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Gnomi Jul 8 2014, 12:41pm replied:

The brutal army gets all units, heroes, buildings etc. for about 10% of the normal price. ;) And it can build most things much faster.^^
But the AI is really difficult to program, we are always trying to improve it, for the next version we are reworking the whole AI. But sadly we don't have as much possibilities as we'ld like to have. :/

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Gnomi Jul 8 2014, 12:39pm replied:

Look if you have enabled ring heroes. If you have them enabled, but still don't find him: you just had bad luck. We made it a bit more difficult to find him than it was in the original game.
But he is on all maps.

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Gnomi Jul 8 2014, 3:42am replied:

You had no chance to give Mordor, Isengard and Rohan any improvements in Bfme. Gondor was the only faction with upgrades for the fortress.^^

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Gnomi Jul 8 2014, 3:37am replied:

We can't make all heroes trainable as normal heroes. There are technical problems with that. That's why we made some trainable and some only summonable.

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Gnomi Jul 3 2014, 4:59pm replied:

Wait for another update, we will tell you about them later.

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Gnomi Jul 3 2014, 10:13am replied:

It is not possible, as the unofficial patch is just a modification, no real patch. Two modifications enver work together. You have two options:
1) Copy your Rotw folder. Afterwards you use one folder for edain and one for the unofficial patch. (install one of the two mod in each folder and make two different links to the game)
2) Always deactivate one and activate the other one before playing.

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Gnomi Jul 3 2014, 9:09am replied:

We normally give no dates about upcoming updates. (same reason as new versions - this is just a hobby and we don't have a regular schedule. Therefore it is difficult to know when we will have how much time)

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Gnomi Jul 2 2014, 4:53pm replied:

Those updates mean that we show you some of the finished parts. It doesn't mean that the faction has been finished completely, but that we have finished at least enough to show you things of the faction. But I can tell you:
Rohan and Gondor are finished. Of course we are still changing some things here and there, but they have the same status as Imladris or all the other 'finished' factions.

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Gnomi Jul 2 2014, 3:58am replied:

Well, Sauron is important enough to get an update for his own. :P

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Gnomi Jul 1 2014, 6:26pm replied:

If you want to defend your outposts then you have to build a tower on one of the normal building plots. ;)
We want the player to have the possibility to defend their buildings, but not without spending everything. If you want to have a defensive building, you have less space for the other buildings.
Outposts aren't strong defensive areas.
You have the fortresses, which are big and can easily be defended.
Then you have the camps, which are smaller, but also have less defensive strength.
And you have the outposts, which are small, but have no defensive spots, therefore you have have to sacrifice one of your building spots to have a defensive structure.
Some factions have the possibility to have a strong outpost, for example Gondor. But therefore those strong defensive structures offer much less than a normal outpost. With those tower plots the normal outposts would have nearly the same defensive strength as camps or the dol amroth fortress.

You will always have to decide what you want:
Better economy, more barracks or more defensive structures?

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Gnomi Jun 27 2014, 6:37pm replied:

The update will be shown when we have finished the work on it. When we haven't shown it yet, it means that something went against our plans(either while modding or because someone got ill/had a lot of unforeseeable work for university/job or something else happened).
We know what we have said, so just wait until we manage to show it to you. We also want to finish and show all of our work, so we also try to hurry, BUT we also want to show you good quality work and not a bad written text with useless pictures of half finished concepts.

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Gnomi Jun 27 2014, 12:13pm replied:

When we've finished the work on it.

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Gnomi Jun 27 2014, 10:36am replied:

No. There will be differences, some factions will have more, some less.

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Gnomi Jun 24 2014, 4:37am replied:

That doesn't mean that there will be no more changes.^^
But why do you think Gondor needs more heroes with a bow?
We already have archer heroes and Gondor is designed as a faction with a special focus on melee infantry units. Therefore most heroes are also melee units.

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Gnomi Jun 24 2014, 3:19am replied:

Does Rohan really need Elite infantry units? Or more specified:
Do you think that elite units fit to Rohan's style? I personally never liked such units for Rohan, as Rohan is a faction of knights and peasants. Their elite units are stronger than normal peasants, but in comparrison to the tower guards or imladris elves they should still be weak. Imo such units don't fit to Rohan. (we don't want to give every faction everything. Does every faction need elite infantry units, spam units, elite archers, elite knights, etc.? I would say no.)

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Gnomi Jun 24 2014, 3:16am replied:

Why should we add Grischnakh to Mordor? Mordor already has many heroes and Grischnakh would bring nothing new to the table.^^ He would probably just be a copy of the other heroes.
Elrond has been reworked, I think we have already shown a picture of him.

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Gnomi Jun 24 2014, 3:14am replied:

Look at Lordis comments in the last few pages. We probably won't add them. If you want someone in a faction, tell us why you think that he would fit into the design and gameplay of the faction and why it would be better with the hero than without.

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Gnomi Jun 23 2014, 3:32pm replied:

No, you can't. The Ai coding is very difficult and it would be impossible for us to integrate all of our systems for the AI. Therefore we had two possibilities:
(a)The AI has the same restrictions as the normal player and would therefore nearly never have the possibility to get Minas Morgul, Cirith Ungol, etc.
(b) The AI doesn't have the restrictions and will have the possibility to build the special buildings in most games.

