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Gnomi Dec 19 2013, 2:46am replied:

They won't be in the game, as they don't fit into the wotr. So we won't add them for skirmish. As they are part of the campaign we will rework them in the future, but currently this has a very low priority, as we are working on the skirmish atm.

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Gnomi Dec 19 2013, 2:44am replied:

Yeah, but (until now) we have no way to implement this system only for the AI beside of our system - the problem is that the player could also bring the ring to his fortress. And then he could also build a ringhero. (a second gandalf, etc.)

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Gnomi Dec 18 2013, 2:59pm replied:

But the rock doesn't fit into the camp or the castle, as it is much too big and the style doesn't fit into such a fortress...^^

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Gnomi Dec 18 2013, 12:44am replied:

As announced a few months ago the next version (version 4.0) will have all texts in english.

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Gnomi Dec 17 2013, 4:02pm replied:

You mean the veteran's of Khazad Dum we have showed in our news? They do use them ingame... :P

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Gnomi Dec 17 2013, 4:00pm replied:

And even when you set the speed at 40 fps... the game always slows down the fps as soon as there are some units on the battlefield. I have tried to set the speed to 60 fps once - after the first 3 minutes it was dowwn at 30 fps again, as the engine doesn't manage to handle all the objects in such a speed.^^

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Gnomi Dec 16 2013, 1:23pm replied:

Just look at the description on the right. :P
There is always a small text which describes the pics you're seeing. :)

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Gnomi Dec 16 2013, 6:14am replied:

No, sadly it won't be possible.
The problem is that the engine doesn't allow too many features. (otherwise it would be stressed too much and the game crashes all the time)
Therefore we had to decide:
Either all of our new features, new heroes, etc. or the cah. That's why there is no cah in the mod.^^

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Gnomi Dec 16 2013, 2:56am replied:

No, in 4.0 there will be no new factions -we have never planned to add 2 factions in 4.0. (about one year ago we thought about adding one new faction in the game, but changed our mind soon after) The problem is that we already work hard and long for the new building system - if we add two more factions n 4.0, the release would be at the end of all days... :P

There will be more factions in later versions, but not in 4.0.

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Gnomi Dec 13 2013, 6:22am replied:

And what exactly don't you like about our orc design?^^

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Gnomi Dec 12 2013, 3:20am replied:

The update is a complete new version - so if you download the version (and install it with our starter) it should delete the old version and integrate the enw version (in the language you want)

And no, we can't give you a date. The problem is that we are no professionals and this is just a hobby. Therefore we don't know how much time we can spare for working on the mod and therefore can't tell you when we've finished working on the new version.
If we give you a date, but don't manage it in time there would be some people flaming and raging at us for not fulfilling our promisses.

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Gnomi Dec 11 2013, 3:40pm replied:

The problem is that edain has already reached the boarder of all possibilities in the sage engine - we had to delete the cah, as it the engine isn't able to handle so much.
We had to decide:
(a) CaH
(b) many new concepts for the factions

Well, we liked (b) more => no cah.^^

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Gnomi Dec 11 2013, 9:42am replied:

Thank you. :)

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Gnomi Dec 11 2013, 4:55am replied:

Sauron has only one weakness - archers.
He can kill everything in range of his mace, so he needs at least one counter. So his counter are all types of archers. Additionally health is not everything - Sauron should have a better armor than the witchking. Therefore he has a similar amount of health, but takes much less damage.

And fellbeasts would be far too strong if they wouldn't take so much damage from those towers. They can easily kill everything, but the enemy needs a possibility to defend himself against this threat. So the fellbeasts needs a very weak armor against archers.
This way the fellbeasts can still deal a huge amount of damage, but can also be killed by the enemy.
They had more resistances in earlier versions, but then the players could just kill some units/buildings and fly away without problems. After healing the nazgul he just did the same.^^

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Gnomi Dec 10 2013, 10:53am replied:

You mean the different building plots?
In camps you already have special building plots for your towers - we gave the dwarven this extra spot, as they have very few normal building plots, but have more different buildings than other factions with the same amount of building plots.
We aren't adding cities, as those fortresses are no cities, but castles or camps.^^ Additionally Gondor and the dwarves are both famous for their buildings - therefore they have such upgrades, while other factions don't have so strong fortress upgrades.
Rohan had only very few strong stone fortresses - additionally it doesn't fit to their style - just imagine the current fortress with a stone wall... the buildings and everything else would look totally stupid in this fortress. Rohan is a faction of peasants - therefore they don't have a strong castle with multiple upgrades for it.

