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Gnomi May 11 2014, 3:47pm replied:

It will be there, when we upload it. :)

And we upload it, when we have finished it. And we have finished it, when everything is integrated and tested.

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Gnomi May 11 2014, 1:31pm replied:

As we have said many times and as you can see in the news:
Yep, we're removing it and therefore we include the Bfme I building system.

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Gnomi May 9 2014, 9:47am replied:

1.) Yes, I have answered and described our thoughts about that already a few weeks ago.^^
2. Probably.
4. Probably not - they already have really good modells.
5. Why should every hero get new abilites?
We are always reworking some of them, if we think that some abilities don't fit any more or we just have better ideas. But we aren't just changing every hero because he has no other changes.

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Gnomi May 9 2014, 3:22am replied:

I have just looked in the codes - the marshall has a much better armor. When attacked he gets about 66% of the damage a ring hunter would get.
Therefore he survives 50% more attacks before he dies. Therefore your feeling probably just was wrong.^^
The damage is equal.
The thing which differs them most are the abilities. The marshall is a leader - he is no fighter on its own, but can lead your army and win in huge fights.
The ring hunter is faster and therefore much better in scouting and descroying single troups or buildings, but is much less effective in huge fights.

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Gnomi May 8 2014, 10:23am replied:

1.) Arnor is very similar to Gondor.
2.) We have only room for 2 more factions - we want this space for other factions.
3.) We don't want to add another faction which doesn't fit into the timeline.

But the most important point is 2.)

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Gnomi May 8 2014, 9:58am replied:

No, because they have different spells. That's why it is not possible to integrate a system similar to the dwarven system.

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Gnomi May 8 2014, 2:34am replied:

Why can't you watch it?

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Gnomi May 8 2014, 2:34am replied:

A little bit more distance would:
(a) Need about 50 hours of work :P
(b) let the game be even more slower and there would be even more lags
(c) Would it make more difficult for those players who like the camera to be close - they would have to change the camera always a lot.

I think we have found a good mean value between good overview and good playability. (and changing the camera is the most boring work which also takes forever. xD)

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Gnomi May 7 2014, 3:30pm replied:

Many people want it further away - we will probably not change it. You can always zoom in if you want further details.

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Gnomi May 3 2014, 7:12am replied:

I'm talking about the smaug in the current version... It is forbidden by the current MP players. Additionally it was not possible to let him cost more money:
It would always be boring:
Just save up money and as soon as you have smaug you'll win the game...

The smaug in the next version will be completely different, that's why we are changing him. ;)

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Gnomi May 3 2014, 6:10am says:

The fortress can't be attacked with siege units/siege weapons deal no damage to it as soon as it has the upgrade.
Mordor catapults can still attack it, as they deal a mixture of siege and fire.
All ot the siege damage is useless, but the firedamage still counts. ;)
That's why the ents can't attack the fortress:
They deal just siege damage.
@ Frodon:
Well, what about rams or other units with siege damage?
There are many units which can deal siege damage, for example trolls, guardians, etc. They are still all effected by the other upgrades.

@ aadrigabbro:
He isn't played very much, because it is forbidden to play him in MP. He is just completely op.^^
You are paying one time and can destroy a complete army in the time he is under your control.
And as said... he has a different role in the next version.

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Gnomi May 2 2014, 5:02am replied:

As said: Depends on the size of the maps and the amount of players. But mostly there will be less outposts than players. (or equal, but mostly less)

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Gnomi May 1 2014, 2:21pm replied:

I've just looked through all the deleted comments in the last 7 pages and the only page of you which was deleted was something like "are you voidessence?". (only one small sentence)
There was no other comment of you which has been deleted. Probably you haven't found it because the system of moddb put the comment on another page.

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Gnomi Apr 30 2014, 7:25am replied:

That is known and will be fixed in the next version.
The AI can't handle too high costs for heroes, therefore we have rebalanced all the heroes, so that they cost 3000 or less. Now the AI uses them.
The AI can't use the ring - we are trying it again and again, but always the game crashes as soon as the AI tries to give the ring to a hero. Therefore we have disabled that feature for the AI.

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Gnomi Apr 28 2014, 4:24pm replied:

I have heared of it a few days ago and nearly cried. The first movie was okay - the second was terrible. Why? It was not bad because there was too less action. There was too much action. There was always action, therefore you never was able to calm down and never had the chance to enjoy all the action scenes.
The title sounds as if the third movie will be the same:
Boring non-stop action. In the lotr there was much less action than in hobbit 2, but it was not as boring as hobbit 2, as it was a good mixture.

