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Gnomi Feb 20 2014, 10:23am replied:

Being angry or bored doesn't make us work faster. :P
Believe me:
We also want to finish the new version, but as said:
We have only limited time to spend into the version. (if you wan to help us, then learn and write our exams and be sick instead of us :P)

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Gnomi Feb 20 2014, 10:18am replied:

81 I think they fight by sword as soon as enemies are close to them - they have the same system as the rangers.
They do this automatically, so you can't change the weapon. If they don't do this, then it's probably a bug.

82 and i just told you why not. :P

84 You mean that those special orcs are the standard orcs?
Hm, then mordor wouldn't have the free normal orcs and just the more expensive orcs...^^ and the domain which normally offers these orcs would be rather useless, wouldn't it?

85 Yeah, you're correct. We use this building atm, as it just fits perfectly to lorien.^^ What else should we use? Lorien has all its buildings on trees. So we need a tree house which also looks like the centre of the fortress and therefore such a building just fits the best. A normal building wouldn't fit for them.

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Gnomi Feb 20 2014, 9:25am replied:

79 Yes. Probably Mordor as summonable creature
80 The problem again: We know the names, those characters aren't new for us... but it is difficult to find a unique place in the faction and we have to create this whole hero. So probably no, as she hasn't done anything special while the wotr. (or more precisely: she left middleearth about 1500 years ago^^)
81 Hm? What exactly do you mean?
82 We try to make as few single units as possible, as it is difficult to balance them and to play them ingame. Mordor has the trolls, Gondor is no faction of berserkers, but of a strong army. There were some heros, but mostly they all fought in file. So why should we add such a unit to those factions?
83 Perhaps. :P
84 You can already buy those special orcs on every map. So what do you want?
86 Wait for an update.^^
87 Queen of angmar? Never have heard of her, probably she's just something someone has invented, but Tolkien wrote nothing about her.

Again (as I have written a few times):
We know all the names of heros, different factions areas, and so on...^^ We don't need those. The main task is how we implement them. So if you want us to implement something tell us how we can implement them and why we should implement them. (why does the faction need the hero? why is he important enough to be implemented? why is he unique?)

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Gnomi Feb 20 2014, 9:17am replied:

It is how many pixel you see. So 800*600 means that the game uses 800 pixel for the width and 600 pixel for the height.

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Gnomi Feb 20 2014, 4:01am replied:

I agree. I was very frustrated to see the Bolg modell they used in the second movie.
As far as I remember noone in our team likes the new one, all prefer the old one.^^
(originally the bearded orc was azog. :P it was later changed to bolg and then got deleted :/)

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Gnomi Feb 20 2014, 2:51am replied:


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Gnomi Feb 20 2014, 2:49am says:

We can't even tell you that exactly... As said there are countless reasons why the release coult be delayed.
It's more than one month, but less than two years. I can't give any more detailled informations, sorry.

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Gnomi Feb 19 2014, 4:05pm replied:

We have never said that we give updates every month. Never.^^
As written somewhere already we have atm much to do. It's the time of the year when everybody is sick and/or has exams. :P
Additionally we have done a lot of balancing and gameplay stuff in the past month, which is difficult to show, as it is not the "final" balance. There are always changes and we want to be sure that we stay at this kind of gameplay before we show it to you.

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Gnomi Feb 19 2014, 4:22am says:

The mod will eb released when we have finished the work on it.
As this is just a hobby and we also have work/studies it is difficult to calculate the time we can put into the mod. Therefore it is difficult for us to give an approximate date for the release.
In earlier stages of the mod, we gave release dates sometimes - but mostly we haven't managed it in time. (as somebody got sick or had an exam or whatever)
What happened afterwards? Everybody flamed us for not fulfilling our promises. You can believe us:
Being flamed for being sick is a horrible experience.

At the moment most of us have exams and some are ll, therefore we weren't able to program much. But if I look into our forums... there always happened something and slowly but surely more and more work is done.
As you can see most factions has already been finished (as we have shown you some news about them), but some are still missing. Additionally we have worked in the last few weeks extremly much on the new balancing system, which was a lot of work.
Also nearly all maps are already integrated in the new version. Therefore I'm quite hapy with what we have managed in the last month.

But as said: We can't give you a release date, sorry.

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Gnomi Jan 8 2014, 4:24pm replied:

We are planing two more factions (more isn't possible), but we won't tell anything about those factions until we hve shown them in a news.
But they won't be integrated for 4.0. They will come with later updates.^^

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Gnomi Jan 8 2014, 4:23pm replied:

No. We have only space for two more factions and there won't be another elven faction - elves where the main race in the first two ages, but at the end of the third age they were vanishing from middleearth. Therefore it wouldn't fit if there are more elven races than humen races.

