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Gnomi Mar 5 2014, 7:21am replied:

they can build them... but how often do you see heroes? They are build nearly never and in a normal game you see mostly 0-1 heroes, but not more.
Additionally it fits much better with cheaper, but also weaker heroes. Heroes are no one man armies, who should be able to kill full armies alone. (Tolkien always tried to be realistic and a single man killing hundreds of thousands of units is not realistic)
Thirdly the game is less luckbased - sometimes it is more or less luck if a hero survives or not. If the hero costs 6000 and dies, while the hero of the enemy survives... well, gg. 3000 is still a very huge number, but not as devastating as 6000.
Finally it is much easier to balance those heros and make the heros so that they are neither overpowered, nor useless.

Therefore it is more lorefriendly, better for the SP (as you see more often heros facing you), better gameplay AND better balance.^^

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Gnomi Mar 5 2014, 7:16am replied:

No, that can't be integrated, as the spellbook abilities are different.

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Gnomi Mar 5 2014, 7:15am replied:

Mordor's orcs are totally overpowered atm... yes, it takes a time to build them, but atm you can just build about 20 orc pits and build 1000 cp of rocs within 30 seconds.
Goblins can be build faster, as they also cost something. Mordor is beside of goblins and isengard the most overpowered faction in 3.8.1.^^

The AI can build everything without special units, that is no bug. If we would make it otherwise the AI wouldn't be able to build those buildings at all, as they can't handle many of our systems.
Mordor will have many possibilities, similar to the current state, but mostly mordor will get a bit weakened. As said they can kill most factions easily atm. Goblins are strong in the EG vs Mordor, but you can survive as Mordor and afterwards you can kill them easily in LG.

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Gnomi Mar 4 2014, 11:46am replied:

Of course they will be useful. They will also be much cheaper.^^ All heros will cost less then 3000, as the AI can't handle heros higher than that and it is much easier to balance cheaper heros.
At the moment some heros are just worth about 10 times their costs.^^ We want heros to be useful, but not soooo strong. (additionally as said: We don't like that fights can be over after a few seconds, just because a hero has used an ability^^)

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Gnomi Mar 4 2014, 11:06am replied:

As said:
Aragorn is weakened for the next version.
AND as I said it can be countered.

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Gnomi Mar 4 2014, 11:05am replied:

1.) Why shouldn't he?
Isildur was able to defeat sauron. Grima was able to kill Saruman with just a small piece, which wasn't even an elvish (magical) blade. Everyone is killable by everyone in tolkien's lore. It just depends on the whole situation. Additionally even a normal troll could kill Gandalf. In the movies a normal orc nearly killed Gandalf. (but Pippin saved him)
Therefore, as Aragorn is a very strong fighter, he can be able to kill Gandalf. Additionally you never heard in the books that Gandalf was a strong direct fighter. (he had only very few fights, mostly he used his abilities, but stayed in the back)
2.) Just look at the balance... No hero should be strong in every single area. If a hero is strong vs armies AND strong vs single units... how should he be killed?
Otherwise the unit would be totally overpowered and unkillable.

Therefore it is more lorefriendly and better for the gameplay AND the balance when Gandalf can be killed by heros which are strong vs other heros.

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Gnomi Mar 4 2014, 9:59am replied:

It will still be bound to certain maps, but there will be more maps with Arnor. Concerning the style:
Wait until we showed you arnor in another news.^^

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Gnomi Mar 4 2014, 9:58am replied:

Heros shouldn't be able to kill a huge army, that is correct. We have weakened all heros each version, now they are MUCH weaker than in the vanilla game. (their abilities deal much less damage)
The problem is that there are much bigger armies and therefore the aoe spells can hit more units and you can use the abilities more often effectively than in the normal game. For the next version we are reducing the power of all heros (especially heros which are strong vs many troups) again, as we don't like battles which are decided within a few seconds because one player has used an ability. We are all fans of longer and more epic battles.^^

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Gnomi Mar 4 2014, 9:56am replied:

He is weakened very much for the next version, but you're wrong in some parts.

1.) Aragorn is mainly a hero killer, while Sauron is strong vs Armies. Therefore Aragorn needs higher damage than Sauron. Sauron can easily demolish big armies even on level 1, while Aragorn can't do that, he can just kill single units.
Additionally the army of the dead is available veeeery late in the game.^^ The ability is much worse than many other 10 points spells, f.e. gandalf's word of power.
As said you're just talking about direct fights, but you don't see that there are more important things to look at.
Aragorn himself (alone) can't kill all of them. Gandalf has spells to kill single targets and many troups at once. Additionally he is much faster than aragorn. Because of that he needs to be weaker than aragorn in a direct 1vs1 fight. Saruman also has massive aoe spells and can easily destroy an army. Same goes for radagast. Therefore they all need to be weaker than Aragorn in direct fights. And Aragorn can't kill them all without the glitch.^^
ANd he can't kill the balrog if both use their abilities. (the army of the dead dies at once with every single ability of the balrog and with the other abilities he should easily be able to kill aragorn)

