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Gnomi Apr 27 2014, 5:39pm replied:

We will work on the mod until it is finished. Afterwards we will wait 1 additional week longer for every time this question has been asked. Therefore: 2 days after judgement day.

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Gnomi Apr 27 2014, 1:13pm replied:

It will be the same as at the moment.
You can always choose between edain and normal rotw.

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Gnomi Apr 27 2014, 5:50am replied:

You can find him. You can see him when you look at the picutres of the orc bases.
If you look in our news section you'll also find how we have designed some of the orc and dwarven heroes concerning their strengthes and abilities. Just read the news.^^

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Gnomi Apr 26 2014, 2:58am replied:

Uruk is just 'orc' in (afaik) sindarin. Normal people use this term mostly for stronger and bigger orcs.
So it doesn't even describe an own race.
'Uruk Hai' just means 'Orc race'. Mostly Saruman's uruks were described that way.
Goblins are also just an orc race - a weaker and wilder orc race. Sometimes the term goblins is used equal to moria orcs.
Uruks, Goblins and Orcs are the same race.
Orcs are just disgraced elves (according to the silmarillion) or disgraced men (according to later letters of tolkien).
Saruman's uruks were probably a cross-breeding of orcs and wild men, but you can't be sure about that. That could also be the reason why they are immune to sunlight.
But orcs NEVER were breed in such a mud - they probably were born the same way as normal men.

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Gnomi Apr 25 2014, 3:25pm replied:

The defiler will be ingame and he will have the design of Azog in the movies. Read the books. The chief who wounded Frodo was more or less the big leader of the moria orcs. He was probably a black uruk.
We haven't completely decided about Rogash yet. But he won't get a bigger role than in 3.8.1.

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Gnomi Apr 25 2014, 2:24pm replied:

Read the news. We explain every change there. We all don't like the fact that Jackson made Azog, who has died hundreds of years ago. We had to make a decision:
Tolkien said that Azog is dead.
Jackson revived him.
We all said that we like Tolkien's lore more than the hobbit movies and will stay with Tolkien. Azog won't be a hero, but as nearly all heroes for the goblins don't have real names we can use the model of the movie azog for the defiler. Additionally the fans of Azog can have the model ingame that way, but we still follow tolkien's lore.

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Gnomi Apr 25 2014, 2:21pm replied:

Read the news. We already have uploaded it.
Azog also WON'T be in the game.
We have Bolg as the only named leader of the goblins.
He is more or less the master.^^
Then we have the goblin king, the defiler and the orc chief who has wounded Frodo in the books.
Tolkien mostly gave the orcs descriptive names and only very few orcs got real names.
We will make the same thing here.

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Gnomi Apr 25 2014, 2:03pm replied:

Gorkil won't be in the new version (look at the goblin news)
Rogash is already in 3.8.1 not buildable anymore. Additionally in the vanilla rotw there was azog for the goblin faction available - he is also not available in 3.8.1.

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Gnomi Apr 25 2014, 2:01pm replied:

We are discussing all the heroes of the movie, but we won't give you any information about them until we have shown our solution in a news.
@ leon:
Perhaps she is only available on a special map? :P
We don't have finished our discussion about her yet, as in the last weeks our focus was on other factions.^^

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Gnomi Apr 25 2014, 1:59pm replied:

No, the units in the buildings will have the same size. You can believe me that we are looking at those details. ;)
For example the imladris barracks is much too long. Therefore it still looks similar to the current one, but is much shorter and had a small redesign.
We are doing many of those minor changes to make the movements in the fortress less frustrating. :)

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Gnomi Apr 25 2014, 11:54am replied:

Same as in the current version:
Most heroes still exist, only very few has been deleted and many new has been added.

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Gnomi Apr 25 2014, 11:53am replied:

We are using our own buildings. :P
Look at the current buildings. We are mostly using them or at least use the style. Some buildings are similar, but a bit smaller, as there is less space in the fortress.

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Gnomi Apr 25 2014, 2:39am replied:

How about not downloading and playing a legal version? :P

For me (and all people I know) there were never problems with the AI in Bfme I - but since Bfme II the AI stop building and sending units after 15-30 minutes sometimes. That happens to quite a lot people and we are working on that problem.
Edain Mod version 4.0 uses a complete new AI which is a combination of the methods of Bfme I and Bfme II, but you can't compare the programming system to one of them both.

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Gnomi Apr 25 2014, 2:37am replied:

Of course it is fixed for version 4.0. We are always trying to fix all known problems in the next version.^^

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Gnomi Apr 24 2014, 5:43pm replied:

1.wotr is the war of the ring mode - it's the mode where you send your armies over the middle earth map and conquer the countries.
2. Yes there are some bugs in version 3.8.1. But we are always trying to have as few bugs as possible in the version.
3. You are able to play it, but atm there is a bug, so you can't continue after the second mission.