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Gnomi Jun 4 2014, 2:12pm replied:

As said: No.
We won't say anything. The problem is that we have a lot of other activities, we also ahve to do - for example we have to study or go to work. It can always happen that we can't work on the mod for a period of time.

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Gnomi Jun 4 2014, 2:01pm replied:

We don't give any release dates. Just wait for it - you can see how much we have done by looking at our updates. Afterwards you can see what is still missing.^^

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Gnomi Jun 4 2014, 2:00pm replied:

I'm not sure if I understood you correctly:
Do you want a new faction?
Or should this be a mapfeature for some maps?
Or just a single map?

If you mean a new faction:
The problem I personally see is that it doesn't fit to the other factions - all factions are kingdoms with their own territory and their own people.
Such a faction would be a combination of all other factions. Additionally they are no real faction, more the "special troops" of the valar. So I think it would be difficult to make them as an own faction.

Additionally we can't make a spell be black until something happens. As soon as the game starts it is impossible to change the spellbook. Therefore you could choose between factions (similar to the dwarven system), but you won't have different spells. This is one of the reasons why we can't make arnor/gondor choosable at the beginning.

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Gnomi Jun 4 2014, 1:51pm replied:

Hey Lordmaus,
how about thinking before writing?
I give you a few examples why we can't add all the ideas in edain:
1.) We can't change the engine, therefore many concepts can't be integrated because it is technically impossible. That is not our fault and we can't change it. So it is unfair if you give us the fault for that probelm.
2.) Most of the ideas for one faction don't fit together - the users have made about 20 concepts for the witchking - we can't integrate them all, we can either use one or try to combine the best elements of all of them. But in both scenarios we won't use most of the concepts - simple to the fact that it is not possible to integrate multiple concepts for one hero.
3.) Many heroes were changed in the last version - many times they are changed because of the opinion of the users. Most likely we won't change him again for the next time. There are other heroes which also should get a focus and if your concept gets into the mod and is replaced within one update... well, I think you wouldn't like that either, would you?
3.) Another reason is that the idea is good in theorie, but not in praxis. I also had many ideas, which are theoretically good... and they sound really good, but as soona s you implement them, they just feel wrong.
4.) Many ideas doesn't fit to each other - we don't want to give a faction 10 hero killers and no supportive hero. But if there are hero killer ideas for all of the heroes we won't use them all, even when they are good. They would all be good on their own - but in combination it wouldn't fit.

Those are just 4 of many points why we can't implement many things.
Additionally you're talking without having a clue about our team. We are discussing many of your ideas in our forums, but you just don't notice it. ;)
Additionally there is our german website with more fans and much more concepts. So we have even more concepts...

So stop hating us without thinking about the true reasons behind our answers.

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Gnomi May 28 2014, 8:05am replied:

we know about this bug and will change it for the next time.
But we won't add the system of Bfme I - as far as I remember they could only throw stones they got from buildings, am I correct?
It was always very difficult to attack a gondor castle (if gondor used the "ring of fire"-tactics it was impossible, when the player was good)
Every faction got a normal distance siege unit in edain - ents are the ones for lorien, that's why they have the current system. :)

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Gnomi May 23 2014, 4:40am replied:

Well, that way there would be a clear difference in the strenghtes - we don't really like that and there are fans of all three different trolls - they would always be dissapointed if they loose their troll because he levels up. :S

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Gnomi May 23 2014, 3:44am replied:

Open the map, and go to edit->edit player settings->add skirmish players.
Then it should work - it can be that there are alrady to many players. Then you have to delete some before you can add them.

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Gnomi May 23 2014, 3:43am replied:

He already has an upgrade to become saruman the many colored?^^
This is one of his two "normal" non-ring heroes form.

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Gnomi May 22 2014, 11:33am says:

@ Darthxxx:
Saruman is no great inventor. He is mostly a copycat. He always tried to copy all the things Sauron made and always made them not quite as good, as he always just copied it. (and mostly NOT invented things)
That's why we also gave them an orthanc-similar tower for their fortress - it is not the fortress, but a copy. He always tried to copy great things, so we thought that it would fit, if he also tried to copy the orthanc for his own fortresses.
I also don't think that he would get any power over the other istari with the robe:
Sauron also helped to make all the different rings, so he forged them knowing that he would also forge a ring which should rule over the others - the robes aren't made that way.
And I personally don't like the idea of istari ghosts and think that it is much cooler to have the saruman as he is atm.^^

@ tomabaus: Yes

@ Giror:
The problem is that they would be units who just stands still 90% of the time and have no use, until you are damaged. It's always very curios to play with those units, as you build them once and afterwards use them only 10% of the time, but you can run around with them all the time - similar to the overseers of mordor a few versions ago. That was the reason why we changed them:
We don't like units, which are build and afterwards just stand still for the majority of the time.

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Gnomi May 20 2014, 3:01am replied:

You can already see it on some of the images.^^

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Gnomi May 19 2014, 10:34am replied:

Then you are probably using it (as we have on english version).^^

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Gnomi May 19 2014, 8:15am replied:

There is no official english version. The option with english just changes the installer to english, not the game. The first english version of the mod will be 4.0.
It can be that you're using the unofficial english patch made by a fan of our mod - we have not helped this user and we aren't using any of those parts as they are just made with google translator.^^

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