And we won't do something like this for the elves, as the spellbook can't change through such a decision. Therefore we'ld need a spellbook which fits to every elven race... and we all like the two current spellbooks very much.^^

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Gnomi Jan 8 2014, 3:41pm replied:

Not really. What exactly happens with other mods?
When you deactivate or uninstall this mod others mods should work without problems (and work fine on my pc^^)

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Gnomi Jan 8 2014, 2:09pm replied:

There will be the same factions as at the moment.

And the dwarves can decide between the clans at the beginning of the battle.

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Gnomi Jan 8 2014, 7:35am replied:

Yeah, that would be cooler... BUT again:
The engine gives us problems with that. xD We could probably do something like that, but it would look much worse than atm and the change form the normal texture to the mud would look even worse.

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Gnomi Jan 8 2014, 7:34am replied:

No. The engine would have to work too much. Such systems are good for single units, but not for so many.
Additionally we don't really like this glowing swords. The upgraded swords already look like lightsabers... This glow is much stronger and you'ld really have the feeling of a big army of jedis attacking, but not of Imladris soldiers.^^
That's also why Peter jackson hasn't integrated the light for the other longer swords - it always looked like star wars.

Atm we are discussing that (and other) lorien problems. :) It already doesn't show the caras galadhon, but just a big tree.^^ What would be your ideas of other buildings=

When playing with big armies this would also crash your game. Just believe me - edain has really big armies with a lot of detailled soldiers. If they would remain on the area for longer than 5-10 seconds you would hardly be possible to play.

what exactly do you mean?

Look at the news - there are no spiders left for the goblins. Only Dol Guldur has some spiders.^^

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Gnomi Jan 8 2014, 4:31am replied:

As you might have seen in the news Imladris is now more a "Eriador"-faction with Rivendell as main part, but also buildings of the dunedain and the hobbits.
And I personally have seen very few complains about lothlorien and rivendell. THe most complains are about mirkwood.^^

Atm we are thinking how Lothlorien will be reworked for the next version, perhaps they will also be renamed, we'll see. The idea with "east elves" sounds understandable, but for me this name sounds a bit... curious, as I like the correct names of the areas more. (Lothlorien/Mirkwood) But when it's decided how the faction will loke like in the next version, I will remember this and we'll look if it possible fits better than other names. :)

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Gnomi Jan 8 2014, 4:30am replied:

Both are wizards, but Radagast had a very strong link to the nature and therefore probably also to the eagles. Gandalf always was just rescued by the eagles. The eagles are a very proud race, therefore they allowed people to mount them if they think that there is no other way. Radagast is the only person, which could have a stronger relationship with the eagles, as he lived near to their domain and also loved the nature. (which was probably also known by the eagles)
Additionally the eagle would always be better than shadowfax - but shadowfax is THE important horse in the lotr. And Gandalf always used shadowfax when he needed to be somewhere quickly and not an eagle.
That's why we won't give Gandalf the possibility to ride an eagle.

The problem if Gandalf can kill everyone is that he has no weaknesses afterwards.
We try to give every hero some strengths and some weaknesses, a hero which is strong in every area is always not counterable.
Gandalf is very strong in huge fights, where his skills can kill multiple enemies and he can also melt the health of strong units (as heros or mumakils) with his abilities. If he could also kill them completely without problems... how would you counter him? Aragorn f.e. has not abilities to kill an entire army until level 10, but his normal attacks deal much damage, why he is strong against single targets. If Gandalf would be able to do this by himself, why should anyone buy Aragorn?
Every hero should have a strength, which is not already covered by another hero. That's why we can't just make Gandalf strong against everything. (which is what you want^^)

And Gandalf is acutally worth buying atm, he is a VERY strong hero.

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Gnomi Jan 8 2014, 4:30am says:

Hello Zauriel :)

Even though sauron has less hit points, he is stronger than the witchking. There is also the armor which is very important. He is already very strong and only killable with archers (and strong heroes).
In the next version we are trying to change the system of armors and healths, so that such things are more obvious for all people. :)
We gave him the model of the bat-cloud, as it is very difficult to get a real vampire model.
For Annatar we used the design which the movies gave him - originally they wanted sauron to be at the black gate with his annatar form, which looks like this:

That's why we are using this design.^^

also he needs to look scarred in his Annatar form, remember after the fall of Numenor he cannot take a "fair" form ever again, so keep him as is just make him more ugly. All powers are great, so keep those.

We don't like the same heroes at different factions and we don't like those multiple palantir sets, as it always feels a bit "wrong" to change all the time AND heroes with so many different abilities are always really strong nad have the possibility to instakill all armies.

The two Gandalfs show two complete different styles of him - on the one hand there is the more "relaxed" Gandalf with his fire abilities, how he was shown in the hobbit. But on the other hand there is the lotr Gandalf. As Saruman already is focussed on fire, we don't want Gandalf to have also fire abilities and therefore haven't given him such abilities.
The point with the blue glowing is correct, I thought it would already glow this way. I don't know why we haven't done this, probably it is very difficult with the fx. We'll see.^^
And Anduril doesn't have passive damage? Anduril just deals damage, when aragorn attacks.^^
We haven't given Gandalf the possibility to mount an eagle, as we want to have some differences between Gandalf and radagast concerning their mounts.

