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Gnomi Feb 14 2015, 2:15pm replied:

Which is just a spellbookpower.^^ (our spellbook has quite often references to earlier battles or other events)

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Gnomi Feb 14 2015, 9:55am replied:

Oh yeah, forgot the giants.
I personally love the dwarven army, especially Dain, but at the moment I agree that our current design doesn't need an immediate change.

And the stone giants made me nearly cry, that's correct.^^

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Gnomi Feb 14 2015, 8:26am replied:

That's difficult, because sometimes we like parts of them, sometimes we like a lot, some times only very few.
We don't like Azog as a character, but we like his design.
We don't like Bolg's design.
We don't like Beorn's design.
We don't like the were-worms.
We don't like the bats and the trolls.

We mostly like the other designs/at least don't dislike them. (some are okay, but I personally wouldn't add them)

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Gnomi Feb 13 2015, 5:53pm replied:

They are not cannonical.

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Gnomi Feb 13 2015, 4:36pm replied:

Well, no.
We are no PJ Mod. There are many thiom the hobbit movie we don't like and we don't add.
Mainly we are fans of the books - the movie just gives us many good designs. But especially in the hobbit movies (not in the lotr movies so much) there are many things we don't like.
We are doing this mod for fun and we need having fun for it, as this is our hobby. If we don't have fun doing it, then we will stop working on the mod, because it will just get frustrating.why should we do something which is just frustrating?)
Of course there are always things to do we don't like and we don't want, but we don't have to force us to do things we don't want.
Additionally there are also many fans who agree with us and don't like the movie beorn. So those fans would really frustrated if we'ld add the movie beorn.^^
But Beorn is not the only one, there are many things from the hobbit we're not adding, because it's not only different from our concepts, but completels destroys the lotr feeling for us.

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Gnomi Feb 13 2015, 6:10am replied:

He is correct with 1. F.e. Isengard could build its armory and research all upgrages - afterwards the player could just demolish the armory and build something else.

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Gnomi Feb 10 2015, 5:52pm replied:

Probably the wrong big, you have to change the values in the edain bigs, not the normal ini.

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Gnomi Feb 8 2015, 6:17pm replied:

Oh yeah, I also forgot some more...
I'm doing the map.inis and pics for the maps with and I write map.str and map.ini with notepad++. :D

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Gnomi Feb 8 2015, 3:42pm replied:

Well, everyone knows our programs... :D
We use FinalBig for the Codes, programs like gimp or photoshop for the skins/pictures or all the other 2D parts and programs like Gmax or similar programs for our 3D parts.
Maps are made with the worldbuilder (which is installed with the game).^^

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Gnomi Feb 7 2015, 4:00pm replied:

Congrats! You get the price for the best and most helpful comment in this section for this month! You have achieved this by writing something useless, which doesn't help anyone or shows reasons for your opinion.
Please come back next month for another round of "Best comment of the month".

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Gnomi Feb 6 2015, 4:21am replied:

hoho has access to the beta of the next version, therefore he is talking about the upcoming version.^^

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Gnomi Feb 6 2015, 3:59am replied:

I like the watcher power.
And I don't like the wereworms of the movies.

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Gnomi Feb 6 2015, 3:58am replied:

1.) As far as I remember we don't have changed those symbols yet. Perhaps we'll do, but I can't promise anything.
2.) Nearly every faction already has such an ability. F.e. Isengard has Ugluk with a healing ability in 3.81
3.) When exactly does this happen? Are you playing the submod or the normal version?
4.) We try our best to make the AI as challenging and diversified as possible. I can't promise that it will do anything we want, but we'll try our best.
But note:
Goblins can't climb the walls of a castle. Sadly we can't make objects walkable and climbable. Only one is possible.
5.) Probably it will be a bit more difficult, but I never had problems to find Gollum - in earlier versions I already found him 90% of the times with my troups, not with buildings. Therefore I did not need big adjustments.^^

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Gnomi Feb 5 2015, 2:55pm replied:

No, in Bfme I the factions without walls are lategamefactions.
Gondor and Rohan can play really agressive, because they can build riders without having to fear that the enemy destroys their camps.
Both of them are really strong at killing buildings and harassing the enemy.
Isengard and Mordor don't have a strong cavalry in Bfme I, which they can use effectivly in Bfme I.
Therefore they have to play defensively and build up, until they have a stronger army in the LG and can overrun the enemy and siege their fortresses. But therefore they need an army and a lot of money.
So Gondor and Rohan both have to play offensive in the EG and MG, as they fall off in the LG.
That's why Rohan and Gondor have to be much more offensive and Isengard and Mordor have to play defensively.^^

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Gnomi Feb 5 2015, 1:30pm replied:

Nice. Yeah, that's a really pain in the *** sometimes. But Bfme is sometimes just too stupid for win vista and newer windows.^^

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Gnomi Feb 5 2015, 12:18pm replied:

What happens?
Do you have any other mod installed for Bfme II or Rotw?

