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Gnomi Sep 26 2011, 1:10pm replied:

@ shadowspawn: Wrong, the weapon is already ingame.
This is the weapon Thorin will use in the movies.
Thorin will get Orcrist when he reaches a higher level.

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Gnomi Sep 26 2011, 9:06am replied:

You just have an old version - it has been fexied a few versions ago.^^

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Gnomi Sep 26 2011, 4:43am replied:

Just google for her... The seraphim is a very famous unit. (we haven't invented her.)

And no... I have told you so many times which eastereggs exist... Just look a few pages ago in this commentsection...^^

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Gnomi Sep 25 2011, 12:52pm says:

Why don't you just read the description?
"The Edain Mod is only available in German at this point"

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Gnomi Sep 25 2011, 6:40am says:

Sure. 3.7.1 is out for a long time now... we just haven't uploaded it on moddb yet.^^
Atm we're working on 3.7.5. :)

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Gnomi Sep 25 2011, 6:37am says:

@ ApornasPlanet: There are no maps with basebuilding like in BfmE I - but we have added similar systems to some factions.
Isengart has a tainted area around its fortresses, the orthanc and the citadels. You can build most of your buildings only on these areas. (all buildings but the tavern, the warg sentry and the lumber mill)

The builders of Lorien can only build a couple of buildings - most of the buildings are only buildable on building points (same as in BfmE I) which you have to summon with your fortress. (you can summon them in a medium range round the fortress)
The dwarves has a giant mountain around their base which works similar to the fortresses in BfmE I - there are 3 entrances where you can enter the fortress, but the whole mountain is undestroyable.

@ Lord_Oden:
Sorry, it worked perfectly fine for me... :S
I have the CE, so I also have an english version...

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Gnomi Sep 25 2011, 6:26am replied:

No. 3.7.1 is an old version (a few weeks/months) we just haven't uploaded on moddbb until now. :P
But there are many other changes.^^
Thorin's company will be available in 3.7.5

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Gnomi Sep 24 2011, 6:28pm replied:

BAs you said... EA Games used the same engine from CnC to create BfmE - so all the codes are very similar and you can compare many things.

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Gnomi Sep 22 2011, 1:43pm replied:

Just look for the maps with a "Mission:" in front of it...^^
Haradwaith is an example.

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Gnomi Sep 22 2011, 12:46pm replied:

Fortress maps are a huge amount of work... You've seen Dol Amroth? That fortress took more than 150-200 hours to create...^^
Also there are a few more fortresses which are more important. (atm I'm working on another fortress map and one to two other maps)

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Gnomi Sep 22 2011, 10:49am replied:

That's wrong. There is no map where you can summon Melkor.

The mission maps are mostly funmaps... There are some hero maps, some adventure maps and some scripted skirmish maps.

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Gnomi Sep 21 2011, 3:00pm says:

@ Lord_Oden:
You get randomly Saruman the blessed or Saruman the cursed.
@ Deadranger:
As deathteam said, Arnor has the same mechanics as Gondor.

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Gnomi Sep 21 2011, 5:29am says:

True, as written in our news we've changed the dwarves so that they look like the dwarves in the movies.

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Gnomi Sep 21 2011, 5:27am replied:

Have you seen our newest uploaded dwarven pictures?
I think I don't have to say anymore. :P

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Gnomi Sep 20 2011, 3:04pm replied:

All soldiers from the inn disappear after a fight.

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Gnomi Sep 20 2011, 9:04am says:

I won't upload any submod - of course you can upload it by yourself a. On the modding union we have a place for submods:
You can upload it and post it there. If it's good then we can put it in the switcher.^^

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Gnomi Sep 18 2011, 6:37am replied:

No, probably not... there are so many eastereggs yet and we only add sometimes new eastereggs to the mod... Not always.

Spiderman... I think I've read one for 3.6.1... somewhere on the modding union, but I don't know where.

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Gnomi Sep 17 2011, 8:58pm replied:


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Gnomi Sep 17 2011, 5:40pm replied:

But is it true? The part I posted is ONE poem and is about one eastereg... not two. It's about Morchant.^^

Oin doesn't exist any more as easteregg. (afaik... at least he doesn't exist in my beta. :P)

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Gnomi Sep 17 2011, 5:39pm replied:

Not many... I've told you that the Seraphim, dark elves, Lichking, Overlord, Morchant, Thorgar, Spiderman, the skelet army and the spider riders exist.
Additionally there is a very small (funny and useless) easteregg... magma fishes. :P

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Gnomi Sep 17 2011, 1:08pm replied:

I've told most of them here already...
The Lichking, the overlord and spiderman are the most famous...
Additionally there are Morchant and Thorgar, who both have no stories... or at least no popular story as we made them ourself.