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Gnomi Jan 7 2014, 11:29am replied:

We'll see. Probably he will remain a dragon and won't become a wyvern. (smaug in the movie was NOT a dragon, but a wyvern)
But perhaps the layout may change.
I personally like our look more, as it is much closer to tolkien's picture of smaug, but we'll see.^^

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Gnomi Jan 7 2014, 11:26am replied:

No. They are much too strong and doesn't fit in the thrird age. Morgoth could destroy the whole map with just a belch.
But he is banned from the world and can't come back.

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Gnomi Jan 7 2014, 11:24am replied:

Look in the news section. ;) There are many different tribes of orcs in the next version.^^

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Gnomi Jan 7 2014, 11:23am replied:

We replaced the sounds of many heros with their "real" movie voices. As all people are downloading the same mod (german and english people) both have the german sounds.
Additionally we can't just remove all those sounds for an english version, as there would be some more problems (we use many sound sets for other heros)

And what exactly do you mean with more creative?^^
Every hero (and nearly every unit) has a unique soundset. Most of the hero sounds are from the lotr/hobbit movies and if that's not possible we have used voices from other games/movies.^^

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Gnomi Jan 7 2014, 4:41am replied:

Wer sagt es, dass es keinen besseren gibt? Und zudem geht es auch noch um die Geschwindigkeit (Legolas schie├čt schneller als alle anderen), wodurch ads wieder ausgeglichen wird.^^

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Gnomi Jan 6 2014, 12:39pm replied:

No, we all don't like this part of the movie. The defiler will be a nameless hero for the misty mountains.

And the problem with dol guldur is that all we have atm are many ruins... and it is difficult to create a whole art concept just on using those ruins and is similar to the fortress. It is really difficult to use those arts for models ingame^^

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Gnomi Jan 6 2014, 10:21am replied:

No, as we (the team) never give any release dates.
The mod is just a hobby and we don't know when other things (school, work, university, ..) need more time and we don't have time for continue modding.

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Gnomi Jan 6 2014, 10:15am replied:

No, as every castle would have the same central building => multiple barad durs for you...

(a) Animation for the trolls would be very difficult. I personally would say that it is nearly impossible.
(b) The defender has no chance to defend the gate, there are no towers or units on top of the gate. (and no, it is not possible to make it walkable - units on top of the gate would always remain on the same place, so wouldn't move with the gate.)
(c) The gate would go through units when it opens. At small gates it doesn't really bother, as units try to avoid the gates, but with such big gates it really looks stupid.

What exactly do you mean? Angmar already has such a power?

Why? The stones they throw are much stronger and I personally don't see why Ents should do it (beside of it looking funny)

Don#t know if it is possible, but perhaps we can do it. We'll see what the next version brings.

Additionally one more thing:
I have said it a few times, but now again:

It is use less to write such one liners. Most ideas either were in the mod once and there is a point why they aren't in the mod anymore or we have already discussed about them. So those things aren't really new ideas. If you want something in the mod then tell us why and try to convince us. Why should it be in the mod? Why would the mod be better with your idea? Why is the feeling/balance/gameplay better?

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Gnomi Jan 6 2014, 6:42am replied:

Mirkwood won't be an own faction. The third age was the age of the dwindling elves. The men were the upcoming race in this age. Therefore we won't make more elves factions than men factions. And mirkwood and lorien have different styles, that's correct - but theit gameplay would always be very similar to each other.^^

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Gnomi Jan 6 2014, 6:16am replied:

As said: Different on each map is very difficult, as it is impossible to balance in contrast to the other factions and is a lot of work - we want to have a concept which is the same on every map, so that players don't have to change their style completely for every map.
The problem with such a system would also be that some strategies would be much stronger than others - f.e. many orc pits with a free orc spam would give you the upgrades much faster than less orcpits with an additional troll cave or something like that. But we want different strategies to be equal successful and we want the player to use more than only one or two types of units. That's why we probably won't integrate a system, which encourage players to build only 1-2 unit types.

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Gnomi Jan 6 2014, 6:12am replied:

Just wait for the news concerning lorien (and mirkwood)
We don't give any information about that before we have shown it officially. But mirkwood has got some cool new designs and I think that some of them will be implemented in the mod.^.^

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Gnomi Jan 6 2014, 6:09am replied:

1.) We are always looking at other games and are very interested in how other persons interpreting tolkien. But Shadow of Mordor looks like a total flop in our eyes. Therefore we will probably not integrate anything from that game.

2.) We like the axethrowers very much.^^ They have a cool unique design. But we have already given the dwarves archers and crossbowmen. It depends on the dwarven faction you're choosing, one has axe throwers, another one has archers and the last one crossbowmen.

Look at hoho.^^ A campaign always needs more than 1000 hours of work. That's why we can't just add countless campaigns even though we want it.^

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