The army of the dead can only kill many troups if you hvae no tools to fight it. As said aragorn needs a long time to level up and until you have the spell every faction should have abilities to kill the single troup. (all heros or archers with magic/fire damage can kill the army of the dead really easily.^^)

Additionally even when you have no abilities to kill it: Just spread out. If all your army stands in one small space, than the batallion will kill you of course. But you just have to spread out for a very, very short amount of time and the army can kill nearly nothing.

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Gnomi Mar 3 2014, 2:19pm replied:

The music sounds quite cool, but I don't know exactly what's the difference between those riders and normal knights? (and btw... the movie is sometimes a bit unrealistic. xD)
If we focus a bit more on the knights of rhûn or harad we can probably use some of these designs. :)
But I don't know how we could integrate them on other factions?^^ (any idea?)

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Gnomi Mar 3 2014, 2:16pm replied:

The problem is that the orcs have a medium amount of vertexes and the amount of troups Mordor can get in a short time.
We are trying to do a few things about it, but if you have about 1000-2000 orcs the game will also lag with version 4.0. The engine of Bfme is kinda bad...(and we can't change that) :/
But we are trying our best to make the game more fluent in the next version.^^

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Gnomi Mar 3 2014, 9:30am replied:

As Tolkien wanted to make a mythology for england and in earlier times mostly european people have lived there, I think that the elves also look mostly european.^^
Additionally I think that most of the similarities are because the edda and many asian cultures are also very similar to each other.

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Gnomi Mar 3 2014, 8:36am replied:

Most things in the mod are either concepts of players or at least based on/changed ideas of players. Mostly we don't integrate the concepts exactly, but do some minor or bigger changes to them. F.e. we wouldn't have integrated Arnor, as most of us don't like this faction, but as many people wanted arnor to be integrated we discussed how we could make a compromise and that's why arnor is available as a mapfeature.^^

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Gnomi Mar 3 2014, 6:21am replied:

Tolkien was a professor or english language and also had a very good knowledge about all the myths of europe. He made the lotr, as he wanted england to have a mythology similar to other countrys. (and he wanted to give his language a "home")
He was one of the people with th biggest knowledge about northern mythology.
There are many paralellisms between the lotr and the northern mythology, that's correct and nothing new. But all mythologies have similar things, even the greek mythology and the edda or even african mythology... there are always similar things.^^

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Gnomi Mar 3 2014, 6:16am says:

@ badger:
The next version will have 9 factions, there will be no changes. But we are planning to add two more factions. (we can't add more AIs, that's why we won't add more factions.^^ Perhaps this will change in the future, but probably not.)

Most of the original team members were in another team, which was called "Caras Galadhon-Mod".
This modifiaction made a fusion with the elvenstar mod for Bfme II, but soon after both sides realised, that this only causes trouble. Therefore the caras galadhon team left the elvenstar mod again and started a new modification - the edain mod. Soon after I joined the team and in the following teams some people left the team and some joined us. From the original team which started Edain are only "Ealendril der Dunkle" and "Thorongil" still active. (still active modders which are in team when version 1.0 was released are those two, me and Simbyte)
We all are fans of Lotr and like the game bfme. And we like the modding. :P Those are imo the main things why we started and continuing working on this project. :)
In the beginning the king of the death was a buildable hero for gondor, but we deleted him, as he didn't fit into the style of the faction.

@ lordmaus:
3age has a lot of tutorials, but you have to learn most of the things by doing it. "Learning by doing", that's how everyone of us has learned how to mod bfme.^^

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Gnomi Mar 2 2014, 3:26am replied:

I personally don't change the health bars that way mostly(I always oversee the "show healthbar in the options menu xD)
You can also go to C:\Users\PC\AppData\Roaming\My The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king Files (PC is your computer name) and open the options.ini.
Afterwards you search (on most programms CTRL + F) for "AllHealthBars". If it exists just write a "Yes" instead of a no behind it. If it doesn't exist just write
"AllHealthBars = yes" at the beginning of the document. You can also change a lot of more things there, f.e. the resolutino which is written somewhere in the middle as "Resolution = 800 600". The two numbers say that the resolution is "800*600". You can juse use other numbers if you want to have a resolution which is not in the edain starter. :)

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Gnomi Mar 1 2014, 6:06pm replied:

We thought that it would be impossible, but we found a way to do such things.
The problem with an uruk pit is that the uruks would always spawn on top of the area. The terrain just gest invisible, but units can't run on all of the parts under the normal terrain. Therefore spawning units would look horrible.
Additionally the hole would need to be far too big, as without a bridge big enough for units would need a lot of space. Such a building would be far too huge for the building system.