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Gnomi Sep 17 2011, 11:34am says:

If you would get the poems so easy it would be boring... of course it's difficult to find out what they mean. ;)

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Gnomi Sep 17 2011, 6:13am says:

As I've already said:
We won't integrate eastereggs that users are suggesting. So you don't have to do any suggestions.
Here are some hints for the eastereggs, but nowhere is told on our forums how to find them exactly, there are just some poems about them.

Something like:

Cursed forever on a changing path,
he knew all the sagas, 'cause of a drunken hint.
Who searches will found, that's the beginning of a lonely path.
On white roads, as far as you can see.

Father's son and elves' friend
knows their stories - they're always nine.
He stays forever, fights only alone,
neither fears losing, nor Death or pain.

He sets forth, rising his spear high,
they started topraise him:
He knew no fear on his ways,
He needed no blesing, to crush kings.

With elven ears and a scraggy face,
he was so meager, that you even saw his ribs.
All sang, all playing flutes, but one did nothing...
when he grew he avoided the light.

Admired by all, but dazzled by the light,
every Man wanted to be an elf.
He noticed how they're in truth,
it was funny to see, like a wrong child.

That's why he sees an elf, hits him good, hits him strong,
sparing us the work.
And should somebody know him, it's not difficult,
he won't live long, his heart is already empty.

That's the whole poem and nearly everything what is known about Morchant.
In the original poem are some letters accentuated:

There are some similar poems for the other eastereggs. Additionally you Additionally it is told, that Angmar has the most eastereggs of all factions.^^

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Gnomi Sep 16 2011, 5:25am replied:

No, we don't like the blood effect in BfmE.It always seems a bit unrealistic as tons of blood are coming out of the body. (if you would use a realistic amount of blood you wouldn't see it.)
Additionally you can't see in the movies blood - they are a fantastic masterpiece without any blood. That's another point why we want to use no blood in our mod.^^

Only Zaphragor... he has many blood-fxs.^^

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Gnomi Sep 15 2011, 8:41pm replied:

Why should we add them?
Lorien is a faction with a huge focus on archers... you already have many weapons against knights:
Tierfl├╝sterer ("Animal whisperer"; all knights around them slow down very much), Grenzw├Ąchter ("Boarder Guard"; their damage against knights is incredible - and with their ability knights can't trample them.)
If you additionally attack the knights with your archers while they are slowed down they will die in a few secs...
Third you have the songstresses of Lorien... they can additionally make your units unattackable.
And finally you have (if there is really a huge amount of knights coming) a spell to stun all enemies...
So Lorien can kill knights easily midgame to lategame, the only problems exist in the early game.
We haven't added mirkwood swordmen as they would be useless... There is no needed function for them. You already have 4 different types of swordmen (one with a toggle, one with massive damage against knights, one normal type and one very fast type for harassment) and mostly you don't build very much melee fighters with Lorien... so there is just no use for more melee fighters.^^

The ring doesn't fit to Theoden. (in our opinion)
Either he would be wise enough not to accept it or he would get destroyed by it and become a similar person as he was when he was under the influence of worm tongue.
The ring fits much better to Radagast.

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Gnomi Sep 15 2011, 7:45am replied:

It's a surprise, that's true - but that's not the only point why we won't tell you...
We are only planning to release two more factions... but when or even if we will release it... nobody knows.
That's why we won't tell you anything more accurate.

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Gnomi Sep 15 2011, 6:42am replied:

We won't tell you anything about them.
The problem is that we are mostly changing a lot of stuff while working on a nwe thing.Additionally it can take ages to do a new faction. So we never say anything about it, as if we would say "We are working on it", you would ask every few weeks "When will you be finished? How far? etc."
So we just say... nothing to have a bit more peace... :)

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Gnomi Sep 15 2011, 6:40am replied:

Exactly, Mirkwood and Lorien will stay as one faction. We won't add any more elven factions.

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Gnomi Sep 15 2011, 6:38am replied:

There are many rhymes, but all of them are german... and it's nearly impossible to understand them when you don't speak german as mostly the meaning of the verses are very hidden... They are all in this thread:

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Gnomi Sep 14 2011, 3:59pm replied:

I thought Ill tell you the truth... and not a lie. :P
Until now nobody has found the place where Morchant and Thorgar are hidden... so I just gave them 10.^^

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