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Running with Rifles

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This is a great game. I've described it to friends as a combination between General Chaos, Cannon Fodder, a rather obscure but innovative game called Net War and once vehicles are added, even a touch of Warhawk. On top of all of this, the developer is great and really listens to the community.



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For now I give it an 8 but this is apt to change as more content is added. I'm not sure what to compare this game to but on it already stands on its own as a fun combination of arcade mini games with a nice little overworld to tie them together.

All of the mini games are the type that can enduce sweaty palms as they increase in difficulty and the smithing and horse riding games are surprisingly nerve-wracking as you go along. The jousting is set to improve and it's already quite a bit of fun. I have a good chuckle every time I wave the defeated and impaled knight up and down on my lance after a match. The combination between moving your shield and lance is simple but does offer a challenge against harder knights.

Another note: the pixel graphics are great and the developers promise to add more animations; I certainly have no complaints here.

In the end this is worth checking out or at the very least following.


UnReal World

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I had the good fortune to discover this game about a year ago and have since enjoyed many hours of survival (or failing to do so). For a game of this complexity the game features and functions are explained quite well in-game. Some will obviously be turned off by the graphics but I find them charming for the most part. Beyond this, the gameplay is incredibly deep but never overwhelming. The built in walkthroughs are helpful and ease you into the basics of the game. You can really just use these basics to survive and enjoy the game on that level or delve into some of the deeper stuff.

All of this complexity is essentially built into the world. You won't neccesarily see a statistic explaining the growth stage of a plant, for example, but you will know that it's growing. The developers are also discussing coming improvements to the UI and some fancier (i.e. higher resolution) graphics. All in all this is undoubtedly worth a purchase. There is very little you can't do in this game.


Family Farm

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This is an interesting combination of RPG, Farming Sim and Real Time Strategy. It doesn't feel as confined as most "time management" games and has some interesting features like crop quality and player skill growth. The graphics are also fairly clean and the interface makes sense for the most part.

All of that said, some things could be improved. The free mode has a year limit, there are some odd graphical glitches with character portraits and some aspects of the gameplay would be more interesting if they were dynamic (e.g. trees regrowing, more weather changes). Also, despite the reasonably good interface, some statistics could be conveyed a little more intuitively (such as the quality of soil vs. needs of crops).

In the end this is without a doubt a good game. It feels more like a sim combined with an rts than an rpg (e.g. Harvest Moon) and I hope to see the developers build on this concept in a future release.


Mount & Blade: Warband

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King Arthur's Gold

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