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Gnomi Apr 24 2014, 5:41pm replied:

Probably it won't work in 4.0. We are working on it, but there are too many unanswered questions at the moment:
How exactly can we integrate the buildings of the open world in the fortress?
What exactly does the building system allow us?

We are discussing the wotr for the new building system, but we will probably add a totaly overhaul of the wotr in one of the following versions. In 4.0 we are concentrating on making the skirmish mode as perfect as possible. :)

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Gnomi Apr 24 2014, 2:42pm replied:

1.) and 2.)
You have installed something wrong. Do you perhaps have another mod installed?
Otherwise try to reinstall the mod. (redownload it before you reinstall it)
3.) Are you playing self made maps? Then we can't do anything. You have to add the AI to every map and as we can't add the AI of our factions to every self made factions on the entire planet we won't do it. But every map with a star before has the AIs.
If you are playing one of the standard maps the AI should work without problems. If not: Then it is probably the same bug as 1.) and 2.), so try to redownload the mod.
4.) We have only space for 2 more factions and we have already planned other factions. Arnor is also very similar to Gondor, that's why we choose this way.

On wotr maps there were some problems, that's why we haven't done it yet, but we're working on it (and have made some good progresses concerning that:))

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Gnomi Apr 23 2014, 5:59pm replied:

As hoho said - you just have some soldiers and your castle as in Bfme I.

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Gnomi Apr 23 2014, 5:58pm replied:

1.) Wait until we release some official news about them. You won't hear anything about them earlier.
2.) No. We all don't like the movie version concerning the look and character of Beorn.
3.) We are experementing with some times, but it won't take too long.
4.) We don't really like the movie design at all.^^

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Gnomi Apr 23 2014, 4:48am replied:

Are you sure that you play version 1.03 of Bfme I?
The AI rebuilds every single building when I play against it.^^

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Gnomi Apr 21 2014, 12:01pm replied:

Tolkien mostly used the northern mythology, not the greek mythology. He started most of his lectures with greetings from the vikings. He even wrote some books about some of the northern legends. ;)
So probably it was not something from the greek mythology, but something from the edda - but they are similar in some parts.^^

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Gnomi Apr 17 2014, 5:12am replied:

I don't think that a small barad dur would fit. Why? The barad dur was a unique building and I can't remember Sauron copying any good things - he used all things or tried to create completely new things. So why should he just clone his most important building?
Saruman on the other hand copied the orcs with the uruk hais, he tried to make his own rings (=> make a copy of the strong rings)

Therefore it fits for him that he also tries to make a copy of the strongest building he owns.
To show this will to copy evrything we have integrated the tower.
Therefore I think that it fits for Saruman, but not for Sauron.

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Gnomi Apr 16 2014, 4:36am replied:

First we will integrate a 10th faction, afterwards we'll see what we are doing. The problem with a hybrid faction is that the spellbook will be very complicated (you can't completely change a whole spellbook because of an ingame decision).
Additionally we'ld have to create a whole faction on a very unknown faction of middleearth - therefore it will be very difficult to give the player the feeling that he's still in middleearth and not in some other fantasystory. I personally think that the idea is interesting, but I don't think that we'll make such a faction.

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Gnomi Apr 16 2014, 4:17am replied:

We're not all about balance. The next faction will probably be an evil faction, that's correct.
If I'm talking about balance I mean that you should be able to play the game against other people and you should have the possibility to win with every race - no race should be weaker than another one. (otherwise every game would be decided as soon as you have chosen a faction)

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Gnomi Apr 16 2014, 4:15am replied:

Many heroes and spellbooks already have slightly changes in some maps. If you play Minas Morgul with Mordor you'll notice that you have a different spellbook.
Those changes are sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller.^^

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Gnomi Apr 16 2014, 4:14am replied:

No, those are elite dunlendings. We had them integrated in earlier versions, but they didn't fit. The dunlendings you can build are the normal raiders we saw in the movies. The problem was that the dulending defenders (that wa sthe name of the sronger dunlendings) were just very similar to the normal uruks. That's why we deleted them from Isengard.

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Gnomi Apr 14 2014, 2:45am replied:

You have to change all self made maps of course if you want to play them with version 4.0. The system is similar to the bfme I system, therefore it is not that difficult. It just takes a lot of time.^^

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Gnomi Apr 13 2014, 1:15pm replied:

You know that MERP is NOT canonical?^^
If you want information, which are based on tolkien's lore go to

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Gnomi Apr 11 2014, 2:32am replied:

Why has version 4.0 not been released?
Because we haven't finished the work on it. Why this?
Because this is not a full time job and we have lots of other things to do. (like writing exams, going to university, working...^^)
When will we release it?
When we have finished the work on it.^^

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Gnomi Apr 11 2014, 2:31am replied:

Those are bugs we can't change, they exist since bfme II.
If the movement order is given before the wall has finished building units can walk through it. Additionally there are some more circumstances where this can happen. We can't change those things, as we can't change the engine. :/
But as the walls are completely different in the next version, the bug doesn't exist anymore. :)

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