings).

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