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Gnomi Mar 1 2014, 6:03pm replied:

No, we don't want to take any money. We are doing this as a hobby, mostly because we have fun doing it. Even though it's always nice to hear that people would pay for our work we think that taking no donations would be the bst for everyone. Otherwise perhaps people who donates something think that we have to integrate their ideas and get very angry when we don't. But we want to stay independent. :)

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Gnomi Feb 28 2014, 4:06pm replied:

Gondor has no upgrades in the citadel, but you can get upgrades for your whole fortress with the stone pit. Additionally the citadel for gondor is not as important as it is for isengard, as gondor also has walls to defend their castle. Isengard doesn't have walls, therefore they have quite good defensive abilities with their citadell.
Additionally we won't add such unique buildings as the black tower. The tower of Isengard also isn't the orthanc - there are many small differences, only the style is the same. Saruman alway tried to immitate well made things. He copied the orcs and made the uruk hai, he tried to make his own rings of power... therefore we thought that it is logical that he also tries to make a clone of the orthanc.(but as mostly: the immitation isn't as good as the original. Therefore the building isn't invincable as the real orthanc)

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Gnomi Feb 28 2014, 2:48pm replied:

Klem's translation isn't made by the edain team, so we have no idea what it actually changes. Perhaps the campaign is still there and just has another name?

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Gnomi Feb 28 2014, 5:07am replied:

Yes, but we won't integrate them.

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Gnomi Feb 28 2014, 5:06am replied:

And unique and powerful isn't the same. Yeah, he might not be unique, but he is very powerful. And even when something as balance is getting old... it's still correct and you have to consider it. As said: We all like Gandalf as he is at the moment, as he is the "standard mage" and is useful in mid and lategame. Elrond also has a very useful and unique ability since Bfme II. His healing spells are superior to all other heros, as he can double your spells in a fight. (use all spells, use elrond's ability and use them again)
Those abilities might not be as cool as gigantic fireballs, but they are as useful and very unique ingame. Those abilities fit much more to Tolkien's subtle magic. Concerning Galadriel's powers, health and damage he is already a very overpowered hero. But her problem is that she just doesn't fit into the faction. Most units of lothlorien are archers, but galadriel is a melee fighter. All melee heros have a hard time in factions with mostly archers, as they doesn't fit into the gameplay. But we're working on that to make those heros useful in the next version.

@ vforvengeance :
Probably a problem with the engine and your computer. Sometiems it helps to buy a new computer. (:P) But you can also just use lower graphic settings. I'm playing mostly on medium/low and have no problems there.

@ sammer510:
CP won't be generated with farms in 4.0, but we are testing at the moment how we can implement the cp in the next version. (currently it is as in Bfme I)

@ Mairon_the_Admirable:
Nearly all. :P
The vampire has the problem that sauron is very fast by using this and can get in and out of the battlefield without any problems.
Annatar is always used to retreat. We wanted it to be a possibility to scout and sabotage the enemy, but it is always used the same way: You fight with sauron... if you have low health you change to annatar and run away. There is no chance for the enemy to kill sauron. :/

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Gnomi Feb 28 2014, 5:06am replied:

I haven't answered you yet, because I had a lot of things to do... In the past few weeks I had my exams, therefore it could have happen that I wasn't online for a day or two and therefore there was no chance to debate with you.
Additionally you have written yesterday evening (at least for me it was evening) and sometimes I have other things to do then. Girlfriend, hanging out with friends and so on... I'm sorry, but this is also just a hobby for all of us, therefore it can happen that we aren't online for a few hours/days.^^

And yes, he has Glamdring - that's why he is also doing some damage in direct fights. He is not completely useless there, but mostly he is a mage. We can't give him everything - strong duel power spells, strong aoe spells and a strong normal attack. He would be totally overpowered then. We have to give him some areas where he is not the best. And the damage is NOT a joke, it's actually quite high.^^
As said he is currently very strong and powerful. He is used quite often because of his spells and his speed. He is incredible strong in small skirmishes. In huge fights he is also okay (but not as powerful before level 10), but with his spells he can easily turn the page of the battle. He can snipe some of the strong units, he can kill all units in a small area and you can't catch him.
At the moment we're testing how he is played in our new balancing system and perhaps he'll get some changes there. (the idea with andalf the white sounds quite nice - as it was in Bfme I)
But be aware:
All heros cost only <3000, as the AI has problems with heros worth more than 3000. Therefore we're balancing them for this amount of money.