We have already planned new factions, you don't have to bring any ideas for it - but those factions won't be integrated in 4.0 (as FG15 said on one of the last pages), as it would be too much work - but don't worry there will be more factions, but we won't tell you what factions we're working on.
Shagrat and Gorbag are perfect examples for orcs and explain their mentality better than any other hero - additionally there are many fans of them in our community and I personally see no point to delete them.

No. As I've said a few times it is very unlikely that this feature will return, as it is technically impossible to have a huge mod like edain and the cah system ingame. This is just too much for the engine to handle.^^

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Gnomi Dec 10 2013, 10:52am replied:

If I remember correctly it is not possible to leave ruins in a castle, as it collides with the build plots. (there could be more than one building per plot afterwards - there was a similar bug in bfme I, when you tried something like that)

Would be a possibility.^^
But Goblins will never be able to climb wall fortresses - the problem is the engine - either a wall is CLIMBABLE or it is WALKABLE - we can't add both to the same wall. Therefore the huge walls around fortresses are just WALKABLE (=> you can walk on them), while the small walls around rohan or gondor camps are CLIMBABLE (=> orcs can climb them)

3. Afaik we haven't discussed that.
But the problem is that this game is not Bfme I.^^
There will be many more troups on the battlefield than in Bfme I and therefore it will be much more difficult to save the same batallion every time. So it will be more or less a game of luck - either you manage to save one soldier at level 8 (=> get the whole batallion back) or you loose the whole batallion. When it is a really strong batallion, this can mean defeat or victory. In Bfme I it was much easier to save your troups and therefore it was much less luck-based.
If they don't get so many boni from leveling up/level up faster, (means: just to level 5) the whole game will be much more balanced. I personally liked the possibility in Bfme I, but also would like a balanced game - we will see how we solve the problem as a team. :)

The problem is that single units die too fast and you have very little possibilities to save or rotect them - batallions are always much easier to defend and therefore they are more than one.^^
We wanted to gave the imladris elves a link to the nature and add the magic they have used to defend themself against the nazgul - if they can do something like that with water, why not also with the earth?
Additionally we wanted a siege weapon, which is not a ballista, as those ballistas doesn't fit to the other parts of the faction.

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Gnomi Dec 5 2013, 2:49pm replied:

Just look at the previous pages, I have answered this question a few times - those buildings were either not build by those factions or it took the factions thousands of years to build them. And those factions haven't build an Orthanc or a Barad Dur on every piece of earth they conquered - those buildings only existed on special places, not everywhere.^^

Additionally it would look very ... horrible if you have more 2-3 orthancs on a map.^^ (and no, we can't make only the start building an orthanc and not the other main buildings)

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Gnomi Dec 5 2013, 2:47pm replied:

The AI (not IA, as it is a short version of "Artificial Intelligence") will be much better and attack fortresses with rams and siege ladders. :)

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Gnomi Dec 4 2013, 7:39pm replied:

This will cause tons of bugs ingame. The conquer- and rebuildable fortresses aren't possible, we have thought about that a few times, but it is not possible with the engine. We can't create something like that. It is a very good idea and most of the team would like something like that for the misty mountains, but it is just not possible in bfme. :(

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Gnomi Dec 4 2013, 7:36pm replied:

A dragon wants all the treasures for himself and that's why he calls more dragons, which want the same as soon as he has found the biggest possible treasure?
That sounds a bit fancy...^^ that's why we won't do that. A dragon won't call more dragon, as he will always fear them to steal his treasures.

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Gnomi Dec 4 2013, 7:34pm replied:

The product rate will cause problems, as those systems need a mechanic which causes the "CP-bug". It can happen that all CP will vanish and you won't be able to build units.
And the creation time of units can't be easily changed by such an ability, sorry. We have technical barriers there... :/

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Gnomi Dec 4 2013, 7:22pm replied:

As FG15 said:
Probably you missunderstood something, as we (includes me) never give such dates. Perhaps I said something like "It can be that it will be released this year", but I never said "The Edain Mod will be released this year".

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Gnomi Dec 4 2013, 2:18pm replied:

As we give no support for cracks and illegal versions, I have deleted the answer. Just get the original game, even if it's expensive.

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Gnomi Dec 4 2013, 12:03pm replied:

We know about that and I have answered to another user concerning this news a few pages before.:P

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Gnomi Dec 4 2013, 10:36am replied:

No. We will never integrate such unique buildings again. We deleted them, because it looked ridiculous when there was a barad dur in the shire or something similar. You are not playing the whole faction and country mordor, but you're fighting with mordor in another country. Mordor hasn't build a barad dur on every country they attacked. Additionaly those buildings are build by other factions/needed hundreds of years to be build.
Otherwise Gondor would also need Minas Tirith, Rohan Edoras and the dwarves f.e. Erebor as main building.