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Gnomi Feb 5 2015, 12:18pm replied:

Nope, I don't say that noobs want to play without walls - playing as an evil faction was also difficult in Bfme I. Fortresses and no fortresses can take a lot of planning and skill (the build plot system more planning imo).^^

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Gnomi Feb 5 2015, 12:04pm replied:

No, why should only noobs want it?
It's just a complete different gamedesign. It's not easier for beginners, nor is it less offensive. Just play Bfme I, the factions with walls are the more agressive ones, while the factions without walls are much more defensive.

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Gnomi Feb 4 2015, 6:48pm replied:

There are some more things you have to think about.
Why don't we just add all the things with high votes?

1.) Many things concern the same parts.
We have about 10 concepts for a Gandalf or a Saruman. We can't just add all of them.
2.) Sometimes the ideas alone are good, but not together.
More or less straight forward - Sometimes ideas are good, but if we combine two different ideas for different parts in one faction it doesn't fit together and works horrible.
3.) When we don't like what we are doing, the results are bad and it takes forever to do it.
That's also really important. How shall we do something as a hobby when we don't like it? Of course there are often parts we have to do, but spending a lot of time for something when we know already at the beginning that we won't like the result won't help us to stay motivated.

4.) Gameplay
Some people (not all) have nice ideas - but after those ideas are integrated they don't look or feel as good as intended. Many things are already tried in a different way. Why should we add something when we already know that it won't work this way? In some concerns we just have more experience than many other guys here.
5. Many ideas are just made 'BECAUSE IT'S SOMETHING NEW'.
Believe me or not - but I have seen many concepts and people just liked them 'because new things and changes are always good'.
Well, we don't think so. Sometimes it's better to stay with something when we like it.

Quite often we're reading the concepts and try to figure out what's the main idea and look if we can integrate this idea. As I've said a lot of times: Most of the concepts in 3.8.1 are at least based on concepts or hopes from the community. We are always trying to integrate those things AND have fun doing it.

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Gnomi Feb 3 2015, 12:08pm replied:

I think that it is a very good idea. :)

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Gnomi Feb 3 2015, 11:55am replied:

No. They are very similar and you would have more or less three times the same units, only with very, very small differences. This would be very irritating for new player and wouldn't feel good at all. By having the choice at the beginning we are able to implement more different units and more units for the mod and all of them are useful and important. :)

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Gnomi Feb 3 2015, 11:53am replied:

Note: The edain team never said that we will integrate anything like that even if there are 15 or so people who are voting for it. We always need important reasons why the idea should fit better to the mod than previous versions. (additionally I'm quite happy with the current dunlendings model^^)

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Gnomi Feb 3 2015, 3:14am replied:

If you read the production books of the hobbit movies you'll know that this IS Khamul.^^ They wrote it there.

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Gnomi Feb 2 2015, 4:03pm replied:

The Demo will be completely in english. In the following months we will add faction by faction until all factions are added. (perhaps only one faction each time or always two factions or something similar)

So we can't give you an exactly date. By doing this we can see much better how our concepts work in the reality and can already integrate those results for the following factions :)

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Gnomi Feb 1 2015, 2:05pm replied:

F9 removes the palantir and all the buttons.^^

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Gnomi Jan 30 2015, 6:43pm replied:

Get an original copy of the game.^^

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Gnomi Jan 30 2015, 2:10pm replied:

You are using a crack - cracks cause those bugs and that's why you can't update the game.

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Gnomi Jan 30 2015, 9:57am replied:

There won't be more differences, as it is always very hard for the game to have many different random skins. (especially when there are a lot of it this causes the game to slow down a LOT^^)

If you read the news "road to edain" you will see, that we'll use the Bfme I building system for the next version. Therefore all factions will build on building plots.
Mordor also gains their commandpoints the same way as the other factions (buildings).

We are always working on wotr, but it's not our main focus. We are trying to have it as bug-free as possible, but sadly we aren't able to do whatever we want this this mode.

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Gnomi Jan 29 2015, 2:23pm replied:

The misty mountains are not a goblin only faction - the misty mountains are a salmagundi of the different wild creatures in the northern parts of middle earth.

And Smaug was alive at that time - but no other dragons, which is why we don't add too many dragons in the game.

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Gnomi Jan 29 2015, 2:21pm replied:

My gosh dkbluewizard, are you even reading?
I posted a couple of pages ago that there is a HUGE difference between that and heroes of the first or second age.
Additionally the factions are based in the time between the hobbit and the ring, which are about 80 years. Not all factions are set exactly at the wotr, otherwise ered luin wouldn't be able to exist, Thorin would have no chance to be in the factions and so on...

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Gnomi Jan 28 2015, 6:25pm replied:

As far as I know shelob is no ring hero any more even in 3.8.1. In 4.0 she won't be a hero also.^^

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Gnomi Jan 28 2015, 4:48pm replied:

It always depends on the time you're looking at. The mod takes place while the wotr and the hobbit. Some factions (Misty Mountains, Ered Luin) are placed around the hobbit while the others are mostly placed at the wotr.
Only Angmar and Arnor are at a completely different time (but still third age and comparable in strength)

Second and first age heroes and factions won't be included, because they lived at a completely different time.^^

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Gnomi Jan 28 2015, 4:46pm replied:

Well, we don't like Azog in the movies. Why? Because he was dead at that time. That's why we don't integrate him in the mod and that's also why we don't add first age heroes. So... why should we add Anclagon or Glaurung?^^

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