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Gnomi Feb 27 2014, 3:07pm replied:

The problems aren't his normal abilities, the biggest problem are his transformations. It is funny to play with him, but very frustrating to play against him, that is the problem.^^
We also like his abilities, but we have to discuss how we can remain the sauron we have atm and make it less frustrating to play against. :)

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Gnomi Feb 27 2014, 12:13pm replied:

Yeah and that doesn't work as you think it works. ;)
There are two different types of weather ingame: Snowy and normal.
On snowy maps the buildings already have snow models. We can't do more there.

We can also put dust in the game. (buildings and environment further away vanishes a bit in the dust - ea games has used that also quiet often)
But here is the problem I have told you above:
The skybox is far away therefore the dust is very extrem and you just the color of the fog.

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Gnomi Feb 27 2014, 12:09pm replied:

We always try to use as many movie sounds as possible.^^

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Gnomi Feb 27 2014, 9:28am says:

I have no problems with downloading it on moddb. What are your problems? (I have just tried it)
You can also download the mod on our own webpage:

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Gnomi Feb 27 2014, 9:26am replied:

@ lordmaus:
Isengard was the most overpowered faction in 3.8.1 I don't know why you don't believe us - they have by far the safest and strongest economy. (while you can destroy the economy of other factions, you can't destroy isengard's economy. And they can have many more furnaces, than other factions in a small area)
Additionally they have very strong early game units and in mid to lategame they have by far the strongest army ingame, as uruks with upgrades are very strong and, as they have an incredible economy, isengard can spam them without breaks.
Why should we add another unit? We don't just randomly add one unit per version... the unit has to fit into the gameplay and the design of the faction. Isengard had (in the books and movies) always no special troups. Isengard had a gigantic army of dunlendings, orcs and uruk hai and the uruk hai were the strongest (and coolest :P ) of them.
I personally would think that it would destroy the flair of Isengard, if they can train some kind of monster or wizards or whatever.^^ Isengard was THE industrial faction of middleearth, therefore so many differences wouldn't fit into the faction.
And you say that we don't make cool things for the evil factions... other people have said that we don't make cool things for the good factions and only cool things for the evil factions. ;)
We try to give every faction cool things, but every person always just sees the cool things of the other factions. ("Those are all cool things... the cool things at my favorite faction? Well, it was obvious that they has to be there!")

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Gnomi Feb 27 2014, 9:26am replied:

@ amon sul:
86 Not possible
87 Which are clown death soudns? I personally don't think any of the current death sounds sound very funny.^^ (as I have said many times: Don't just make such statements... always say exactly what sounds you mean. There are thousands of sounds ingame, if we don't know which you mean, we can't discuss that)
88 We are discussing that at the moment and are trying some different systems
89 Hm... I will ask the others in the team, I had no problem with the current sound.
90 Well, it's no frozen Balrog, it's a demon. xD But it will probably be deleted. (and there was also no frozen dragons on middleearth :P)
91 No. We don't like blood ingame. Either the fx is so small that noone notices it or it just lookes funny - strong units will loose 200 liter of blood before dying. :P And also there was nearly no blood in the movies. We liked that very much.
92 I think I have answered this question already
93 We are trying some of these things and they are already integrated on some maps - but we can use only a very soft fog, as the sky would otherwise turn into an one coloured piece of ****. :P (and you wouldn't like a complete yellow sky^^)

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Gnomi Feb 27 2014, 9:26am says:

@ badger:
Selecting those powers would be very difficult.
Firstly we'ld need more than 50 different commandsets for that.
Secondly it would be nearly impossible to balance such a hero for MP, as he could have too many different areas of usage.
Thirdly a building just for a hero? Well, that is very difficult in the next version, as you have only very limited building space.
And finally: The circle would be very bad ingame - just imagine following situation:
An enemy hero wants to run away from gandalf... you want to follow him => click on him... but he is exactly under one of those buttons... therefore you can't click at him and have to do curios changings of the camera to be able to attack him...
Additionally you say that gandalf should be the second strongest hero...
Yes, he was very strong... BUT as we are all gigantic fans of Tolkien, we also know that according to Tolkien strength wasn't only physical and if someone is strong it doesn't mean that he can beat enemies in fights. Gandalf's strength was also wisdom.
Gandalf is already one of the strongest heros, as he has very strong aoe spells, which can deal huge damage to armies AND he also has strong duel powers to kill heros. He is already one of the strongest heros ingame. We can't just make a hero totally overpowered without having a look on the balance. Gandalf is already very strong for his price, if he was be even stronger, he would be overpowered as hell.^^

@ hoho:
Well, in the german community many people ban Gandalf, as he is op.^^
You can always just use your first ability and run away again. By doing this you can easily kill 1-3 hordes every time you use the ability.
Gandalf is not strong with his normal attacks, as he is a mage and not a fighter. Therefore you always have to use his abilities efficiently.

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