For your other questions:
We want more of those maps, too. :P But those maps are a hell of a lot of work. That's why we haven'T done more of those maps (yet).

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Gnomi Dec 3 2013, 8:40am replied:

As said a few times ago:
Such informations don't help us at all, as we are also following all updates from the movies. But still ty. :P
Additionally I think that we'll wait with such units until we have seen more of them, as most of us don't like the games workshop interpretations.

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Gnomi Dec 2 2013, 3:54pm replied:

The Balrog will never be a ringhero or "not time based"-hero.
We have given lots of points why we won't do this and why this seems as a good idea, but in fact is a bad idea.
Here are some of the arguments against the balrog. (if there are too many posts and the link doesn't fit anymore:
My comments at Nov 13 2013, 5:29pm, I made three comments)

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Gnomi Nov 30 2013, 11:08am replied:

And I personally can't spent more than 5-6 hours per week on mapping, sometimes even less. If all of our three active mappers could spent about 33 hours per week on mapping together, we would still need more than a year... and additional time for bugfixing, , testing, planing, ...
So probably it would be closer to two years. That's why are aren't working on it.
Feel free to create your own mod, which is better than the edain. :) We always like competition and more mods, as more mods are always better for the community. If you manage to be better: Congratulations.
But if I may be honest:
I don't believe that you will manage to create such a mod and a full movie campaign and everything for Bfme II. But I would like to see me proven wrong. All we want is a perfect lotr RTS and we are working for it every day, but if somebody else manages to create it, we would happily retire and play that game. So this is not a thread for us, as we would be pleased to have more mods for the Bfme Series. :)

Sorry for the long post, but I want you and everyone else to understand why we are doing things as we are doing it atm.

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Gnomi Nov 30 2013, 11:07am replied:

If you can just rebuild a whole army, it is nothing special... you're just thinking: "Hey, I have reached the cp gap another time... if all my orcs die I will just do it again in one minute" and the enemy will just think "Oh... another army... well, let's just kill it."
But when the orcs are stronger and you can only reach the gap about 1-2 times per game and you have reached it, you will think "Yes, finally I managed it! Now let's destroy my enemy", your enemy will think "GRAAAAAAAH! I will DIIIIIIE"... and if he surivves he will pe laughing and dancing while you will be screaming - so much more and more realistic emotions.

If you have the time to cut all those sounds... just cut them and sent them to us, we will be pleased to add them. It just takes a lot of time AND most of the horns are unusable in the game, because there are too many background noises, which will sound very curios in the game. That's why they sound great in the movies, but ****** in the game.

(5) Why aren't we creating a movie campaign?
The simple answer: We don't have enough time for that at the moment.
The long answer:
We would like to do it... but if we do something like that we want it to be perfect.
Therefore we won't just copy the Bfme I campaign, as it is mostly just a combination of skirmish maps (which are poorly scripted) and some few special maps, which mostly are a bit boring. (they are good... but not great)
For example:
I hated the fact that you had to fight against elves at amon hen... of course it would be boring to just fight the fellowship, but there are many possibilities to make such a map attractive without adding elves... but it would take time to do so. Similar as the redo of all textures, such a campaign would need more than 1000-2000 hours... (either that or we are just making about 8 maps, which is far too less to tell the whole story)

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Gnomi Nov 30 2013, 11:07am replied:

Additionally you have the bases and fortresses which give the players always some defensive - that way you are always fighting at free area and also in bases.
At the moment you can easily just spam a massive amount of towers. It is nearly impossible for the enemy to get into such a base and you can just build towers everywhere and make the game very slow and boring.
By using the Bfme I building system we don't have such a problem.
Mordor and Goblins are also some very complicated parts for the free building system - we like them to have very big armies, which are much bigger than the armies of the free people.
By using the current system we have the problem that the player can just spam so many orc pits, that as soon as his army has been killed, he is already rebuilding the whole army and has build up his complete army after 1 minute. That's why we have to make the orcs unrealistic weak (about 1/10 of a gondor soldier, while in the books and in the movies they were just a bit weaker.
By giving them only limited space to build barracks, we have the possibility to make the game much more realistic.
The mordor and goblin players won't be able to rebuild a full army within a few seconds, but still will be able to build huge armies. We can make the orcs a bit stronger again, so that even smaller orc hordes are a bit of a thread for the enemy and we can give them the possiblity to build over time gigantic armies, which flatten everything and can just be stopped by castles. (as it was also in the movie)
So we have stronger orcs (more similar to the movies and books), equal big armies and it takes you more time to rebuild a full army, which is also a good point. The argumentation therefore is similar to the balrog discussion:

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