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Gnomi Apr 28 2014, 3:26pm replied:

Yes. The chances are about 0.001%.
He doesn't fit at all into the game, he doesn't even fit into tolkien's world. (in his lore are way too many things which are impossible in middleearth)

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Gnomi Apr 28 2014, 3:24pm replied:

Probably not.

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Gnomi Apr 28 2014, 3:24pm replied:

Why should we? Don't know who said it, but we won't do it... the only chance would be as an easteregg.

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Gnomi Apr 27 2014, 5:39pm replied:

We will work on the mod until it is finished. Afterwards we will wait 1 additional week longer for every time this question has been asked. Therefore: 2 days after judgement day.

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Gnomi Apr 27 2014, 1:13pm replied:

It will be the same as at the moment.
You can always choose between edain and normal rotw.

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Gnomi Apr 27 2014, 5:50am replied:

You can find him. You can see him when you look at the picutres of the orc bases.
If you look in our news section you'll also find how we have designed some of the orc and dwarven heroes concerning their strengthes and abilities. Just read the news.^^

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Gnomi Apr 26 2014, 2:58am replied:

Uruk is just 'orc' in (afaik) sindarin. Normal people use this term mostly for stronger and bigger orcs.
So it doesn't even describe an own race.
'Uruk Hai' just means 'Orc race'. Mostly Saruman's uruks were described that way.
Goblins are also just an orc race - a weaker and wilder orc race. Sometimes the term goblins is used equal to moria orcs.
Uruks, Goblins and Orcs are the same race.
Orcs are just disgraced elves (according to the silmarillion) or disgraced men (according to later letters of tolkien).
Saruman's uruks were probably a cross-breeding of orcs and wild men, but you can't be sure about that. That could also be the reason why they are immune to sunlight.
But orcs NEVER were breed in such a mud - they probably were born the same way as normal men.

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Gnomi Apr 25 2014, 3:25pm replied:

The defiler will be ingame and he will have the design of Azog in the movies. Read the books. The chief who wounded Frodo was more or less the big leader of the moria orcs. He was probably a black uruk.
We haven't completely decided about Rogash yet. But he won't get a bigger role than in 3.8.1.

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Gnomi Apr 25 2014, 2:24pm replied:

Read the news. We explain every change there. We all don't like the fact that Jackson made Azog, who has died hundreds of years ago. We had to make a decision:
Tolkien said that Azog is dead.
Jackson revived him.
We all said that we like Tolkien's lore more than the hobbit movies and will stay with Tolkien. Azog won't be a hero, but as nearly all heroes for the goblins don't have real names we can use the model of the movie azog for the defiler. Additionally the fans of Azog can have the model ingame that way, but we still follow tolkien's lore.

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Gnomi Apr 25 2014, 2:21pm replied:

Read the news. We already have uploaded it.
Azog also WON'T be in the game.
We have Bolg as the only named leader of the goblins.
He is more or less the master.^^
Then we have the goblin king, the defiler and the orc chief who has wounded Frodo in the books.
Tolkien mostly gave the orcs descriptive names and only very few orcs got real names.
We will make the same thing here.

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Gnomi Apr 25 2014, 2:03pm replied:

Gorkil won't be in the new version (look at the goblin news)
Rogash is already in 3.8.1 not buildable anymore. Additionally in the vanilla rotw there was azog for the goblin faction available - he is also not available in 3.8.1.

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Gnomi Apr 25 2014, 2:01pm replied:

We are discussing all the heroes of the movie, but we won't give you any information about them until we have shown our solution in a news.
@ leon:
Perhaps she is only available on a special map? :P
We don't have finished our discussion about her yet, as in the last weeks our focus was on other factions.^^

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Gnomi Apr 25 2014, 1:59pm replied:

No, the units in the buildings will have the same size. You can believe me that we are looking at those details. ;)
For example the imladris barracks is much too long. Therefore it still looks similar to the current one, but is much shorter and had a small redesign.
We are doing many of those minor changes to make the movements in the fortress less frustrating. :)

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Gnomi Apr 25 2014, 11:54am replied:

Same as in the current version:
Most heroes still exist, only very few has been deleted and many new has been added.

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Gnomi Apr 25 2014, 11:53am replied:

We are using our own buildings. :P
Look at the current buildings. We are mostly using them or at least use the style. Some buildings are similar, but a bit smaller, as there is less space in the fortress.

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